AMES, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann says that her 48 days as a candidate have convinced her that Iowans will always be social conservatives.

The Minnesota congresswoman says she’ll never apologize for being a social conservative and says her campaign will focus on her opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage. She says her religious faith will be the cornerstone of her campaign and she’s finding that Iowans agree with her.

Bachmann reminded the crowd of activists Saturday at the Iowa straw poll in Ames, Iowa that she was born and raised in Waterloo. She says everything she needed to know she learned in Iowa. She says that background gives her a deep understanding of the views of Iowans, and that’s been reinforced by her campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.

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Comments (24)
  1. Skanetta says:

    Kook – a kook who would sell her very soul to the Devil for his vote.
    The true Devil in a skirt

    1. O'Reilly warns Bachmann about economic disaster. says:

      ill O’Reilly Warns Rep. Michele Bachmann On Debt Fight: ‘You Are The Renegade Here’ – 07/12/11

      1. Michele Bachmann Caught Using Taxpayer Money For Rallies says:

        Michele Bachmann Caught Using Taxpayer Money For Rallies

  2. James2 says:

    I wonder if she knew how to abort gay children, would she become pro-choice?

    1. Tom says:

      Being a Social Conservatives isn’t something to brag about since they are all NUTS! And banning abortion and gay marriage, and yet she wants gov’t out of our personal lives!

  3. Ralph h says:


    1. Tom says:

      @ Ralph h

      That’s the problem with Social Conservatives they don’t think, and that is because they are not allowed to!

  4. Dr. K. says:

    She’d like to repeal diversity & equal protection under the 14th amendment, eliminate E Pluribus Unum as our motto (it’d be interesting to ask her what that means), establish a theocracy, change the Pledge of Allegiance to say “one nation under my God”, have a rigid litmus test as to who could serve in her administration (evangelicals only), roll the dice with our debt limit, make us more of a laughingstock in the world than we’ve already become…were she ever elected (in this regard she doesn’t have a prayer), any thoughtful person would head to Canada pronto. Sad she’s skewing the debate & the media are only too willing to give her more attention than she or her ideas deserve.

  5. kman says:

    Yes nothing Like a Sub Republican Running for Office this is about as Good as the Republican tapping Toes in the Mens Room at MSP

  6. Nucking Futcase says:

    …Hopefully on tour she’ll find the rock she use to live under and crawl back underneath it.

  7. jan says:

    She uses her religious faith is the cornerstone of her campaign. I thought she was a Christian. I am a Christian, pro choice and pro common sense. We are the same religion but don’t believe the same things nor agree on hardly anything. I wish she and her kind would stop giving Christians a bad name.

    1. markH says:

      ” We are the same religion but don’t believe the same things nor agree on hardly anything.”

      Why am I not surprised? If there was a god (and there is no persuasive evidence for the existence of such a deity), then why couldn’t his “Word” be straightforward and commonsensical to everyone who reads it? I’ll tell you why-because it was written by men for men. Peace

  8. Anne says:

    Scary isnt she. Imagine if she made it to the White house. Hope the GOP wise up an finally put her out of the race. The GOP needs to reign in the tea party nuts.

  9. JB says:

    Every time I read senseless criticism of Michele Bachmann like these previous comments, I donate to her campaign. I read 10 uninformed comments, so at $100 apiece, I’m donating $1,000 to her campaign.

    Keep it coming… I can keep donating all day and night. Instead of criticizing everything about her, it would be nice if somebody could rationally think about WHY she’s getting so much support without calling her supporters “buffoons” or “mindless morons”.

    While I am a PROUD conservative (and more every day), I don’t automatically paint every single liberal with the same brush. I try to understand WHY they think and feel the way they do about things. I wish they would do the same.

    1. Vernon Neal says:

      I wish they had an option to report idiotic posts like yours… She’s getting support for the same reason Bush jr. received a large chunk of his support… From the mindless, religious morons. If social conservatives would just leave their B.S. religious nonsense out of politics, we might be able to get along better but since they are not allowed to for a number of reasons, (mainly out of the fear of eternal torment and saving face) this simply cannot happen.

      Keep your delusional belief to yourself, please and thank you.

  10. Angus says:

    You are obviously one of her fans: Rich – White- Ignorant of anyone outside your little country club white boy world. Doubt you have ever had a friend who is a minority or have ever been poor. If so, you must have forgotten the experience.

    Unfortunately there are others like you and your world is truly scarey to the rest of us as you would run over our rights to exist.

    1. Cry me a river says:

      Oh poor, poor Angus. Still bitter you never made it out of the ghetto.

  11. Angus says:

    Sorry, I am white, middle class, retired early, have more than enough income, put myself through college with only one small loan after 4 years in school, 4 years in the military, worked hard all my life but remember what it was like to be poor. Have also worked with people who have had it truly bad and no one to help them. Do volunteer work now and am willing to pay more taxes if it will help people get a home, 3 meals/day, and an education to better their position in society. Also believe in helping the less fortunate, the elderly, the handicapped, etc. However, am not certain I am a very good Christian. My wife is a very good Christian with similar backgound (no military) and we agree on the same objectives in life. Sorry to disappoint your prejudice about me but it says alot about you.

    1. Cry me a river says:

      Love how you “Christians” brag about all you do.

  12. Angus says:

    Told you I was not certain I was a very good Christian and I all I did was dispell your stereotype that I never got out of the ghetto, Also, with your comment about the ghetto you obviously thought I was a minority, so sorry to dispel your raciest comment.
    You obviously love Motor Mouth Bachmann because she appeals to your right wing biased view. Try getting to know other people who do not live in your little world. Peace

    1. Cry me a river says:

      Oh, I forgot. You libs are off the hook when it comes to stereotypes. You called another guy a rich white countryclub boy. Might “Christian” of ya there Angus.

  13. James2 says:

    No matter what she is a modern day Pharisee.

  14. BobO says:

    The libertarian idea is based on freedom. But as most political philosophers know, freedom and equality are mutually exclusive. While both want “equality of opportunity” those who want freedom want to stop there and let people run their economic race. Those who want equality want to level those who did not do well in the race–whether because of genetics, laziness or a lack of preparation and education. An interesting prediction of a society that is libertarian is found in Book 9 of the free e-book series that deals with many of our world’s social problems “And Gulliver Returns”–In Search of Utopia– at If nothing else, it makes us think about both liberty and equality.

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