ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign isn’t impressed with the debt limit deal in Washington but has stopped short of calling for its defeat.

Alex Conant, a spokesman to the former Minnesota governor, released a statement Monday calling the accord “nothing to celebrate” because it pushes the nation deeper into debt. He says it doesn’t do enough to change the course of federal spending.

Pawlenty himself has yet to make a comment on the deal aimed at avoiding an unprecedented default. Some of his 2012 GOP rivals, including Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, say they don’t personally support the plan. Bachmann, a Minnesota congresswoman, says she’ll vote against it.

Federal leaders agreed Sunday to raise America’s debt cap while cutting $2 trillion in spending. Votes in Congress are expected soon.

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Comments (12)
  1. Me says:

    Why are GOP members so negative?

    1. Progressives says:

      Its all about the Karl Rove tactics. Destroy the opposition at any cost. Negativity works for them, why change.

  2. Tim, Move to Iowa says:

    Hey Tim, What dont you understand your polling 1 percent. I think you found a group of pig farmers in Iowa to support you to bring your percentage that high

  3. Dave says:

    Audit the Federal Reserve and then abolish it. The large central banks and mega banks are criminals. They are the cause of all of this. Nothing will change until the Federal Reserve is discontinued and the nation returns to a constitutional currency. And finally vote Ron Paul in 2012!

    1. O-done-a says:

      Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES.

      1. Tan pup says:

        Yeah, right, he has all the answers: NOT! He isn’t educated enought to balance his own checkbook. Not a word how he would create jobs which is one solution to the problems. At 10% unemployment, where do you think the $$ has gone. Haven’t heard him say a word about how these wars; which are going on 10 years has cost this country and how he is planing to end those war(s). Haven’t heard how he is going to stop the pork, and just where has he gotten his wealth? Dr? How much did the GI bill play in his education? How much was his practice subsidized by Medicare/Medicaide and dictated by insurance companies? His simple answers won’t fix the big problems. He hasn’t donemuch to help the people of TX. Think about it! Haven’t heard a word from him on stopping all the tax breaks for big oil and all the other issues affecting the middle class. He is all hot air and very little substance. Plus I’m tired of Texas poliltians.

        1. O-done-a says:

          you are very uneducated.

  4. Off my rocker says:

    apparently the banks and markets really like the plan too. We were almost under 12K. Of couirse those nasty banks and markets taht hold all of your 401k are nothign to worrry about though, right?

    1. O-done-a says:

      And people better take shelter soon. If you have a 401K and you don’t understand….get out now–do not trust your advisor and get educated. Switch funds. Be conservative. Buy bonds–not bond funds.

      1. jan says:

        I have all T-bonds and if there’s a default, I don’t get my Aug. 15 interest payment so bonds aren’t safe either. Who’d want to buy my bonds if they pay zero interest?

        1. O-done-a says:

          you’re VERY safe Jan. Just wait, you’ll see how smart you are when everyone else is cryin’. Good job!

  5. Yawnplenty says:

    Dullenty should keep his mouth shut when it comes to deficits. Does he realize the what a mess he left behind in our state? Thanks to his economic policies we had the longest gov. shutdown in history and we’ll be dealing with his mess for many years to come. When it comes to the economy Dullenty left with as good a record as Bush 43 . Stick to your talking points TIMMY.

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