Local Political Officials React To Pawlenty Dropping Out

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced he will drop out of the 2012 presidential race.

The news came as a shock to many, including Minnesota’s GOP chairman Tony Sutton. Watch the videos below.

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews Larry Jacobs

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews Tony Sutton

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews Kristen Sosanie

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  • pepperguy

    Sutton is a disgusting lardass.

  • SWMinnesotan

    Who cares what Tony Sutton has to say? He makes wild, outrageous statements, knowing full well that (a) he’s not elected so (b) he doesn’t have to take any responsibility for his statements. As a lifelong Republican who’s seriously re-thinking my political affiliation, I look at Tony Sutton and see the best argument possible for leaving the Republican Party. If he’s the face of Minnesota Republicans, I don’t want to be one anymore.

    • Lonnie

      For whatever reason this state cannot produce decent politicians from either party. I know we have smart, honest, hard working people but none seem to want to go into government. It seems like both partys put the dumbest people into office and then tell them how to vote. Now thats a good question “Why does Minnesota produce the dumbest politicians”.

      • M B

        Because the smart ones know BETTER than to go into politics.

        The only way to get rid of the corruption is to clean house, institute controls that constitutionally prevent politicians from voting on their own benefits, from taking payoffs… er… contributions from large corporations, and banning lobbying. The corruption is self-perpetuating so trying to ban these without cleaning house first would fail, and the smart ones know that. Who other than naive idealists or foul people wants to go into politics knowing they’d have to play a foul game?

  • http://dailycaller.com/2011/08/14/minnesota-gop-chair-wants-pawlenty-to-consider-run-for-u-s-senate/ Tim Pawlenty | senate | Tony Sutton | The Daily Caller

    […] Republican Party Chairman Tony Sutton first broached the idea of recruiting Pawlenty to challenge Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar during an interview Sunday with […]

  • BMW

    I think at one time, early on while T Paw was governor, they took a poll and half the people in Minnesota did not even know who he is… let alone a run for president. Plus his lies to cover his record as a “fiscally conservative, smaller government advocate” as governor were not convincing.

    One less challenger to Gary Johnson and Ron Paul….

  • Pavel

    You are all right. Another ‘air head” along with Bachmann.

  • http://www.newsbulletins.org/minnesota-gop-chair-wants-pawlenty-to-consider-run-for-u-s-senate-daily-caller.html Minnesota GOP chair wants Pawlenty to consider run for U.S. Senate (Daily Caller) | News Bulletins

    […] Republican Party Chairman Tony Sutton first broached the idea of recruiting Pawlenty to challenge Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar during an interview Sunday with […]

  • Freddie

    I don’t care who gets the GOP nod, because they sure can’t be as worthless as the one sitting in the oval office right now. GET HIM OUT!

  • Jon

    Tony”Cheesburger” Sutton is nothing but a fat a _ _ looser, that’s playing all the republican bimbos out there. He’s a sick disgusting fat man that eats the taxpayers dollars like they are his favorite Culvers cheeseburgers!

    • Jon likes to say fat

      Sounds like Jon is in junior high.

  • Murph

    Mr.Sutton must be very mentally challenged.Tim Pawlenty lost while keeping his hideous act of taking ” doctor ordered” supplements and his district court conviction and State Constitutional violation a SECRET!!!! What did the nitwit think would happen when or if it became front page news again! Good riddence to very stinky nasty bad baggage! Pawlenty is and will always be considered a LOSER! The ghoul.He could get a cameo on the remake of Soylent Green or Logans Run if they are still filming these remakes soon to hit the theatres!

    • Iconoclast

      He is, and so is his lapdog, the blogger turned deputy vice chair of the MN GOP, Michael Brodkorb, who used to be my next door neighbor in elementary school.

  • Pundit

    My Reaction to TIm Pawlenty leaving the race?


  • Steve

    T-Paw wants to be VP and he doesn’t want to sling mud at other Republicans. It’s that simple. He’s a simple man.

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