Dentists: Protect Your Teeth From Summertime Acids

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — While it’s well known that sugar isn’t good for teeth, dentists say there’s a bigger threat they’re worried about this summer — acids.

Acids, such as the chlorine in swimming pools, can erode the enamel on teeth, which makes them softer and more prone to tooth decay.

Other big culprits include summer drinks and lemonade, some salad dressings and white wine. But at least for that last one, there’s a way to fight back.

“One way to combat white wine is cheese,” said Dr. Lana Rozenberg. “Cheese is high in calcium. And what it does is it actually combacts the effect of wine by saturating your saliva with calcium ions.”

One more tip: Never brush your teeth right after you drink or eat something with a lot of acid in it.

Besides the bad taste, dentists say you can do even more damage because your teeth are softer at that moment.

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