Man Shot By Police Overnight In Mpls.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man was shot by police after taking them on a brief foot chase Monday night in Minneapolis.

Officers in the area of 25th St. East and Cedar Ave. South heard the sound of gunshots around 11:15 p.m.

Police investigated the shots and found a man running from the area. They ran after him, and during the chase, police said the man took out a handgun.

An officer asked him several times to put down the weapon, but when he wouldn’t, the officer shot him.

The 23-year-old man, identified by police as Leroy Martinez, was taken to Hennepin county Medical Center and is expected to recover.

Police found a handgun at the scene.

The officer involved wasn’t hurt. He has been identified as Officer Terry Nutter who has been with the department since 2004. Minneapolis Police said he was working off-duty at the Little Earth of United Tribes community at the time of the incident.

Officers who witnessed the shooting were identified as Officer Steven Herron, who was also working off-duty at the time of this incident, Officers Derek Chauvin and Brandon Brugger and Lt. Gwen Gunter.

Police said the officer involved and the four who witnessed the incident are on standard three-day administrative leave.

The Minneapolis Police Department Homicide and Internal Affairs Units are conducting parallel investigations into this incident.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Minneapolis Police at 612-692-TIPS (8477).

  • grizzlyman

    Boy! That’s the first person shot by Minneapolis police recently who wasn’t killed and riddled with bullets! Good job!

    • EDO

      Good job? The man had a gun. I wouldnt stop until i ran out of ammo! Terrible job. Shoot to kill.

      • Officer Anderson

        The gun they said the turd had was probably checked out from the Evidence Cage.

    • Debbie

      Grizzlyman what would be your plan of action in that situation????

    • juge bob

      should have killed him and saved the rest of us money.

  • KegHead

    Is this St. Louis? (The most dangerous city in the USA).

    • em0886

      Something new would be refreshing from you…if you don’t like it then freakin move…otherwise shutup. If you’re tired of hearing the news then stop reading it, bad things happen everywhere….do you think they are going to report on the nice, clean, happy neighborhoods…I think not.

      • em0886

        lol ooo you are so hilarious!! not…

  • Chuck Darwin

    What ever happened to natural selection? We’ve made it too easy on the weak and stupid.

    • Oh Chuck

      Chuck natural selection comment just sent you back a million years. lol
      It is okay – we knew you not bright by any defination used.

      • Chuck Darwin

        Thank you for proving my point Mr weak and stupid.

        • just for Chuck

          So is this an admission you are totally a moron and dumber than a brick Chuck ? I thought so.
          Momma fogot to change your diaper again did she….poor pizzy baby

    • @Chuck

      Yeah but Chuck – if we hadn’t done so you wouldn”t exist now, would ya ;-)

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  • Pla-eese

    The a$$ clown was ordered to stop and drop his weapon, he refused. Does this outcome surprise anyone?

  • NoMI

    And you are an ignorant racist.

    • em0886

      Who’s being racist?? An a$$ clown could be anyone….

      • NoMI

        My comment was directed at a post that has since been deleted.
        Sorry for the confusion.

        • em0886

          Oh gotcha!!

  • Max

    Were you there? Always the racist comment. I wonder why you haven’t commented on the news story about the White teens in Mississippi who brutally murdered a Black man a couple of days ago??

    • Pat Kessler

      Well you know that’s different. They get a pass because they believe they have it so bad and politicians feel guilty.

    • KS

      I’m glad someone else knows about the Wisconsin fair incidents, because it’s for darn sure that no news stations have reported on it. I googled it this morning after reading about it in another comment forum and found only one actual “news” post saying that “it didn’t appear to be racially motivated”. Really???

      • Mike

        I didn’t see much on the news but I know I saw some reports on the local news and some on CNN. Sad that we can’t get over race. Racism goes both ways equally. I get called Cracker many times. I can hardly stand it! So offensive and hurtful! LOL

    • Dave

      Was he trying to rob them??

  • rj

    Just wounded, darn

    • Guy

      Better luck next time. (and next and next and next).

  • Far be it from me

    No civil rights were violated, so probably not, chief.

  • rj

    Fire the cop, for poor marksmanship.

  • stupids

    sick fricks abound here …. wanna go hunting boys? you can lead the way …oops, tripped I did.

  • rj

    Oh, we scared, just axe me.

    • just sayin'

      dead girl walking

  • KegHead

    Is this the nightly news for St. Louis? (The most dangerous city in the USA).

  • Jeffrey Samide

    It’s a shame double tapping is against The Geneva Convention. Great job otherwise Mpls PD.

  • Franklin Chicago

    Officer Nutter is a lion.

  • races

    if i were that black-Mexican dude, i would kill them pig

  • races

    if i were that black-Mexican dude, i would killed them pig and eat them bacons

  • Northside Rick

    I’m just glad to see most of the violence in minneapolis is on the south side this year. Thank you mother nature for cooling off the northside with the tornado. My usually crime-ridden neighborhood has had an unusually quiet summer.

    • Dave

      Many of the bad ones are moving to the Brooklyns, Hopkins or Maplehood. As rent continues to go up the cities are getting less criminals. Watch out Eden Prairie and Woodbury! In 20 yrs they will work themselves to your block! At least you will have a Popeyes and White Castle

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