Union Rallies Against American Crystal Sugar Lockout

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) — Hundreds of union workers and other supporters turned out for a rally Thursday to support American Crystal Sugar employees locked out of the company’s Moorhead plant.

The rally began near the company’s Moorhead headquarters, where workers carried banners and signs and chanted slogans such as, “What’s disgusting? Union busting.”

The group then marched to a bridge over the Red River separating Minnesota and North Dakota.

It is the 11th day of the lockout. The union represents about 1,300 workers at five sugar processing plants in Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa.

American Crystal Sugar vice president Brian Ingulsrud says the company would have liked the workers to have been on the job Thursday. He says no further talks are scheduled.

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  • Les

    If you are dumb enough to walk out in these times you get what you get

    • Kali Ma


  • lebrok

    You would think the Union would have taken the SWEET deal?

    • serena blaze


  • Sweet Tea

    lebrok…..good one…..

    Yup…proof the unions have NO CLUE of the TRUE economy!

    I am non-union and have taken a 12% CUT in pay PLUS I pay a higher premium for health care…..But the good news? We had minimal layoffs! You UNION members want EVERYTHING for yourself and NOTHING for the rest of the world.

    What you FAIL to realize is if you unions had it your way…your product would be SO expensive…you would price yourself right out of a job…and then you would sit there and CRY about it!!! Look at the automotive industry…….

    So good luck! I have a feeling there are a ton of people who would be willing to accept the offer and take the job…..leaving you greedy union types unemployed….

    You want some of the profits? Buy stock!

    • Mark

      You took a 12% pay cut? Your either a moron or first in line in the race to the bottom…..
      You mention the automobile business as an example of failure on the part of unions, but the truth is it was poor management that brought the business to the brink of bankruptcy. You make it sound like the union made all the decisions when contracts are signed on both sides.
      Good luck with your loser life…………….

      • Chris Halligan

        Amen. Look into the bonuses the high ups in the auto industry received. The paid vacation trips (not just paid vacations). and other amenities they received/took advantage of.

    • Jay

      Couldnt have said it better!!

    • Chris Halligan

      You can’t simply buy stock. For each unit of stock, you have to plant 1 acre of Sugarbeets.
      Also, do your homework. We are not trying to price ourselves out of a job, we were not asking for major pay increases. They could’ve simply extended the old contract, the same contract that gave them record numbers in production, processing, income and THEIR pay raises. Read the contract proposal they laid out for us please, and then form an opinion, that’s all we ask.

  • ChinaWorker

    Good luck unions.

    Manufacturing jobs in the US have declined since 1998. How can you unions be so stupid to support Democrats when they signed NAFTA, they also refuse to implement any policies that will help to eliminate the trade deficits. Thank Clinton for this.

    Manufacturing jobs went from a steady 17 million in 1998, down to 11.5 million today.

    That is 5.5 million jobs gone

    That is a 32% decrease

    Are you sure you employees want to haggle with high un-employment?

  • Thank a Union Stupid

    if you have a paid vacation, Thank a Union, if you have weekends off, Thank a Union, if you have health care, Thank a Union, if your 12 year old child does not have to work, Thank a Union.
    Stupid people forget the history of why Unions were put in place! It has nothing to do with greed, it has everything to do about rights fo People, even Stupid people…..

  • Jake

    I think one of the main reasons the unions are around is so that lazy, unreliable, average at best, workers can keep their jobs. I know a guy who was drunk at work on many occasions, had booze in his locker, and because he was “in a union” got sent home to sober up. It took 3 accidents while drunk before he was forced to take early retirement. Get lost thank a union…you’re full of it.

    • Chris Halligan

      You’re simply profiling to save yourself the time of doing your homework into the situation. So YOU are actually being the lazy, unreliable one. I am sure their are also non-union workers who drink on/around their jobs.
      Read the contract they proposed, especially the original one (In that one, read the very last page, about how the contents can change at any time based on the companies needs… hence they could’ve changed the entire contract the day after we had signed it).

  • tom

    fire them all, there are plenty of unemployed people who will work harder than any union member that would take the job,

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