Harsdorf Fends Off Democratic Challenge

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Sen. Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls has defeated her Democratic challenger in one of six recall elections targeting Republican incumbents in the Wisconsin Senate.

Unofficial results in Tuesday’s election show Harsdorf got 58 percent of the vote compared with 42 percent for Democrat Shelly Moore, an Ellsworth public school teacher.

Harsdorf is the second of six Republican incumbents to win on Tuesday. Four other races were too close to call.

The wins help Republicans as they try to maintain majority control of the Senate despite the recalls. They have to win at least four seats in the eight elections, six of which target Republican incumbents and two that go after Democrats. Those two elections are next week.

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  • Jake

    YES, YES, YES!!! We need LESS not moore.

  • southern MN

    I am surprised as all get out. I guess That some people in Wisconsin like Walker and his band of cut throats. Thought it would be closer and she would be taking a hike up the St Croix.

    • Tom

      @ Southern MN

      That is true! But you also have lower and middle class conservatives in Wisc who enjoy grabbing their ankles to keep the rich happy! They hate middle class people who are on welfare but they defend corporate welfare because they believe that corporate welfare will create jobs!

  • Jake

    See what happens when a state has VOTER ID?? This so-called “race” wasn’t even CLOSE. That’s how it should be HERE.

    • Tony

      Why yes, illegally disenfranchising voters does have an impact on the election results. So the right is actually admitting that’s their motivation now?

      • Jason

        State law in MN to have valid state id at all times

        • Tony

          What are you talking about Jason? (It’s hard to tell since that wasn’t a complete sentence.)

      • Jake

        NO voters were ‘illegally’ disenfranchied, tony. Only those who would have illegally voted, or had a hopelessly low IQ to not get a valid photo ID were not allowed to vote. That is NOT illegal, the Supreme Court SAID SO. But of course, YOU know MOORE about the law then the SC, RIGHT??

        • Tony

          Oh? Were you personally knocking on doors to hand them out? I wasn’t aware of the Jake state ID issuance program that finally solved all of the numerous access issues with the idea – nifty.

          • Jake

            You need to keep up on the news better, Tony.

            • Tony

              And which news story would that be? No news negates the fact that there are inherent problems with voter ID requirements, and no problems actually solved by it, all at a greater cost to taxpayers.

              • Jake

                Complete, unadulterated, to-often-repeated RUBBISH. Doesn’t cost the taxpayers that much, how much do recalls and recounts cost, which can be manipulated by lawyers and judges? LOTS of PROBLEMS would be solved, and a Constitutional Republic would be PRESERVED.

                • Tony

                  Voter ID laws cost little to do poorly, disenfranchising people, and a lot to do properly, maintaining fundamental rights. I’m not sure what the relationship you’re trying to draw between voter ID and recalls and recounts is, nor why a constitutional republic wouldn’t be preserved anyway, since there is no evidence of significant voter fraud that would be solved by ID laws.

    • Tom

      @ Jake

      I didn’t know that Wisc had wide spread voter fraud ? It only existed in conservaitves minds!

  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/08/09/harsdorf-fends-off-democratic-challenge-2/ Harsdorf Fends Off Democratic Challenge « CBS Minnesota

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  • See BS

    Thanks Morgan Freeman!

    • Iconoclast

      That’s funny! Well done. They did get a cease and desist order for that ad though. As long as there are stupid people the GOP will always have a shot.

      • See BS

        Lighten up dude! Socialism is always such a bummer isn’t it?

  • Jason

    Not really surprised here. Maybe things in WI are better now they have real leadership.

    • Tom

      @ Jason

      And if they don’t then who’s fault is it? Well since they took away collective bargaining Wisc should be seeing budget surpluses for years to come!

    • th

      Real leadership? If you make less than$250,000 a year the repubs are not working for you

  • HAHA

    hahahah i guess Everyone does “Breath Union” and think its a “war” in Wisconsin

    I would find it HILARIOUS if the Republicans picked up a seat so they couldn’t be blocked like they did by running to Chicago

  • KeepItReal

    Funny how the liberal-biased news outlet writes this as a surprise and negative outcome. Keep on truck’n…slobbering, thieving, liberal junkies at ‘CCO!

    • truth hurts

      Are you reading the same story? Harden minds don’t deserve further commentary.

      • Jake

        Do you mean that the thugs at the WI state fair couldn’t vote today?? TOO BAD.

        • truth hurts

          If you don’t have a print journalism degree or took just one journalism course, I don’t think you ever understand. This is not red vs. blue. Is there anything in the above story about a state fair? Is there anything about the results being a surprise? Are there any interview quotes? It is a straight factual story.

          I could go on…but you are harden. Therefore, you do not deserve any further commentary.

  • Chris M.

    If only the Republicans in Washington could muster half of the intestinal fortitude as the Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature.

  • Down with public unions

    Keep this up and that u on goo. Is going to have to sell his 2k suit.

  • Leroy


    Intelligent voters have spoken.

    • Tom

      @ Leroy

      Intelligent? Far from it!

  • Jake

    The GOP is 3 FOR 3 so far in Wisconsin, which means the the lowly dfl will have to go 3 for 3 in the remaining races. Watch out for phony ballots in these races.

    • Tony

      There is no such thing as the DFL in Wisconsin.

      • Fact

        And for that they are lucky!

  • truss

    Sure hope those other 3 races turn around. I can’t believe there are that many stupid people in WI…Good to see this one is at least called for the GOP

  • Jake

    NONSENSE, tony. Bring one ‘disenfranchisd voter’, in front of the cameras, and telll them that their entire human history will be researched before their ‘story’ goes out over the internet. Whatever negatives that are attributed to voter ID, there has to be at LEAST TWICE as many positives to support it.

  • Bill

    Looks like Michelle Bachmann is going to be your next president! (God help us all)!

    • Jake

      Could be worse, like an Obamanation re-election, though I doubt that you would agree…

      • Citizen

        @Jake. I see you are once again spewing your nonsense. I challenge you to go and be an election judge wherever it is that you live (I doubt that its Minnesota or Wisconsin). Then tell me how much you like voter ID. Go ahead. I dare you to be an election judge and get the training and do the work and see all that fraud that you spout about all the time! Ha!

  • Citizen

    For all you posters here who like to bash unions and, especially public employees:
    With record profits for many companies, pensions are certainly affordable for workers who helped build those profits, and for public employees who provide services (especially in light of all the bashing they take). . In addition, you need to think about the future. Wall Street is just a big gambling hall and that is where 401K or B accounts are. Wall Street can’t wait to get its hands on that pension money or social security so it can GAMBLE some more! A pension is guaranteed and provides stability. So, what will the nation do when a lot of people start to retire (or work until they simply can’t work anymore)? Throw them onto the streets? Let them starve to death? Social security is only one leg of a three-legged stool of savings, social security, and pension/401K-B plan to retire. Right now the conservatives are attacking two of the three. Where is that going to leave workers? Get ready to look like a third-world, America! People do get the government they deserve, I guess. But, then I never expect people to think any further than their own myopic, selfish interests any more. No thought for their fellow human beings. Everyone should be looking at pensions (both public and private) and saying, “Hey, that’s what I want in my old age when I need a walker and medical care.” They SHOULD NOT BE SAYING, “Tough, I’ve got mine and I don’t care about you, you can sleep in the street.” Pretty low, people, pretty nasty, pretty mean. And disgusting.

    • Uinions Suck

      The voters in Wisconsin confirmed it last night.

      You can blabber on as much as you like but you still have to live with it

    • It's over

      With a pension, there is no individual control. Low interest rates have debilitated these programs to their death. People who have counted on their pensions have watched them go bankrupt around the U.S. 401K’s are the future.

    • Citizen hits a new low

      There you go again Citizen. You start off trying to make sense and end up calling names. You are pretty low, mean and nasty. Oh yea, I forgot disgusting.

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