MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The 3M Senior Golf Championship got off to a soggy, rainy start Monday at the TPC course in Blaine, but it didn’t stop the participants from having a good time and doing some networking.

The would-be golfers (both pros and amateurs) gathered in a tent and did what they would do on the course – just without the golf.

“Really, it’s about talking to [people], finding out what kind of business they’re in and getting to know different people all over the country,” said Steve Jones, a senior golfer.

All the rain early in the week means that the course will be wet and soft through the length of the tournament. And if one likes low scores, that’s good news.

The tournament, which is set up to let the seniors score low, will have the benefit of soft greens.

“We always like birdie golf,” said Jerry Pate, a senior golfer. “But whether it’s wet or dry really doesn’t have an indication on how the scores are gonna be. It’s basically on how they set the golf course up.”

If it rains, the golfers will know. 3M has a meteorologist with them every day of the tournament.

“[The meteorologist] is on site the minute we get on site until the time the tournament shuts down on Sunday,” said Hollis Cavner, the 3M Golfer Tournament chairman.

The tournament starts Thursday and ends Sunday.


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