MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republicans held onto control of the Wisconsin Senate on Tuesday, beating back four Democratic challengers in a recall election despite an intense political backlash against GOP support for Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to curb public employees’ union rights.

Fueled by millions of dollars from national labor groups, the attempt to remove GOP incumbents served as both a referendum on Walker’s conservative revolution and could provide a new gauge of the public mood less than a year after Republicans made sweeping gains in this state and many others.

Two Democratic incumbents face recalls next week, but even if Democrats win those they will still be in the minority.

Turnout was strong in the morning and steady in the afternoon in communities such as Whitefish Bay, Menomonee Falls and Shorewood, where Sen. Alberta Darling was one of the four Republicans to hold onto her seat.

Tony Spencer, a 36-year-old laid-off carpenter from Shorewood, voted for Darling’s challenger, Democratic state Rep. Sandy Pasch.

“I’m in a private union, so they haven’t necessarily come after me,” Spencer said. “But everybody should have the right to be in a union. I came out to stop all the union-bashing stuff.”

John Gill, 45, of Menomonee Falls, voted for Darling and questioned the opposition’s anti-GOP rhetoric, which went far beyond collective bargaining.

“This was all supposed to be about the workers’ rights, so to speak. But that has not been brought up one time. It’s all been misleading, the attack ads, things like that,” Gill said. “The one reason they started this recall, they didn’t bring up once.”

Until this year, there had been only 20 attempts since 1913 to recall any of the nation’s state lawmakers from office. Just 13 of the efforts were successful.

Also winning on Tuesday was Democratic state Rep. Jennifer Shilling of La Crosse, defeating incumbent Republican Sen. Dan Kapanke, who had been in the Senate since 2004. The other Republican ousted was first-term incumbent Sen. Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac, defeated by Democrat Jessica King, the former deputy mayor of Oshkosh.

Republican Sens. Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls, Rob Cowles of Allouez and Luther Olsen of Ripon all held onto their seats.

The stakes in Wisconsin were clearly much larger than control of the Senate. Democrats cast the recall results, in which they picked up two seats, as a rebuff of the Republican revolution started by Walker but it clearly wasn’t all that they wanted. Both parties also were testing messages ahead of the 2012 presidential race, in which Wisconsin was expected to be an important swing state.

Republican and Democratic strategists were leery of reading too much into the results heading into next year’s campaign.

The recall effort helped stir passions in the Democratic base “in ways we might never have been able to achieve on our own,” said Roy Temple, a Democratic political consultant with extensive experience in the Midwest. But, he said, that doesn’t mean the recall can offer much more than hints about broader trends.

“Wisconsin was a swing state before, and it will be after,” Temple said. “Maybe (the recall) is a sign of strong intensity, and that’s not meaningless, but it’s not predictive.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said the party was “all in” to win the races. A coalition of national unions spent millions on attack ads and other campaign activity to wrest seats from the Republicans. Conservative groups also spent millions.

It all amounted to a summer unlike any other in Wisconsin. More than $31 million was estimated to have been spent on the nine recall efforts, rivaling the $37 million spent on last year’s governor’s race.

“I feel that a lot of people didn’t get their way, threw a crybaby fit and decided to have a recall. The majority of Wisconsin already voted,” said 43-year-old Ross Birkigt of Menomonee Falls. “It’s a shame that all of sudden this happens and that a lot of special-interest money gets poured into it. I’m kind getting sick of seeing this stuff on TV every single minute.

Republicans won control of both houses of the Legislature and the governor’s office in the 2010 election just nine months ago.

The Legislature that had been approving Republican-backed bills in rapid succession would likely have ground to a halt if Democrats had won back the Senate. They would then have been able to block anything from passage without a bipartisan agreement.

Any newly elected senator will take office within 15 days, a brief window in which Republican Senate leaders could call a lame-duck session if they are about to lose control.

The races next Tuesday target Sens. Bob Wirch of Pleasant Prairie and Jim Holperin of Conover.

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Comments (108)
  1. Reasonable says:

    What saves more money, taking 4,500 teachers and giving them a collective 2% raise or having to do an individual review for each teacher and faculty staff member, then have a face to face with them to discuss said review and then negotiate the result of the review on a one-by-one basis?

    I still can’t believe that some people think that ending collective bargaining is somehow or another beneficial. It’s absolutely absurd.

    Hopefully these recall elections will restore some sanity to our border-buddies.

    1. Tball says:

      Democrats in wisconsin were doing their job, by being creative in their representation of the thoughts, and wants of people who voted them in office. I think that it was good that they made it clear that they didnt agree, and coulndt find middle ground. and that they gave attention to the issue in a way that was impossible to ignore.

      1. Murph says:

        Right on Tball,and the story should have been headlined DEMS take one fascist out of power! The GOP lost this round! Why do they always get the story told in a slant for them! They LOST a seat! The DEMS GAINED one! The GOP’er AP reporter must have flunked his or her math exam ! So much for private schools!

    2. Kally says:

      It is the pensions that we can not afford. Do you all have an inflation proof pension that you get no matter what happens for the rest of your life plus medical benifits for the rest of your life?. NO private company can afford to have pensions any more… take IBM for example!!!

      1. Citizen says:

        What a crock, Kally. With records profits for many company, pensions are certainly affordable for workers who helped build those profits. In addition, you need to think about the future. Wall Street is just a big gambling hall and that is where 401K or B accounts are. A pension is guaranteed and provides stability. So, what will the nation do when a lot of people start to retire (or work until they simply can’t work anymore)? Throw them onto the streets? Let them starve to death. Social security is only one leg of a three-legged stool of savings, social security, and pension/401K-B plan to retire. Right now the conservatives are attacking two of the three. Where is that going to leave workers? Get ready to look like a third-world, America! People do get the government they deserve, I guess.

        1. easyrider says:

          It’s unfortunate, but it’s all too true, Citizen. That third-world is here, just not yet clear enough apparently. Watching as London is falling (under the third world spell) should be a hint of what is coming soon to a neighborhood near us. That’s a pretty mild example yet though. For those who can’t see it coming, when you finally do it’ll be too late to say you’re sorry.

          In the meantime, it’ll be a bloody fun good time…eh?

          1. Citizen says:

            @easyrider. As someone I know who lives out west recently told me: the new gold will be “lead.” An interesting book (older sci fic one) to read is Sheri Tepper’s “The Gate to Women’s Country.” You can extrapolate a lot from the read…

            1. easyrider says:

              I’ll look it up…thanks.

        2. Reality sucks says:

          Where do you get this bull that a pension is “guaranteed”? Every fact points to the opposite. Hidden in our state budget was the take over by the state of the Minneapolis pension. It’s in trouble. Pensions are in serious trouble all around the U.S. Pensions don’t stand a chance and have proven time and time again that they are failing–EVERYWHERE. We are broke. If you have a pension you should be worried because, you’re right, you will be on the street.

      2. Tan pup says:

        Kally: IBM took a lot of it’s “jobs” overseas. Not a good comparison. Needless to say, you haven’t done your homework or ever worked for any corporation, just flapping at the mouth. But OK, let’s look at IBM: Take a look at the executives; they all have pensions and bonuses even when the company tanks. Is that OK with you too? I guess you like it when people lose their jobs, security, have worked hard, for years – maybe they didn’t like the company but stayed on the promise they would get a pension – security – and yet the CEO, who’s salary is more than 300% the average employee, decides that in order to make his /her bonus, they should cut 20% expenses (jobs). Instead of working to build the company by 20%, just cutting jobs! The same millions that are spent by the company on the CEO bonus could employ that 20%. See Kally; the word here is growth – a word that most CEOs don’t have in their vocabulary. Growth means you would have to work to come up with innovations – new ideas – but it’s easier to just cut salaries to show a fake profit on a balance sheet, when in reality, it costs the company more in the long run. That’s called tricky accounting. Been done for years and taught at the most prestigious schools. See it’s people like you , who listen to lame excuses and accepting the status quo, that keeps the biggest asset this country has –it’s employees – under the thumb of the elite. It’s a good thing you are simple, I wouldn’t want you to lose sleep thinking about how those companies are being ripped off by those employees expecting the pensions that they were promised.

        1. Geithner Sucks says:

          No matter how you spin it, the GOP wins AGAIN!!!! He He He He He!!

      3. Kally is right says:

        You’re right Kally. No need to justify yourself. Here’s an example from a good article I just read: To understand the scope of the problem, Dent examines General Motors as a case in point. Today, GM has almost $100,000,000,000 in its pension fund, but the company is underfunded by more than $7,000,000,000–and that does not include retiree health benefits, which totally are unfunded, adding another $60,000,000,000 to the deficit. With a market capitalization of roughly $17,000,000,000, GM could give itself away to its current and future retirees and the company still would owe them over $50,000,000,000.

        Many people believe that the Federal government will rescue pensioners and provide needed health care benefits. This is unlikely, Dent predicts, as consumer spending will cool after 2010 and tax revenue from corporations will fall. Wage growth will slow as well, which reduces tax revenues from individuals. “In the resulting stock market decline, there will be little revenue from capital gains or dividend taxes. Revenues will fall, but regular discretionary spending and entitlement spending for Social Security and Medicare will soar,” Dent points out. “Bottom line: Congress won’t have the funds to bail out the state and corporate pension plans”

    3. Unions protect us under performers says:

      Why would any organization do individual reviews? That doesn’t make sense. It will only hurt the teachers that aren’t doing a good job! That wouldn’t be fair to them. We need Unions to stand up for everyone, especially the bottom rung.

    4. Geithner Sucks says:

      Headline for you! WE ALL DON’T FEEL ENTITLED LIKE YOU DO!! Some of us earn what we get and don’t steel it from others Suck up your loss cause 2012 is looking REAL BAD for entitlement babies. Oh the joy of Obama’s class warfare and jealousy!!

  2. JMJ says:

    Yeah lets recall people who actually stayed in the state and did their jobs. Smart move!

    1. America says:


      How about a recall for the Democrats who left the state for over a month and didn’t do their jobs? They should have been fired.

      1. Geithner Sucks says:

        EXACTLY!!! And all the money spent on these useless recalls? Who pays for that? They should charge everyone of those out of state protestors especially Trumpka!!!

  3. TNS says:

    I don’t know where you work, but my firm gives individual reviews and respective MERIT increases to all 200,000 of it’s employees. That’s how you get and maintain TALENT. That’s what makes a company successful and profitable.
    How does just giving everyone a 2% increase motivate anyone to want to do any better than a bare minimum of effort? The harder I work, the more I make. It’s common sense; not absurdity.

    1. Reasonable says:

      1.) Public Enterprise isn’t built to be profitable. It is outcome based, not income based.

      2.) The collective bargaining BS was under the guise of creating a more effecient and less costly public system. Going one-on-one as opposed to collective bargaining is more costly and less effecient.

      3.) What is a better teacher? Better test scores? Encourainging intellectual development outside of the classroom? Handing out extra gold stars? Seriously, define “better and more talented teacher” and what metric that follows.

      4.) “The harder I work the more I make” oh really? Have you had an annual review and raise? Have you negotiated with your employer that you’ll take a two year pay freeze to have better benefits? Can you even get better benefits from your employer? When the guy in the cube next to you got let go because sales were down 1% for the quarter, was it because he didn’t work as hard as you?

      I hate to burst your bubble man, but infighting amongst ourselves won’t get rid of the ever growing income and wealth gaps. “Working harder” doesn’t get there either as policy is setup against anyone making less than $100k. Just remember, we all do well when we all do well.

        1. Parent says:

          Complete Rubbish…

          “Reasonable” do you even have children in a public school? time and time again, I have to talk to the teachers to see what they do for my children to keep them challenged. The students left behind get many opportunities, but the ones ahead of the curve get ignored, told to read a book while the other kids catch up, etc.

          This is such B.S. Teachers need to be fired. They need more turn over, they need to be rewarded for be excellent.

          How many excellent teachers were let go because they did not have tenure?

          That right there tells you the current system DOES NOT WORK!!!

          Hats-off to anyone who is trying to improve our education system, the unions have put our education system in the toilet.

          1. Tom says:

            @ Parent

            It sounds like you are blaming the teacher for everything. And those two people we call the parents they have no responsibility?

            1. Parent says:

              I understand your comment Tom. Parents do need to take a larg role. I do, both my children receive straight A’s. But this is due to the fact that my wife and I constantly go over the current material.

              But what can a parent do to remove a bad teacher? We have a teacher who could have a harder test for the acheivers but chooses to be lazy and has the students read books when they pass the first test and the ones who failed are taking a retest.

              Seriously, how hard would it be for a teacher to come up with ten words for a fourth grader? There is no incentive for teachers to go above and beyond.

              Thanks union.

              1. IwonderIf says:

                well said Parent!

                1. Citizen says:

                  Both IwonderIf and Parent should spend one day teaching a middle school or high school classroom. I challenge both of you. Then come back and post again. I was a teacher, and I can tell you that the job is much more difficult than it appears. Not only does a teacher need to deal with recalcitrant and unruly students, and an ever-widening curve of learning, but a teacher needs to sooth parents and administrations who are quick to blame the teacher who is teaching for tests for No Child Left Behind–an abomination of a law, to be sure. Again, I think all schools should have a “teach for a day” for parents and complainers like you two.

              2. Tom says:

                @ Parent

                This isn’t a union problem either! Back in the day teachers could actually do things in the class room and discipline a child, etc. Now a days it seems like every move the teacher gets criticized.

                Is it necessarily a bad teacher? Or is it the students are not paying attn anymore? Because it seems these days that parents want their kids rewarded regardless of how their kids are doing.

                And this is something that my dad says many years is that kids are not learning as much today as they did back then and he says you know why because computers are in the classroom. He said back in the day we had to figure things out for ourselves without the help of technology.

          2. Martha says:

            Many, many teachers agree with you although they will only tell you out of union ear shot.

          3. Citizen says:

            Parent, if you are so incensed and hate your children’s teachers so much, please feel free to homeschool your little darlings where you can be sure of the quality of education they get. Homeschool–a great program that eliminates all the carping you are presently doing about teachers. Go for it! But, I know you won’t, because you are like so many parents. You use the schools as a babysitting service, and then do nothing but criticize when your little darlings (who are probably disruptive, rude, and undisciplined–ha, ha!), are not perfect and the teacher doesn’t not kiss you a$$ for providing the world such academic “wonders.”

            1. Tom says:

              @ Citizen

              If a parent was going to do that they might as well send their kids private school. Because the reason parents do that is not so much what their kids learn but to control how their kids learn it.

          4. America says:

            Agree! When I was a student in High School, I felt some of the teachers didn’t do their jobs and should have been fired. But…they could not fire these teachers because they have tenure. OMG – what a waste of taxpayer money.

      1. Karl says:

        Your last statement is right out of the communist hand book.

        1. Reasonable says:

          You would prefer that few do well when few do well?

          Macroeconomics isn’t your strong suit is it?

      2. Purge the bottom 5% each year says:

        Gov. Walker was right. He needed the authority to fire the bottom performers to shake things up a bit. Good companies shave off the bottom 5% every year. Now he’ll be able to do that.

        1. Tom says:

          @ Purge the bottom

          Walker is a nut! He is the Wisc’s version of MN’s Michelle Bachmann! Because basically what you are saying that bottom 5% is good enough to keep around a year so that the company can make alot of money then once they see that they didn’t make as money as they wanted then let the bottom 5% go to boost profits more and just lable those bottom 5% lazy! It seems like there were alot of people from Wisc last night who chose to say they love to grab their ankles to keep the rich people happy!

          So then Wisc should be seeing budget surpluses for years to come since you cut the unions off at the knees!

    2. easyrider says:

      2% wage increases…That’s not much considering that prices in the stores and at the gas pump aren’t abating. I was told by a very respected and talented individual in a very large company that his management told him not to turn in good reviews, and to find something negative to say about those under him or they’d keep returning his reviews to do over. The reason for that, of course, is to keep merit pay down. That moves talent out of a company. Assuming of course, that talent equates to intelligence.

      1. Citizen says:

        @easyrider. So true! Often talent equates to “Yas’m, ” or “how high do I need to jump today.” I’m waiting for the price of gas to come down now that oil is $85 a barrel. Still waiting….. And with the dollar weak, the price of all those gewgaws from WalMart nee China just keeps going up along with the price of food (actually, the size of the containers keeps shrinking).

      2. QSource says:

        2% sounds pretty darn good to all those who have not had any kind of wage increase in years.

  4. les says:

    How Unions by elections, and therefore, steal your money….

    Millions of dollars to slander politicians, then have a recall, and wa la, more money for unions goons to by more elections, and so on, and so on.

    Oh, and those millions spent, that was tax payer money, which was strong armed by the unions to increase pay for overpaid employees, who then were forced to give dues to the unions…

  5. answer says:

    Public unions are completely conflicting and should be illegal. We the taxpayer are the “customers” of their services, we also pay their wages. At this point most people are fed up with the poor job they are doing and the amount of money and benefits they get for doing them. Teachers make very competitive wages and enjoy lavish benefits. I am fine with private unions, as a consumer I can choose to not use a union based product or service if their quality or prices are off compared to non union outfits. What is a tax payer supposed to do when they are obviously upset with the poor quality of education being displayed by these unionized teachers?? You cant simply not pay your taxes, also if you choose to put your child into private school you get doubley hit because you are still paying for those public unions. With no other options available I say all public unions should be disbanded, after all we are the ones who pay the bill.

    1. joe says:

      All you BIG HEADED REPS. are full off s^%$ ALL FOR THE RITCH .

      1. pay attention joe says:

        Really Joe? RITCH.

        1. easyrider says:

          LMAO…does he mean Rich? I really do think so. In which case he does have a point. Anyway…I know many public teachers. They claim that they don’t have it all well and I’m prone to agree with them. Many times I’ve listened to parents blame teachers for their children’s lack of ‘edgucation’ while recalling fondly how much they hated school when they were children. And by the way, just a thought for the public sector, just for the record, Private Schools do not hire Union. They are expensive because they are private and because it keeps out the middle class riff-raff. As a side benefit (apparently) it also keeps out the greatest reservoir of potential talent.

      2. Common Man says:

        All you can do is resort to name calling…. you have nothing else to say???

      3. Answer says:

        Poor Joe, nice come back. I see that nobody had an answer for this. Point proven, glad we kept the majority!!

        1. hard rains says:

          I see you stopped reading…

  6. tom says:

    Support America = Say no to Socialism

    1. hard rains says:

      And democracy too

  7. Lou says:

    Teaches unions are like wwII political parties in Germany, if you don’t belong, you cannot work.

    How does this exist in a free country???

    1. jimmy says:

      The Republican Party is like WWII political parties in Germany, if you don’t belong, they vilify you and try to take your job away.

      How does this exist in a free country???

      1. hard rains says:

        because we’re not a democracy…

        1. Citizen says:

          @hard rains. Right! We are a corporatist state….

          1. QSource says:

            What a joke. More socialist that ever and it’s going to destroy us.

    2. Tom says:

      @ Lou

      Free Country? For 98% of us yes!

  8. Bishop says:

    Has the billions spent in education in America worked? Are test scores up?

    I question that the money only is benefitting the unions and teachers, our children are being ignored.

    1. Reasonable says:

      What is being taught? Teaching to a dull test to meet No Child Left Behind standards, or how to think and pursue intellectual interests?

      C’mon man, see the whole picture.

      1. Bishop says:

        Are you saying there is an officer preventing the teachers from teaching?

        The answer is NO.

        The teachers are choosing to teach the minimal material based n a government program.

        You need to audit a class at a school and see union employees only performing as minimal as they can. Your comment proves it.

        1. Citizen says:

          And, Bishop, when was the last time you sat in a school classroom as a volunteer? Have you TRIED to be part of the solution? Of do you just want to bash a system and its professionals and not try to help. Takes a village to raise children and a lot of work by everyone–including you! You see, that is so much the problem in America today. We are all so critical–we have big mouths, but we do not step up to the plate and be part of the solution.

    2. Spending more doesn't get more says:

      Minnetonka college entrance test scores were the top 3 in the country. They did this with less cost per student than many other school systems. Why was that?

    3. Citizen says:

      @Bishop. What an ignorant comment! Children are being ignored, you bet–BY POLITICIANS of both parties. When the percentage of children in poverty is estimated to be around 40%, I’m sure most kids and their parents are more worried about food and clothing and shelter than test scores for No Child Left Behind–an abomination of a law. Tough to sit at a school desk when you are hungry or tired (from being homeless), or worried about your family. Very tough, indeed. I am appalled at the lack of compassion I’m reading in these posts for teachers, families, and students. Easy to bash people, a lot, lot tougher to walk in their shoes.

    4. Tom says:

      @ Bishop

      You forgot to mention the roll of the PARENT! I thought conservatives were all about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY? But i guess not!

  9. Sick and Tired of Public Sector Union Goons says:

    Public sector unions are nothing but thugs.

    Thank you, Governor Walker, for taking on these public sector union goons – and winning.

    1. easyrider says:

      Jay Gould…who you won’t remember of course…said proudly during the Great Depression that he could hire half the American public to murder the other half. He was against Unions too.

    2. Tom says:

      @ Sick and Tired

      What about the Corp CEO’s?

  10. Reasonable says:

    As simple as I can state it: do you prefer a consumer driven economy with high wages and a volume based tax revenue (the boom years of the 90’s) or a low volume an low margin economy based on wealrh concentration (the dowturn of present day)?

    The answer isn’t difficult.

    1. Reality sucks says:

      It’s also no longer a choice. Higher Education? No longer needed, learn a trade to survive. A college education will be left for those that can afford it or want to take on life-long debt. The tide has already turned.

  11. Common Man says:

    I do not want any more unfunded lavish pensions….folks the unfunded pensions are about 30 trillion. Where is that money going to come from?

    1. SEC rules apply to Governments? says:

      We need to pass a law that says Governments should abide by the same SEC rules as public companies. That would end this mess quickly.

  12. Wendy says:

    The beginning of the end of the socialist Public Employee Unions… Thank God for Governor Walker. George Soros is crying in his beer…
    I have hope for America now.

    1. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

      well said wendy

    2. Citizen says:

      Be careful what you wish for, Windy Wendy.

    3. hard rains says:

      ….It’s too late to say you’re sorry! But you will anyway.

    4. Tom says:

      @ Wendy

      Are you on SS, Medicare, Medicaid? Or plan onto? Then you are a socialist!

  13. Norge says:

    TEA Party ‘Pubs Keep Control!! They won enough seats to keep control of the WS Senate despite a billion dollars of union-goon and Soros money polluting the airwaves.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And 2012 is coming!! The public-teat-suckers have no moral or legal right to TAKE the taxpayers money…NOW they have to EARN like everyone else! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    1. Walker for President says:


      Why are government employees permitted to be in a Union?

    2. hard rains says:

      …december 21st is it? Or is it the 23rd? See…the wealthy private-teat-suckers have no Morals at all, and are hoarding wealth hoping that it’ll have worth the day after. Laugh while you can….hehehehe.

  14. Jake says:

    Actually, the GOP just won its *4th* election, which means that the GOP STILL CONTROLS the Wisconsin Legislature. sniff, sniff. CRY ME A RIVER, with the smallest violin in the world. Thank GOD for VOTER ID.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Jake

      And even with voter id and your party had lost you would be crying voter fraud!

      And you can you enlighten the rest of us when all this “voter fraud” occured in Wisc? Since that is your reason for the voter id law to begin with!

  15. State worker says:

    I am not going to Spend any money that i dont have to. I am also cutting phone and cable and internet. No VAC for me. I am going to be getting food Stamps as i cant aford my bills now. So Thank you GOP

    1. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

      So you know about spending cuts, maybe you can teach the rest of your Union the same thing. The days of the Unions are numbered!!

      1. jimmy says:

        @Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste

        Were you not paying attention to what just happened? Six Republicans from Republican districts were in elections 1/3 lost. These were not Tea Baggers that won in 2010 with a low voter turnout, these were Republicans that won in 2008 when Democrats were winning everything.
        In Jan. we will start recalling the teabaggers including the head bagger himself Walker. The baggers will be required to win a recall election in June then get ready to win the general election in Nov.
        I don’t think the Koch brothers will pay for these elections when the national elections are so important to them. Bye Bye Baggers.

        1. Dan J says:

          You like saying “baggers”… Just an observation…

          1. Citizen says:

            @Dan J. The alliteration of the “B’s” is a nice touch, I think.

      2. easyrider says:

        And so are the days of the middle class too.

    2. Tom says:

      @ Stateworker

      Well according those people you should be just as excited about bending over as much as they are! Maybe you all should quit and let them plow their own streets this winter! Then watch complain about that!

  16. Citizen says:

    I will post this for all the ignorant on this board:
    With record profits for many companies, pensions are certainly affordable for workers who helped build those profits, and for public employees who provide services (especially in light of all the bashing they take). . In addition, you need to think about the future. Wall Street is just a big gambling hall and that is where 401K or B accounts are. Wall Street can’t wait to get its hands on that pension money or social security so it can GAMBLE some more! A pension is guaranteed and provides stability. So, what will the nation do when a lot of people start to retire (or work until they simply can’t work anymore)? Throw them onto the streets? Let them starve to death? Social security is only one leg of a three-legged stool of savings, social security, and pension/401K-B plan to retire. Right now the conservatives are attacking two of the three. Where is that going to leave workers? Get ready to look like a third-world, America! People do get the government they deserve, I guess. But, then I never expect people to think any further than they own myopic, selfish interests any more. No thought for their fellow human beings. Everyone should be looking at pensions (both public and private) and saying, “Hey, that’s what I want in my old age when I need a walker and medical care.” They SHOULD NOT BE SAYING, “Tough, I’ve got mine and I don’t care about you, you can sleep in the street.” Pretty low, people, pretty nasty, pretty mean. And disgusting.

    1. easyrider says:

      As I posted but now can’t find…it’s a myopic problem of our nation that has lead many to couple religion, politics and the popular misconception of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as being ‘the survival of the fittest’. Strange bedfellows at best. Our ability to compartmentalize should be considered a disease since it creates an inability to see very far into the past or very far into the future. We can’t connect ideas anymore. It creates a society that can pray one day a week while adopting an uncaring and unfeeling attitude the rest of the week. While we are afraid is obvious, how we respond is telling. And any rational attempt to change it is an exercise in futility.

      1. Reality sucks says:

        Since you’re going to keep posting it, I’m going to to keep refuting it. Pensions are not guaranteed. Pensions are in trouble. Pensions cannot continue under this current environment. Agree or not, the times have changed.

        1. Citizen says:

          @Reality sucks. We need pensions more than ever to guarantee that our elderly workers who made companies and CEOs weallthy do not fall through the cracks of society. Look at this way, companies can either provide pensions as the third leg of a worker’s retirement program or the rest of the taxpayers will be stuck with the eventual bill for housing and medical needs. Or do you just propose to throw elderly people with no means (once they’ve used up meager savings) onto the streets to starve? Wall Street can really trash a 401K-B…and is gambling that workers cannot afford to do. 401B/K’s were never supposed to be for workers–just salaried managerial elites. If not pensions….then what?

          1. Reality sucks says:

            I’m not condemning pensions! The reality is they just don’t work anymore, they’re broke, they will continue to cause issue and turmoil as they continue to fail in the coming years. Times have changed. Pensions are in trouble. Facts are facts. No, I don’t want anyone to suffer–ever. As to your question, then what? That’s the problem, isn’t it? There is no place to save, interest rates are too dangerously low! WE ALL ARE IN TROUBLE. Read about the dollar bubble. It’s next to pop after the stock market bubble and prior to the government debt bubble.

    2. same old same old says:

      Pretty low, pretty nasty, pretty mean, pretty disgusting. nothing new here folks from Citizen…….

  17. . says:

    Thank you, voters, for supporting the Tea Party.

  18. Take the blinders off!l says:

    I cannot get over all the narrow minded anti union remarks from people who are obviously brainwashed, blinded and uninformed from their conservative hate machine. Really, bashing teachers….. teachers who have to use their own money to buy supplies for their classrooms, teachers are not high wage earners, people do no become teachers to get rich, they do it because they believe all children deserve a decent education. And calling union people thugs…… I guess that means all of our Firefighters, Police Officers, US Postal workers, Health Care workers, Nurses, Teachers, Meatpackers, Construction workers, Hotel workers, etc. etc, are all a bunch of no good second class citizens! I guess they don’t deserve a livable wage, if we continue like this pretty soon all lower to middle class people will be hearing things like, “hell your lucky you have a job, now get back to work!” We’ll be working for less wages, less benefits, less vacation, buy a house, sorry can’t afford it, send my children to college, oh sorry can’t afford it, that kind of life is only for the rich! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    1. Jake says:

      Well, you are a little LATE making this kind of statement. You should have said something like THIS back when CLINTON signed ‘free trade with china’, NAFTA, GATT, the 1996 Telecom Act, etc. Of course, you thought that you public employees were IMMUNE to that stupid legislation, because you thought that “They can’t EXPORT MY JOB”. So tell me, what kind of help are you giving the striking workers at Verizon right now? Yeah, THOUGHT SO.

      1. easyrider says:

        You may forget who signed Safta into law and the rest of the free trade agreements. Nope! It wasn’t Clinton. Nafta was the “North American Free Trade Agreement” and the only Free Trade Agreement that Clinton signed. All the rest were during republican administrations. Partisan politics to be sure, but Unions aren’t the problem. At least, not for 98% of the population.

        1. Jake says:

          Complete rubbish. Clinton DID sign into law ALL of the ‘agreements’ that I pointed out. He sold out this country and is now worth $200 million, so what does he care if the country tanks.

  19. WalkerisKing says:

    Obama’s Organizing for America, Soros’ MoveOn and the rest of the radical kook fringe were sent home with their tails between their legs. Freedom prevailed. And now I will quote Barack Obama. “You lost, get over it.” But the thing is, you lost twice, you got your “do over” as a result of your infantile temper tantrum that you threw, now sit down and shut up!!!

  20. Citizen says:

    Hey, for all you CONservatives, the battle has just been joined; democracy should not be surrendered to the right-wing radicals without a fight!

      1. Tom says:

        @ Citizen01


  21. Architect says:

    Obama and the Democrats have presided over one of the most staggering spending binges in American history, ramming through an astonishing 21.4% in federal spending increase in two years…doubling the deficit…growing the national debt from 40% to 70% of the economy (a debt bigger than China’s entire economy)…ramming through ObamaCare…flushing away $821 billion in “stimulus” money…

    And what do President Obama and the Democrats have to show after spending nearly 25% of GDP for two years running? An anemic growth rate of 1.7%…an economy staggering toward a double-dip recession…and an unemployment rate of 9.1%.

  22. Nicework says:

    In just four days last week, President Barack Obama’s administration increased the national debt by more in inflation-adjusted dollars than the administrations of Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower increased the national debt over the entire decade of the 1950s.

  23. Long Live Unions says:

    Tea Party, another name fora group of people who became Small Business Owners because they couldn’t get along with anyone in the work force, and can’t make a buck in business either.

  24. Tom says:

    @ Architect

    And between 2000 -2006 who spent on two wars, two tax cuts, etc, etc? Bush and the GOP and some how that gets forgotten about from people on the right! I didn’t hear the right complaining about spending during Bush’s term! Imagine that!

    1. Architect says:

      You win the prize for the most stupid comment of the day.
      Bye-Bye Loser!!!

  25. :) says:

    I am gonna laugh so hard when the true voice of Wisconsin is heard next week and both Democrats up for recall, are unseated…..

    This same thing is coming to a state near you, come 2012!!!!!!

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