ATLANTIC, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty said Wednesday that President Barack Obama’s previous jobs as a community organizer and law professor didn’t prepare him for the White House. And, Pawlenty said, Iowa shouldn’t repeat the mistake of voting for another charismatic politician who lacks experience.

It was an obvious reference Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is leading Pawlenty in polls in a state he has said he must do well in to keep his candidacy alive.

“One of the reasons we’re in this mess is because we put Barack Obama in the White House and he wasn’t ready for the job,” the former Minnesota governor said.

“Before we put the new person in that office, let’s make sure that he or she is ready for the job,” Pawlenty said, sparring with Bachmann from afar. “This is a job that requires leadership experience, executive experience and a record of results.”

Pawlenty has spent weeks in Iowa courting voters ahead of this weekend’s Ames straw poll, an early test of campaign organization and enthusiasm. He faces a tough fight in trying to overtake Bachmann, a tea party favorite who is popular with evangelicals who make up the base of the GOP electorate here.

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Comments (32)
  1. leroy says:

    Tim got that right, Obama is in a jov that is way over his head.

    He even said it himself when responding to questions:

    “…answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.”

    This answer was to an abortion question, but he could append this to every answer he gives.

  2. Your done you loser says:

    Timmy Boy you destroyed Minnesota with your lies and fee’s and budget deficit. So stay in Iowa and wallow with the pigs. Your political career is over

    1. Bryson Powers says:

      Very well said.

    2. P Bunyan says:

      Absolutely. I think of this very fact as I walk around the rubble and burning buildings that used to be our great state. Wait. Now that I think of it, there is no rubble or destruction, unless by destruction you mean a much better unemployment rate than the nation, a highly improved business climate, and solid education system with more options and local oversight and control. If that’s what you mean, then I suppose we are pretty well ruined.

  3. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    “Iowa shouldn’t repeat the mistake of voting for another charismatic politician who lacks experience”

    Is he ‘dissing’ Reagan?

    1. Histor says:

      Reagon was a governor, so no.

  4. truss says:

    I hope the voters heed his words and don’t for for him. Bachmann is more in tune with the wishes of the American people than Pawpaw will EVER be!!!

    1. Wachmann out of touch. says:

      Wachmann in turn with who? No, you have it all wrong. She is way out of tune with the people. She is intone with the Rich and Powerful, The top 2% definitely love the tune she’s playing.

    2. LMFAO says:

      Apparently you’ve never heard Bachmann speak.

  5. JL says:

    If Bachmann is more in tune with the American people I would like to know who those people are because she is not in tune with anyone that has any common sense or educaition.

    1. Kathy says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth JL, but I want to add a few more.

      At this point, I am feeling ashamed of myself for taking so much comfort in Newsweeks deliberate attempt to bring into focus a wild characteristic about Michele Bachmann. Out of control is more accurate/ Mewsweel os a editorial that’s been around for a very long time. The regard it earned came with time and development.

      Nothing about Michele Bachmann indicates something legitimate. Her method of speaking is made deliberate, her words and statements are either foolish or false, and the ambition in this woman is entirely blind. I honestly believe that she is the only one who believes she’s electible as our next president during this time of great turmoil and uncertainty. That is crazy, and I don’t need a photo to verify this.

      The woman is not standing on both feet, and I hope that someone cares enough about her to guide her out of this race very geI ntly. I expect that she is more vulnerable than a history of crippling headaches. The cause relates here, no doubt. Perhaps she’s holding back a happier and healthier person, but doesn’t know that yet. Lets hope that’s true.

      1. meow says:

        @Kathy … Google PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and read up a bit. I think you’ll connect some dots.

        Bachmann has some serious mental dysfunctions. This is not just random slander, this is PROVEN time and time again with all her over exaggerated lies without being able to CONFESS like any other normal person would when having the lies pointed out.

  6. Our Country needs a balanced budget says:

    Is He INSANE??? BO has had as much experience as W. I love how either side can’t call out their own. After his stint in MN, I can only hope he doesn’t get to the WH…although he trained well leaving MN in debt.

    1. S Claus says:

      I don’t buy this line of argument as much as some (the “experience” argument, that is), but to be fair, W had been a governor of a much bigger state than Minnesota. Like it or not (or his performance in the role), he had been a governor, whereas Pres. Obama had not led a major entity or organization.

  7. Murph says:

    Pawlenty will make Soylent Green out of your parents and grand parents! He doesn’t deserve a single vote! Even if he is the only voter.He knows deep down he is a loser, that’s what scares him!

  8. Bryson Powers says:

    What happened to the Republican party of Goldwater and Dole. What a bunch of angry loonies.

  9. Tired of MB up North says:

    If Michelle is in tune, what the hell song is she singing? She’s a flake and we can’t afford her temper, dramatics, and the hypocritical thinking she has about her family being off limit’s to reporters. Her honey is fair game, just as any spouse is. Is she afraid we will learn what her husband really isn’t ?

    1. Jim L says:

      I don’t care much about her families personal life, but when it comes to their finances they should be openly disclosed to the public. She definitely has things to hide. Whatever she’s hiding will come to light eventually, hope sooner than later.

  10. Snooky Thurmond says:

    LOL did T-Paw just say “This is a job that requires leadership experience, executive experience and a record of results.” if that’s the case then he’s not qualified, he failed MN as Governor and his Presidential aspirations is an even bigger joke. Stick a fork in Pawlenty, he’s done, no one with an ounce of sense would waste a vote on you. Only a complete idiotic moron would support this clown.

  11. Timmy said..... says:

    “This is a job that requires leadership experience, executive experience and a record of results.” Who is he stumping for?

  12. TimWins says:

    Go Tim go, all the way to the white house.

    Woo hoo, finally someone with experience.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      Thanks for the laugh, Timwins. That was hilarious.

  13. Deep Thinker says:

    Pawlenty won’t get the nomination because he’s a weasel. Bachman won’t get the nomination because she’s crazy. Mitt Romney will get the nomination just because he looks professional. It’s really that simple.

    1. Crawl back under the rock tim paw says:

      I hope Rubio or Perry enter the race. Pawlenty is the biggest joke in politics. The Huck would be another good honest canidate but won’t run

  14. Dave Campbell says:

    I see Bachmann breaking ranks and running as an independent if she doesn’t get the nomination. She will figure there is enough support from the Tea Party and divide the Republican party.

  15. LOOSER!!!!!!! says:

    TIM IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. hard rains says:

    I wonder if any of the runners in the GOP race knows what’s going on in the world much less in the US. Very narrowly focus’d folk the lot of them. Reminds me of the business leaders and management who don’t personally understand the tools, the technologies, that are used in their businesses, just profit and loss…and that dimly. The runners in the GOP race…the crazy one, the lost one, the pathetic one, the three silent ones, and the Mormon….I kind of like the Mormon bibles, but you know he doesn’t stand a chance.

    1. soft suns says:

      That is why nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to vote for them.

    2. jeff says:

      it’s like snow white (obama) and the seven dwarfs (repubes)

  17. Rep. Michele Bachmann says:

    Well, all I can say is that Bachmann is ready to enter the St. Peter mental institution. From what I see she doesn’t even have the cement to build a foundation to build anything. TPAW you ruined MN with your BS and no you want to destroy this great (well it used to be) country. Owackma couldn’t even finish his first term as a Senator and thought he was President material. No wonder in such a mess.

  18. jeff says:

    i hope she is elected! it’ll be the 4 worst years in us history but it’ll be a necessary sacrifice for anyone who isn’t rich just to prove that the repubes are full of it. i can’t wait for her to come down from high with two tablets in her arms preaching about peace and liberty and then turn around and disassemble social security, medicare and all the other entitlement programs. this is gonna be fun! the problem is, after all the poor have run out of children to eat and die of dysentery or the flu, who will flip burgers for your fat ash???????

    1. meow says:

      jeff… you make me chuckle. Thanks

      Bachmann… the same person who said that America should apologize to BP oil company for the Gulf oil spill.

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