By Mike Max

MANKATO (WCCO) — In a sports world that thrives on constant change, Minnesota Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell has been a constant.

He wasn’t sure he’d get an offer to return when the NFL lockout ended, but he did and he was anxious to accept it.

“(My wife and I) were hopeful that we’d, that I’d, end up here,” said Longwell. “Sara and I loved our time up here and really wanted to come back. So, you just never know because there was no conversation with the lockout.”

The “Longwell longevity” involves his own team, the three man crew that make up the snapper holder and the kicker. Call it the firm of Cullen Loeffler, Chris Kluwe and Longwell.

“It’s our sixth year together, which is really rare in this league. And they are, as I’ve said many times, they are the best at what they do,” said Longwell.

Back when his Green Bay Packers teammate Brett Favre was rumored to become his Viking teammate, Longwell became part of the story.

So, you just have to ask just to be sure: is he really retired?

“Yes. Absolutely. I’ve talked him a lot this off season and done a lot together, and even talked to him yesterday. He is so appeased with his decision,” said Longwell.

  1. This guy says:

    **Grammar police**
    “Appeased with his decision” or “At peace with his decision”
    I have never heard the former used in conversation.

    Carry on.

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