ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – An 11-month old girl has died after falling nine stories at the Skyline Tower in St. Paul Tuesday night, authorities said.

Authorities said it is unclear exactly when the accident happened Tuesday night, but the girl was immediately taken to Regions Hospital, where she later died. Witnesses at the scene told WCCO that the girl was at the building visiting family.

Investigators are at the scene trying to figure out how exactly the girl fell, but they said it appears at this time to be nothing more than a tragic accident.

The Skyline Tower is a large, low-income high rise apartment complex in St. Paul located on the 1200 block of St. Anthony Avenue.

We’ll have more information on this story as it becomes available.

Comments (75)
  1. reality check says:

    What??? A child dies in a horrific, terrifying manner, and you find it necessary to comment on the income level of the residents? But if it happened in a posh penthouse, would that generate sympathy from you?

    1. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

      I would still question where were the adults in any situation, you hear of this sort of thing a lot lately and everyone should be more mindful of children around windows no matter what floor they are on.

  2. Calm and Relaxed up North says:

    Relax, it said she was there visiting family! It didn’t say she lived there. And if they did live there so what? They weren’t fishing for sympathy. If they didn’t tell the story you’d complain that they didn’t.
    Calm down~ and accident is an accident. High income or low.

  3. KDP says:

    How horrible for a family to have to go through something like this. I pray for the family and friends of this little girl.

    1. markH says:

      What on earth are you praying for-a reversal of the decision? I have great sympathy for this poor little girl and her family, but let’s not wrap our grief and fear in superstitions because it just cheapens us. Peace.

      1. 1150 says:

        The only thing that cheapens us is when we put-down others who have different beliefs than our own. You need to remember that this is still a country of free religion, if KDP wants to pray and say so on public discussion board, he or she can. Peace with you as well.

      2. runmommy says:

        KDP saud :praying for the family and friends,,,” That does NOT mean praying for a reversal. Praying that their hearts will won’t hurt so bad. Praying that the family will be conforted by others during this horrific time.Praying that the media will let them grieve in peace. Praying that one day the pain of losing her will be replaced by all the great memories of her short existence her on earth…
        It’s not a hard concept.

  4. Nate says:

    Why jump on the person for stating it is a low income housing unit,doesn’t mean there not showing sympathy,no sympathy would be not reporting it at all!
    Prayers go out to the family!

  5. JJF says:

    I think that some of the pepole that comment on these stories are the lowest people I have ever encountered. A baby has died and that is horrible. My heart goes out to everyone involved and that will suffer from this loss. To all of you idiots that only have bad things to say, find something else to do.

      1. Nate Hoffmann says:

        Most people who comment on online stories on any news website are terrible people.

        1. Hate Noffmann says:

          Like you? Who JUST commented on an online story?

  6. Mark from MN Tax Waste says:

    Sarah, You are very very sick!

  7. Mark from MN Tax Waste says:

    tina, May God forgive you for what you wrote.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Sarah and Tina,
    Both of you make me sick. This was a baby’s life they are talking about and all you can think about is their income level and the stereotypes that come along with it. IT MUST BE REALLY SAD TO BE BOTH OF YOU.

    1. The truth says:

      Why do I BET the family will try to SUE for MILLIONS! When it was THEIR fault! I bet they care more about getting “paids” than fixing the problem…

      I delivered mail to this place….and trust me…the parents there let their kids run FREE all over…in the parking lot…in the building…..

      It’s a Section 8 DUMP!

  9. In The Middle says:

    It’s sad no matter what race or income level these people are our neighbors and our fellow Americans. We are all connected in one way or another and the loss of an innocent child is just to much to bear.The family needs all the support that can get. And If I have any misspellings please word police GET A LIFE!

    1. Judy says:

      Tina, income level doesnt make for bad parents! This family is endurring the worst pain any family suffering a loss can bear. Why would you make such a ignorant comment ? My condolence to the family.

  10. BP says:

    For those of you who wrote the awful things: I feel sorry for losers like you. I hope something this horrific happens to you some day. Maybe then (but probably not) you will realize how devastating it is to lose a child. that I think about it, you guys are probably too stupid to figure out how to procreate. Losers.

    1. em0886 says:

      All I can say is burn in hell!! You are a poor excuse for a human being…..first of all you don’t sign welfare checks anymore…lol they just give you an EBT card and your cash and food are both on there!! I am white and on assistance currently because I am a full time student, single parent that does not receive child support and I work part time…..not everyone on assistance abuses it and not everyone on it is black. This is a terrible tragedy and I am sure the family is very heart broken, I don’t understand what your problem is but just remember karma is a beautiful thing and you will get yours someday.

      1. em0886 says:

        Just so I am clear, my comment is to Tina.

        1. Go ahead..delete it... says:

          Your comment just shows the rest of us you think you have the right to tell someone to “burn in hell” and that alone proves you are a self-righteous egomaniac who will have to answer to the SAME person you think said something you feel isn’t right…

          Good luck with your life you self-centered, self-righteous jerk

      2. keep having more says:

        Oh yeah, your’e the one with all the kids. nice going.

      3. em0886 says:

        Im actually at work, but thank you for your ignorance as well…and yes I am on welfare while I am getting my bachelor’s in Criminal Justice after that I won’t be on assistance anymore!

        1. em0886 says:

          This is obviously directed at Jeff

          1. just sayin says:

            I am rolling around on the floor at work laughing at these comments. 🙂


          2. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

            At least EM is using the system correctly, she is going to school to get off it and be independent like it was suppose to do and meant to do. I don’t like paying for others sitting on their butts spewing out babies but if they are busting the arses to get off it than I support that.

          3. Jeff says:

            She is getting her degree in Criminal Justice so she can arrest her 12 deadbeat fathers for not paying child support for her 18 kids.


            1. just sayin says:

              I think I just peed a little. LOL

              Seriously Em – if you get off that system I will be so proud of you.
              So will all the tax payers.

              This country is broke the way it is.

              1. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

                Be careful what you wish for you could turn on you.

            2. em0886 says:

              I have one child…and I left his father because he can’t stay out trouble and was abusive….I did it to break the cycle so my son has a good life.

            3. em0886 says:

              And so you are aware I am going to be a probation officer and hope to work with juveniles….I won’t do any arresting since I won’t be a police officer.

          4. em0886 says:

            I found the job myself…I don’t understand all the hate directed towards me all of a sudden…but whatever. I know that I will be off assistance in one year and nine months when I graduate…I don’t abuse the system and am very grateful for the help I get. I am a tax payer since I am working so I do contribute as much as I can to the help that I get.

      4. keep having more says:

        Tina, she has tons of kids and thinks we owe her. All the fathers are in prison.

      5. em0886 says:

        Umm I actually pay for half of my schooling but thank you Tina…I do support my son with the money I earn at work..we only get food support and medical. I will make plenty of money when I am done with school.

        1. welfare slug says:

          Maybe you can pay us back em. LOL

      6. Woodsman says:

        How come you don’t get child support? All you have to do to get it is apply. That’s literally all it takes.

        1. em0886 says:

          I have already completed the paperwork…but his father was incarcerated for a few months so I didn’t get it then….he’s supposedly working now but I still don’t get anything because I believe he’s working for cash and he has another warrant, so I won’t get anything at that time either.

          1. Woodsman says:

            Sounds like you might have needed a better partner-evaluation-process in place when you met that guy. I would avoid the Mexican men in the future though, em…

            1. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

              I agree woodsman I married one and he was always in trouble the work farm was his second home, glad I divorced himt and never had kids with him. Was married twice my kids dad at least worked and stayed within the law we just couldn’t work it out marriage wise but he is a good friend.

            2. em0886 says:

              How did you know that?? lol You live and learn though, that’s for sure!

      7. BP says:

        That was for tina, by the way

      8. Get used to the heat says:

        “All I can say is burn in hell!! ”

        You know for saying that….you will be condemned…….It’s NOT up to you to make that comment…..

        You are worse than the people making those comments…..May God have sympathy for your ignorance and self-righteous attitude.

        1. em0886 says:

          I like it hot…thank you!! And who are you to say what God will do…

          1. Judge GOD says:

            I’m saying it’s his place to judge not yours…..

        2. Woodsman says:

          Stop believing in fairly tales and do something with your life. Good grief.

      9. Let me just says:

        You’re welcome for your food, your child’s food, you medicines, your housing, your education, your cigarettes, and everything else you buy with my tax dollars.

    2. God Complex? says:

      “For those of you who wrote the awful things: I feel sorry for losers like you. I hope something this horrific happens to you some day.”

      BP for saying that you are WORSE than the people who wrote something!!

      You “HOPE something horrfic happens to you someday”?

      Wow! You have SOME EGO to THINK you have the RIGHT to wish this on ANYONE!

      You are WORSE of a person than ANYONE is for saying that….

      Good luck with your life… need it…

      1. BP says:

        Getting a little overly defensive, aren’t you? Thats what happens when you can’t handle how the truth makes you feel. Defending racists, is being a racist. YOU are a racist. ‘Nuf said.

  11. travis says:

    some people are just horrible… and it isn’t the low income family who lost their child… its the people who think it was justified because they were poor. may the gates of hell open wide for you.

  12. well stated says:

    Well stated Shamiqa. Some of you need to wake up. Kids live and die with people like this and never have a chance to prosper. Let me decide who should be fixed.

  13. Judy says:

    It is hard to believe that a structure this high would have screens, and not protective glass on windows. I would “assume” this buildings tenants would have many, if not all, families with young children. Most hospitals, nursing homes, retiirement apartments, and other high rise building have these protective windows. I cant imagine builders not thinking of the safety of its inhabitants. No, Im not placing blame. Just mystified as to WHY this option wasnt considered.

    1. em0886 says:

      Oh dear Tina….just know that your ignorance and mean ways will get you someday!

    2. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

      LOL Tina I agree, I am sorry a child died don’t get me wrong. I wonder though who was watching this child? Where were the grown ups? I bet down the line we here of this family suing someone because they will put the blame on someone else and not themselves.

      1. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

        Hear not here sorry

      2. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

        I didn’t say that and don’t want to be associated with this comment, people in general sue to get quick money not matter race.

        1. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

          No matter the race is what I meant.

    3. Who is to blame? says:

      Judy….are you aware there are laws that state they HAVE to?

      BUT these people do what they want!!! I am SURE there was glass AND a screen there…but these people took it out as they have NO regards for the law of the ability to think of the saftey of their children!

      It’s terrible this happened, but I have to say…the PARENTS are to blame here…..

    4. Paulie says:

      I am sure that when this building was constructed, building codes were different that must have allowed screens such are you are talking about, to be placed over windows in a high rise building. I don’t think the building even had a sprinkler system until 1998 or 1999 according to the internet. I feel awful for the parents. What that must be like to have to experience that horrible tragedy. Thoughts and prayers.

      1. It's the parents fault..... says:

        Trust me…if it’s section 8….it would have had to be updated…..

        I am SURE the “renters” (if that’s what you want to call them…) took out the saftey measures……I am SURE the 11 month old girl didn’t take the screen out and open the window….

  14. KS says:

    I am ashamed of WCCO for allowing comments on a story like this. But more than that, I am ashamed of my fellow “humans” who resort to such negativity. Animals like you disgust me.

  15. em0886 says:

    Are you serious?!? You honestly think it was for the best that this innocent child died….and are you a statistic database all of a sudden…how do you know that low income children never succeed? What are you so bitter and mad about??

    1. get a grip says:

      maybe tired of paying for you with money that he or she worked for.

  16. sayin says:

    Low income apartments? move it to minneapolis.

  17. Sue says:


  18. Matt - Woodbury says:

    Sure, technically, this can be labeled as a tragic accident.

    But SHAME ON the adults who were supposed to be supervising! Put the Xbox controller down mommy and daddy and pay attention to your kids.

  19. ih8celebs says:

    You forgot to tell us how every last one of those racists are White Republicans and despicable Tea Partiers….Sorry, Tea Baggers….

    1. Tiredofsupportingothers says:

      I am not a tea bagger or republican I am white but am very upset with our government both sides and I believe we should fire all of them.

  20. Common Sense says:

    Sounds like a great man with whom to create a child.

  21. Gardoglee says:

    This of course reminds me of when a similar accident happened to the child of the well known musician Eric Clapton. My deepest sympathies to the family. As a parent I don’t know how anyone ever copes with the death of a child.

  22. get a grip says:

    em0886. just quit. no one cares about your poor judgment, not many people will feel sorry for you given your blatant poo-me attitude and unwillingness to get your life together without taking a government handout that someone had to work hard to give. grow up.

  23. government_hater says:

    Now I hope you understand why we must get rid of most, if not all, government !

  24. TIE-HER-TUBES says:

    Had the parent lived in a trailer like a good welfare mama rather than pretending to be a Jefferson who just moved on up to that dee-luxe apartment in the sky, her child would have only fallen out the trailer door and into the grass rather than nine stories!!!

  25. RIII says:

    Part of their monthly pay day went out the window.

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