Twins Cities Tops In Volunteerism

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Twin Cities is at the top of the nation when it comes to lending a helping hand.

For the fifth straight year, the Twin Cities ranked first for volunteerism.

The Corporation for National and Community Service releases the list each year.

The organization said Minnesota volunteers are a model for the nation.

The volunteers serve the community through a range of issues including tutoring at-risk kids, job training for veterans, and responding to natural disasters.

Overall, Minnesota was the third highest state for volunteerism only trailing Utah and Iowa.

Last year, close to 63 million Americans volunteered their time. That added up to 8 billion hours of volunteer time.

  • Chris

    This story is confusing. Is Minnesota number one in volunteerism or number three? The story states both numbers!

  • Max

    The twin cities are number one, the state is number three. One is a rating of cities, the other of states.

  • the point being?

    why not rate us on what matters – like taxes and crime and such.
    This touchy feel goody BS makes me wanna barf

    • Jim

      You’re an idiot. You think a story is a waste of your time, so you rush off to read it and post a comment. Smart? Maybe you should spend less time angrily mashing your keyboard with your fist and do something productive with your time. Maybe volunteer?

      • for Jim

        Jimmy boy or girl as it may be.
        I put in better than 700 hours as a volunteer last year – Habitat, 3 Rivers Park sys, City of Mpls clean up, my church, Salvation Army, Bethesda Thrift Store, and I am sure another 60-70 at the schools. Oh – add the Legion and VFW, Better than 20 hours a week. I also work as a consultant 40-50 hours per week (for compensation). Raised 7 kids in the city and they donate time too.
        How about you???? ;-)
        I also pay $7841.34 in PROPERTY TAXES. I want them lowered and thiose that don’t pay a bit but suck off my dollars to start to PAY their share. BTW – I am 69
        There you go you sniveling little liberal dip

        • Jim

          Do you have a point? What in the world do property taxes have to do with this story? Your angry rant doesn’t make much sense.

          “sniveling little liberal dip.” Oh, I get it. You’re a complete moron who makes ridiculous assumptions about posters on the internet. You think you know who I vote for? LOL. I’m surprised you made it to 69.

    • Right on

      Your right on Good post

  • Joe Hanson

    Thank You to all the volunteers!

  • Is this relevant to anything?

    Wow Jim – maybe you need to chill out a bit. He stated he saw little value in the story vs what to most of us is a lot more important. Crime – Taxes. Now imagine that – these 2 things being at the top of many lists!
    I cannot fathom how they can tabulate the hours factually put in and I imagine it is challengable to say the least. The relevancy of this _study or report _ is somewhat silly when it comes to what it gives to a city.
    That said – I am greatfull for all who do volunteer work in any way. And to the 69 year old above – an extra thanks as that is a lot of time. I used to coach 3 sports and it was 500-700 hours a year and it drained me. I was in my 30’s then too. lol

    • Jim

      You’re right, I probably shouldn’t have called the guy a moron. That’s rude. But if you’re going to post a dumb comment people are going to read it and perhaps respond.

      There are also stories about the Twins and roadside attractions on the main page of today. I assume that you and the person above have already gone into those stories and posted about how only crime and taxes are important, right? What’s the point of stories about sports and entertainment? Stories about sports are such a waste of time that I spend my time commenting about how much time I’m wasting. LOL.

      • Hey Dope

        Right just like posting a reply to your dumb comments

      • To Jim

        Jim – I replied to you as you went off on the attack…he made a comment he thought had some basis or merit. Then you pile it on him again. Bad day eh!
        Chill pill my man, take a chill pill

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  • Nate Hoffmann

    Only online news site commentators can start yelling at each like little kids over a story about volunteerism.

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    You’re right on the money Nate. Sad, isn’t it.

    • not true

      wait a minute — don’t you folks ever listen to politicians??? lol

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