MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Democratic Party is standing by its plan to force a recall election against Republican Gov. Scott Walker despite losing four of six recalls targeting GOP state senators.

Party Chairman Mike Tate issued a statement Wednesday saying the Democrats’ winning of two Senate recall elections shows how vulnerable Walker is to a recall effort.

Republicans held on to majority control in the Senate through their four wins on Tuesday.

Tate called Democratic gains historic and said they will continue to “restore balance and accountability to our state” with a recall of Walker in November 2012.

Democrats could attempt an earlier recall date, but Tate’s memo indicates they will try to time it to take place at the same time as the presidential election next year.

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Comments (38)
  1. Citizen says:

    Good luck to the Dems on recalling Walker–an embarrassment of ignorance and meanness. A bought-and-paid-for lackey of the uber rich. At least the timing with the national election will be good for a good turnout. Let’s hope the Democrats turn out and vote and prove less disorganized than they usually are. Mark Twain said it best: “I belong to no organized political party; I am a Democrat!”

    1. Poor lib citizen says:

      It must suck to be you today

      Have a little Wisconsin cheese to go along with your whine

    2. Citizen Idiot says:

      Time to shut down all the Unions and collective bargaining. You democrats are the problem, not the solution.

    3. Socrates says:

      The Democrats are shortsighted on this. Is this how they want to govern? What happens when the next Democrat is elected governor? Should the Republicans keep moving for a recall every time that governor raises taxes, etc.? I doubt this is how the process is supposed to work. It’s a waste of time and money and no way to govern. When Walker’s term is up, they can use the same arguments. In the meantime, they can try to regain the majority of one or more houses to limit his ability to enact things they do not like.

      1. Jim says:

        I am not a fan of Walker or Republicans in general, but I agree with Socrates on this. The Republicans won the election fair and square in Wisconsin and the Dems are not behaving well. Calling for a recall every time you disagree with an elected official is no way to run a government.

        1. Bill Berditzman says:


          Is that what you think happened? They disagreed with a bunch of decisions, so they petitioned for recall?

          The problem, we’ve now learned, is you don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about, Jim…

  2. jan says:

    They lost the election, now it’s time to get over it and try to work together for the good of the state. What sore losers!!

    1. Fact says:

      They are rabid liberals who aren’t the least bit interested in the good of the state. They are only out for themselves and that is the reason for the massive rejection by the voters.

      1. James2 says:

        You could say the same about the other side. Just substitute the words and I’ve read this before said by conservatives. Really, this is getting very old.

        1. Fact says:

          You could substitute the words but it won’t make it the truth.

          Democrat is the party of the jealous, spoiled, angry, godless, bitter, greedy, elitist, snotty liberals.

          Its just the way it is and you’re right, its getting old – the voters of Wisconsin said so yesterday!

          1. Fact says:

            Conservatives are whining, sniveling bed wetting, children.

            1. Jim says:

              Most of our problems with government come from blind partisans like “Fact.” Both of them. Calling your political opponents childish names might make you feel like an internet tough guy, but it’s plain stupid.

              1. Socrates says:

                @Jim, I reciprocate your agreement above. Well said.

  3. Anita Fewerdemocrats says:

    Recall Walker – good luck with that LOL!

    Union goons didn’t get enough of a beating last night?

    Let’s do it again!!!!

  4. DJ says:

    This just demonstrates the one quality all Democrats have in common – wasting other peoples’ money.

    1. Yup, that hits the nail on the head. says:

      That “quality” isn’t reserved solely for the democrats but they certainly are leading the pack with it this go ’round.

    2. buzzcut says:

      Is spending $8 million on one state senate seat not wasting people’s money?

    3. Barney says:

      Dems want to recall? Let them pay for it with their own money!

  5. Live with it dummies. says:

    Incredibly stupid people. You lost … by vote of the majority. You challenged and lost again … by vote of the majority.

    What’s you’re plan? To keep voting, re-voting, then re-voting again and again and again? Ha, then if … someday … you should win by one vote, you’ll claim the people have finally spoken. And then you won’t want to ever vote again.

    Stop wasting people’s valuable time and stop wasting money on this. Live with what the voters voted for … twice now!

    1. Correction. says:

      Oops, bad grammar … substitute “your” for “you’re.”

      Sorry ’bout that.

  6. T Jefferson says:

    Wisconsin should recall the rules that permit such silly recall efforts. Seriously. Any time someone doesn’t vote the way you want (even if you didn’t support them in the first place), you can force another election? What a stupid rule.

  7. Common sense says:

    Talk about incredibly stupid!

    From a fundamental principle the workers of the state should have a right to organiize and go in together to negotiate with the state and negotiate (not completely oppose) benefit and wage cuts.

    This is what the Republicans are trying to do. It’s all about divide and conquer.

    The Rebuplican Party continues to exhort free enterprise and Bill of Rights, and yet they are trying strip the very rights of people to organize! Such hypocrisy!

    I don’t deny that the Government has a right to negotiate pay and benefits as needed, but to strip the right of a people to organize for their better good is completely WRONG. Welcome to the new World Order!

    1. Anita Lessunions says:

      The salaries and benefits of the state workers are paid by the taxpayers. The taxpayers elected Walker and a Republican majority with a mandate to go in and present what the “new deal” between the taxpayers and their employees.

      The unions decided that they didn’t like the “new deal” presented to them and asked the taxpayers to reconsider – the voters told them where to stuff it.

      Its really that simple and Wisconsin will play out all over the country until we get our financial footing back.

      Unions are going the way of the dodo and they are just going to have to “eat their peas” as the failed community organizer likes to say.

    2. BeenThereDoneThat says:

      what they lost the right to negotiate on was benefits. Walker asked them to pay a larger share of their own health care premiums …more in line with the private sector. OMG ,,how dare they! After all the rest of the wage earners of the state are paying for those health care benefits..(seems wrong to have to pay more for there own). I think this has already saved the state milions.

    3. Government workers are too protected says:

      Unions don’t belong in the government. If you’re a government worker you have more pay and benefits than most other workers. It’s only fair that the head of your department has the ability to trim costs as needed. That’s what a private company would do. That’s what Gov. Walker did.

      Cut the government payroll by 5% now!

  8. A Voter says:

    Unions are the only groups left that represent the working man. Quit listening to corporate america who want to enslave you, keeping you totally dependent on them.

    1. Straight Shooter says:

      I’m pretty sure every non-union working man (and woman) represents the working man (and woman). There are a lot more of them than there are union members. And when the public unions extract unreasonably large wages and benefits through their political allies, the other working men and women have to pay for it.

  9. C'mon WI says:

    Ugh, get your cheese together Wisconsin, on both sides. Put down the beer so you can stop getting into these “bar fights” because someone proposed what you didn’t like. Our reps in MN found at least some way to work together…grant it that took 21 days of government shutdown.

    As far as recalling Walker…fine, whatever. Make things worse and more divided. Besides, are constituents actually calling/writing to their reps? Or is this the reps own idea?

  10. I'm just sayin says:

    follow the money

  11. Jay says:

    Im not democrat ,or republican , but I dont think they have a chance to successfully dethrone Walker. He HAS to make some very touch decisions for the state, and there will be many more that taxpayers arent going to like. WE expect too much for free, and we know logically, nothing comes without a price tag. If funds cant be raised by increasing taxes, how do they think obligations are going to be paid for? The tooth fairy doesnt exist. There are going to be MANY changes in the near future not only in WI., but also nationally we arent going to be overjoyed with ,to put this country back on its feet.

    1. American made says:

      I wish Minnesota could see that. We just keep electing goof balls to run our State.

      1. Correction. says:

        Correction. Drunk goof balls.


    Wisconsin is close to becoming another London. Washingto DC is a close 2nd. This is all ridiculous. Obama was voted to be President on one of his major campaign promises to tax incomes $250,000 and above. What happened there? There is a majority of Americans who voted Obama to be President so he could implement his campaign promise on having incomes above $250,000 pay their fair share at a dire time when the country needs help. The Republicans will be looking for jobs in the private sector after the 2012 elections if they don’t start negotiating fairly and reasonably. You can’t balance the budget on cuts alone. Not after paying for 2 wars and the collapse of the housing industry. How about we vote for the countries of Iraq & possibly Afganistan to pay for our Military burden over there. That is one way of getting more revenue. And why don’t the republicans come up with any revenue plans like 1st starting with cutting all elected officials salaries by 1/3. Let’s face it, the Republicans are nothing more than career politicians who don’t care a damn about the middle class. All they care about is their Millionaire & Billionaire Buddies who also don’t give a damn about the middle class otherwise they would keep the jobs in America, start hiring more workers with their abundance of cash reserves. So there, some common sense.

    1. Stop it with the class warfare @#$# says:

      Yeah. All of those Millionaire executives flying around in those private jets! We need to think those people are bad and don’t pay their fair share! Bring out the guillotines! Let’s start a class warfare! Let’s all cry and blame those “bad people” that already pay all of the taxes and create all of the jobs!

      But first, let’s ask your “Leadership” to do a few simple things before you keep whining:
      1. Fire the head of the Treasure for tax evasion. You can’t ask people to pay more taxes when the head of the department is a cheater himself. (He’s probably gone already for lying about the credit rating cut)
      2. Show us a budget that outlines where the money should go why we need to raise taxes. 3 years and no budget? My 90 year old grandma has a budget more detailed than Obama!
      3. Ask the departments to each cut 10% spending…across the board.

      The Federal government is 2x larger now than 10 years ago. You can’t tell me they can’t find 10% to cut. Companies went through this exercise years ago. A little painful, but necessary.

  13. Citizen says:

    I ask all posters on this page to take a look at the strongest economies in the world that are thriving after having been poor and marginalized in the early 1900s. Scandinavia now enjoys the highest standard of living in the world, the most educated workforce, and some of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. A quick quiz for all you conservatives. Why is that happening? Because the Scandinavian countries enjoy the most egalitarian capitalist economies on earth. They have nearly UNIVERSAL UNIONS, high minimum wages, and a strong welfare state. They are also open trade economies. Business there is free to hire, fire, change lines of business, and otherwise conduct itself as it wishes, but the businesses ARE NOT FREE TO CUT WAGES. If, as a business you cannot compete under these rules, and earn a profit, that’s too bad for the business. This effectively disciplines business to keep productivity high and technologically advanced and drives out the marginal businesses who would exploit workers. And now the Scandinavian countries enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world and provide the population with enough resources to live on.

  14. Tea Party says:

    This cracks me up……before the election all you Dem’s would say is “let the people vote” and “we can’t wait for the election”……

    We…the people spoke! I’m sorry……I love all of my MN and WI neighbors…it is NOT personal…but….

    YOU LOST!!!! Look at the economy……Look at our (USA’s) credit rating……Look at the report that shows Obam’s healthcare idea just so happen to cost $50 BILLION MORE than 1st thought, look at the fact our State Govt was shut down for WEEKS!

    Is there MORE proof you people need that proves the left may be a necessary part of Government, but should NEVER be in control of a budget or any fiscal policy?

    Sorry, but the left has FAILED!

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