BEDFORD, N.H. (AP) — Rick Perry says he does not believe in global warming. The newest Republican presidential candidate also says he would not have signed the debt-ceiling compromise brokered by Republicans and Democrats.

The Texas governor made the comments as he launched a two-day New Hampshire campaign tour. He was speaking at a packed breakfast event with business leaders Wednesday.

Perry said global warming is based on scientists manipulating data. He said he wouldn’t devote federal resources to battling the environmental concern.

The Republican also said the debt-ceiling compromise, which helped avoid a national default, sent the wrong message by spending money the nation doesn’t have.

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  1. The Architect says:

    Nice to see this guy has a brain. How can you believe in something that doesn’t exist?

    1. drts says:

      Doesn’t believe in science. Does believe in a god you can pray to for rain (unsuccessfully in his case). Yeah, about right for a GOP nominee. I’m waiting breathlessly for him to weigh in on how old the Universe is.

      1. GlobalWarmingNuts says:


        Since when do the Global Warming freaks believe in Science?

        Any scientist who understands the scientific method will tell you that models, publications, theories, are not conclusive scientific facts.

        IT IS ALL THEORY….

        You idiots take a report, then report on it, then report on that report until the fact that the original theory was not a fact.

        Finally an official gets it right.

        1. Botanist says:

          Pretty sure you meant to use (or should have used) the term hypothesis, not theory, in your animated comment.

          1. Microbiologist says:


    2. Tan pup says:

      Like GOD? Can’t see GOD . . . can’t prove GOD exists – same argument, don’t you think? If you base your belief in GOD by a book – Bible – written by mere mortal men, then how can you argue that Global warming does not exist – also based on a book written by mere mortal men with actual scientific proof. Global warming is a natural process of the earth. It’s that simple. This planet is always changing. I know it’s hard for you in the moment people, but it’s a fact. How else do you explain the melting of the glaciers? That’s OK – for you simpletons who think science isn’t real – I’m sure you base that belief on information you saw on your Fox web-site running wirelessly over band widths you can’t see.

      1. Gulp says:

        its a little early to be hitting the bottle isn’t it tan pup?

      2. drts says:

        You’re wasting your time. These are the people that see the Virgin Mary appear in a grilled cheese sandwich.

        1. Botanist says:

          Even worse than the fools who see the virgin mary appear in their grilled cheese sandwich are the fools who give a rat’s monkey’s patoot about someone seeing the virgin mary in a grilled cheese sandwich.

          Recently I heard a story of a woman who saw the word “god” in her varicose veins. I saw the picture. They looked like a squiggly written “goo” more than “god.”

          1. Botanist is just another freeloader. says:

            Botanist, get a job and get off the food stamps and subsidized housing.

            1. Botanist says:

              If I do, where will you move to, and how will you eat?

              See you at home, sweetie.

        2. st paul says:

          love this post.

      3. markH says:

        It’s the exact same argument, the only difference is that the “God” hypothesis was drilled into him from an early age and it provides comfort and hope to him. Also, people should realize that there is great evidence is support of the fact that our global climate is warming-whether or not man is the cause of this trend is questionable, but the planet is in fact warming. Those who deny this fact are in the same camp as those who claim they can speak to unseen entities, yet cannot prove the veracity of their claims. Peace.

        1. JMJ says:

          Yeah the earth was really warm this past winter.

          1. Real Talk says:

            Quiet down JMJ…you are the same moron that doesnt believe in evolution because monkeys still exist today. The fact you base your opinions on fairy tales and nonsense should not stop you from making idiotic statements.

        2. meow says:

          markH is one of the most intelligent and logical person on these comment boards.

          MarkH, I’ve been following your comments on WCCO here and I have to that I hope you are in government making a difference. We need clear-headed and logical folks like you who think for themselves. I GREATLY ADMIRE YOU SIR

          1. meow says:

            Sorry for my grammer, multi-tasking and banging out comments at hyper speed

      4. meow says:

        @Tan pup … FULLY AGREED.

        Anything that doesn’t fit the model of his outdated Christian Bible isn’t real to him. Why? Because you have to be DELUSIONAL to believe everything in the Bible. So here we have the DELUSIONAL megalomaniacs of the world trying to jockey for power positions to force their DELUSIONS onto everyone. I’ll stick with Obama. He might not be able to fix Bush’s problems in the last few years but he is the sane candidate who isn’t forcing other to believe in illusions of the one religion. I’d love to see a Hindu or Buddhist try and force their beliefs onto the Christians… lets see what happens.

      5. Doug T says:

        At least the believers in God admit its based on faith ….the Global Warming Hysterics act like they know Truth…….There is no Truth in science – just the need for more experiments and an attempt to get closer to the most likely.

        And even if global warming is occurring – we (science) really still do not know/understand why – and this is the reason to send ourselves back into the stone age?

    3. Jim says:

      “How can you believe in something that doesn’t exist?”

      Like praying to a space wizard for rain?

    4. meow says:

      It’s rather hilarious, coming from Perry… someone who’s state is having a severe drought.

    5. Hugh G Rection says:

      LOL he does not believe in global warming but he believes in an invisible man that lives in the sky. What is wrong with people?

    6. Perry needs a brain says:

      This guy is an idiot. I guess you can’t run on a GOP ticket unless you denounce global warming. I will always remember the words of Paul Douglas, meteorologist, who at one time didn’;t believe global warming existed until he looked at the science data on global warming and concluded that global is a threat to civilization.

      1. Doug T says:

        Well if a great scientest like Paul Douglas says its true it must be!

        Regardless – what does it mean? What might the total effect of it be? Do we know it would be bad?

        Nope – the science is not there yet – heck Paul can not accurately tell me what the weather will be tomorrow – never mind what might happen 25 – 30 years from now….

        But us silly mid-westerners – with our Sky God and Thunder Sticks! What do we know…..

  2. Jonah says:

    not a good picture to post, way to make him look like a Nazi.
    Please change the picture.

    1. Ole says:

      I think it’s a very accurate picture of Bush, I mean Perry.

    2. Rick says:

      Its a great picture, this is how a common sense person has to look when talking to you idiots….

      You just don’t get it….

      1. Jim says:

        I can’t wait for four more years of George Bush. It worked out so well last time.

        1. frank says:

          I am voting for the white guy!

          1. v says:

            Absentee vote, I’m sure. There’s a Klan rally that night, hillbilly.
            You may have a quandary, however. There’s also a monster truck show in Blaine. Choices, choices.

            1. meow says:

              @v … ROFL … you make my day. The Nazi convention is also taking place, right? I mean lets not forget the Nazis. They’re people too!

              1. Doug T says:

                Nazis were progressives….not conservatives….(unless you take Stalin’s word for it..)

                This is the true history of Progressives. We know the logical outcome of their policies…

        2. DownWithTheMessiah says:

          Nice try Jim.

          Obamy supporters like you will pull out the old McCain – Obama signs, cross off *McCain* and put in Perry hoping that will save your messiah from defeat.

          Won’t work this time.

          Barry Obama will lose… But he will lose because everyone knows how incompetent he is, not for any other reason.

          1. Jim says:

            Ha ha. I didn’t vote for Obama the first time and it’s highly unlikely I will next time either. But one thing I can say for absolute certainty is that I won’t be voting for George Bush’s rain-praying, ignorant lieutenant governor.

            1. Ted says:

              I pretty sure he will be devastated by this news Jim

              1. Jim says:

                He doesn’t need me when he’s got the George Bush Fan Club in his pocket. There must be hundreds of people in the country who can’t wait for four more years of Bush. Literally…hundreds.

                1. Ted says:

                  I bet the additional 5%+ of unemployed would agree with you that life was much better pre-0bummer

                2. Jim says:

                  Ted, when George Bush took office in 2001 unemployment was at 4.2%. When he left office in January 2008 in was 7.3%, a 3.1% increase. As of July 2011 it was 9.1%, a 1.8% increase from when Obama took office. (Where do you come up with 5%?) I’m sure the unemployed are clamoring for more of the Bush policies that drove this economy into the toilet.

                  I don’t support Obama, but Perry is not the answer.


                3. meow says:

                  Jim, you rock. I predict a landslide win from Obama with little effort to campaign. The GOP party is doing a great job at looking like total fools.

                4. Shattered Image says:

                  I’ve never in my life made more money than during the last 2 years. Heck, I made 50k more last year than I ever have in any other year I’ve worked.

            2. Doug T says:

              The Bushes do not get along with the Perrys – there is some bad blood there

              And there is a lot of difference between the two – and actually looking back – Bush was not so bad – compared to the current not ready for prime time player

  3. Chuck says:

    I did not like the deal to raise the debt either, because we did not use the type of balanced approach that was needed. We need to raise revenue as well as cut. Remember, the raise of the debt ceiling was about money already spent. We do need to pay that!! Best way is cut future spending and raise revenue. I bet that is not why he would vote against it.

  4. just sayin says:

    I’m on the fence between Romney and him…

    Global warming is a theory.

    1. Mark says:

      Yes, just as gravity is a theory. Learn what language means. A theory is a tested explanation of how a physical system behaves. Tested and supported by the test results, IE reality and peer reviewed. Supported by numerous studies, tests and data. Now maybe the explanations aren’t all 100%, but the mountain of raw data should at least be enough to convince everyone the Earth is getting warmer, even if you don’t want to buy the reasoning.

      1. Algore's big brother says:

        I have it all figured out and can 100% predict that we will gradually get cooler over the next couple of months and then enter a freeze cycle until late March of 2012.

        Then we will experience gradual warming coming to a peak around July, then we will get cooler again and in the midst of that “cooling period” 0bama will loose his job and we will enter a recovery.

        1. Shattered Image says:


        2. Mark says:

          Very cute, but the fact remains we are hitting historic highs as a global average indicating actual long term warming of the earth. The causes can easily be seen to be manifold, but the effect is real. Burn more fuel, use more energy, make more heat. More carbon dust and more pavement mean surfaces better equipped to absorb energy. More CO2 and Methane (the real climate big boy) in the atmosphere mean more greenhouse effect. All these things contribute, as does solar output and cooling from volcanic particulates, sulfur dioxide and water vapor.

          Bottom line is though, getting warmer, will have consequences. We need a plan, even if it is just to do nothing but keep cleaning up the messes nature makes for us. Ignoring the issue altogether is ludicrous.

          1. HereComesTheSun says:

            An in the 70-80’s we has historic lows, indicating a new ice age.

            Queue the wooly mamath’s.

            Now it got warmer, wow, after a cool period it got warmer. And, just a question, by how much has it gotten warmer?

          2. Dave says:

            Fail. Temps are rising in some places, but not all, its just earths friggin cycle. There are glaciers that are growing you know. Hell, I was just out in the Montana last week and IN the mountains and there is way more snow up in the mountains than usual and the lows at night are lower than usual.

            The people that tell you global warming is real are the same people trying to continue to get grant money to study the religion of Al Gore. If they came out and said, yeah, Al Gore really is a moron there is no such global warming, they would be out of grant money and out of jobs. Then when you ask them why we are getting colder temps and more snow, they’ll tell you that is global warming too. Go figure.

            1. Mark says:

              The bulk of glaciers are not growing, the vast majority are rapidly depleting. Even if this is all part of a natural cycle, we should prepare for the consequences. Improved housing design, sustainable energy and better disaster management are things we need to be working on. Our civilization is in an incredibly precarious position and incapable of dealing with many of the challenges the futures is likely to bring, whether by natural force or by man made causes.

              Global average temperature is rising, so too is local instability of weather. Some places get hotter, some get colder, some wetter, some drier, but overall the big blue ball is holding in more heat. A warming globe is causing wider and more extreme variations in weather and seasonal changes.

              If you think ignoring it will make it go away… We have to either work to stop it, or work to adapt to it or some combination thereof.

              1. :) says:

                Yeah, lets not ignore it, lets keep making more Prius’s while Al Gore flies around in his private jet preaching his psychoblabber to a bunch of moronic liberal college brats.

      2. just sayin says:

        Argue all you want.

        It’s hypothetical.

        Technically, we are still in the considered, “Ice age”.

      3. waste says:

        Gravity is a theory Mark,

        Yet Galaxies defy this theory…. do you know why? Scientist do not.

        1. Real Talk says:

          Ummm….what theory do galaxies defy? The theory of gravity? Nice try goober. LOLOLOL Next time stick to something you actually know about.

          1. waste says:

            uhhgg… I hate explaining things to know it alls. Go read about it.

            Without dark matter, which is also a theory and has never been directky detected, scientists cannot explain why the orbital speed of most stars in the galaxy does not depend strongly on its distance from the center.

            More than likely galaxies are obeying some law, but to assume today’s scientists are all knowing is far from the truth.

            1. Botanist says:

              To add to that, the real creators of all life in the universe are Nebulae, ie the Pillars of Creation.

      4. Doug T says:

        .”Supported by numerous studies, tests and data”

        Bad data does not prove anything. replicated studies with similar outcomes only suggests the need for more experiments.

        There is no pure science anymore – its all about getting the money…..and power

    2. Eskimo Pie says:

      global warming is real
      i live in Antarctica and its 70 degrees

  5. dan says:

    Thank God we have a Republican that is not buying into the junk science Al Gore and his buddies have been shoving down our throats. McCain and Pawlenty were both advocates of Global Warming and it needs to come to an end in the Republican Party. Thank You Mr Perry!

    1. Shattered Image says:

      Advocates of Global Warming?

      Are you sure that’s what you intended to say?

  6. Deep Thinker says:

    Well there you have it, if Rick Perry says global warming doesn’t exist, it really doesn’t exist.

    1. read a little says:

      Judging by how stupid of a comment this is, it is likely a fact that this is coming from a democrat.

      And like most democrats, they just don’t read.

      The first line of the article : “Rick Perry says he does not believe in global warming.”

      Therefore, proving my point about how stupid you are, he didn’t say it doesn’t exist. He doesn’t believe in it.

      1. Jim says:

        “read a little,” you’ve written the dumbest post of the day and it’s barely noon. Congrats!

        1. read a little says:

          Jim, you must live a lonely life.
          Must suck.

          Probably a reason why you live in North Minneapolis…

          1. Jim says:

            Huh? Are you trying to offend me with lame and inaccurate personal insults? LOL. Grow up.

    2. Hugh G Rection says:

      Now if Chuck Norris says it you can bet it’s true.

  7. IWonderIF says:

    What I find funny is that people think every thing that happens in the world has some sort of political agenda. The problem with global warming is that SCIENTIST called it just that with out taking the idiot factor into consideration. Then a politician tried to bring the subject to light and that was the end of it. Global warming = democrat.. “Those damn libs with their science and their math and hubba bubba education.. .. All we need is a gun and a bible and we are good to go… ” And we wonder why we are in so much trouble……

    1. Tan pup says:

      What is really funny is the belief that only republicans own guns. . .

      1. Mark says:

        Not only republicans own them, but only they believe they actually solve larger social issues or offer effective protection of ones property. A gun is a mediocre last line of defense with many risks unless you live alone in the middle of nowhere, better to address the issues causing crime and prevent crime than to rely on a firearm. That’s one gun owning liberals opinion anyway.

        1. Bill says:

          You address your “issues” I will just reload

        2. Shattered Image says:

          I’m not a republican, but if anybody comes onto my property with the intent of harming me or my family, or enters my home uninvited with those same intentions, I will fire enough rounds into them that they’ll fall over dead from lead poisoning before they even hit the ground.

          Accosting me in my castle is the REAL risk…

          1. Mark says:

            And I’m sure you have the senses of a cat, sleep with one eye open, can identify a person in milliseconds in the dark, and can fire with laser precision despite having only just been roused from sleep. I’m sure your bullets are all precisely loaded to ensure they cannot penetrate your walls and cause unintended harm. Personally, I accept I’m human and that drawing a gun is a last line of defense and one that I could pay dearly for using. Feel free to spout all the nonsensical rhetoric you wish, but the reality is that a gun, while a right, is a huge responsibility and one most people would rather not have to rely on in any regular capacity. I fully respect the use of guns for self defense and private conceal and carry is a good idea, but that doesn’t mean I want to have to draw any time soon.

            1. done reloading says:

              Keep off my lawn

            2. Shattered Image says:

              I’m not the guy who walks around his house strapped playing FBI guy, but I am prepared. I hope I never have to unload any of my firearms into an intruder in my home.

              No I don’t have the sense of a cat, and I don’t sleep with one eye open either. I can, however, identify an intruder by silhoutte in the dark without a problem. I know who is and isn’t supposed to be in my home after I lock it up and head to the master bedroom.

              I don’t rely on my firearms to stop would-be burglars or home-invaders from committing their crimes. I have locks, dogs, security lights and other measures of passive and active security in place.

              But I will back those measures with my Glock, my pistol grip 12 guage, my Benelli, my hunting knife, a baseball bat, or my bare hands if I have to.

              It isn’t bravado. It’s the price I’m charging for attempting a felony against me, and I plan on collecting if they plan on attempting.

              1. Mark says:

                I had a friend who woke up to his own rifle pointed at his head in the middle of the night. The guy told him, “If this is loaded, you’re dead” and proceeded to pull the trigger. Luckily it wasn’t for defense and was just left out from hunting. He was robbed and they made off with a bunch of stuff. Dog didn’t bark, didn’t notice any lights from his bedroom. A gun is a gamble, a gamble that you will be faster, better and smarter than a criminal that probably took the time to notice your security equipment. You start asleep, they start awake.

                1. Shattered Image says:

                  My two dogs sleep in my bed with me. They have been known to jump off the bed in a frenzy of barking from someone opening the front door which is the exact furthest part of the house AWAY from the master bedroom.

                  I don’t know if I believe your story. “If this is loaded, you’re dead” is like a movie line, and is not something I would ever anticipate a burglar using as a catchy one-liner, sorry. No offense intended.

                  I’m the world’s lightest sleeper, and don’t feel the need to go into further detail about why, but suffice it to say that nobody is sneaking up on me while I’m sleeping. A mouse pees on a cotton ball 3 rooms away, and I’m up and fully loaded.

    2. Doug T says:

      There is no politics in science? Did you read the emails that they sent back and forth – of course its about politics and money – that’s how they get grants. Play the hype and get more money…..

  8. jan says:

    He says there is no global warming so, according to him, there is no global warming. I am so relieved, the evidence for global warming is overwhelming but now because he says global warming does not exist, we can just forget about it. Wheew!!! Maybe he can create jobs too. He can just declare: “let there be jobs: and there will be jobs.

    1. Ima Lady says:

      Welcome to Walmart!

    2. read a little says:

      Again, the study has concluded, two democrats that don’t read.

      Man I am tired of being right.

      1. Jim says:

        What are you trying to say? That Perry is not saying that global warming doesn’t exist, only that he does not believe that global warming exists? LOL. What are you trying to say? Did I enter the Twilight Zone?

        1. read a little says:

          There is a difference between someone saying There is no global warming, and someone being quoted as to not believing. You know? Do you get it? Do you understand young grasshopper? If there was factual evidence, then one would believe.

          Like saying, God does not exist, would be based on fact if proven.
          Rather choosing to NOT believe, means you just don’t agree that something is there until proven so.

          Think man. I know it might be hard, but I believe you have some potential.

          1. Jim says:

            Your post makes no sense whatsoever. None.

            “There is a difference between someone saying There is no global warming, and someone being quoted as to not believing. You know? Do you get it?”

            No, I don’t get it. Because it’s gibberish. Stop embarrassing yourself.

            1. read a little says:

              Dude, just go live in your dump in north minneapolis. It will be ok. You’re probably in your 60’s and don’t have much time anyway. It’s alright.

              I could try to explain it to you again, but those fried cells in your head just lack the ability to follow…

        2. Microbiologist says:

          @ Jim- Right? What is “read a little’s” point? I can’t seem to figure it out, but he/she sure seems pretty self-congratulatory with their dis. Must make sense in their world. How one can just “not believe” in something, but believe it does exist is moronic.

          1. another moron says:

            Its when someone quotes that one says “there is NO”, without factual evidence, therefore not having a reason to believe.

  9. sally says:

    It must have really hurt your little brain to come up with all those words of wisdom. Silly liberals.

    1. Tan pup says:

      Doesn’t hurt at all, you should try it. From your comment, you could use some more practice. My bet is you don’t know the actual definition of Liberal, but I’m sure you can type pretty fast to find out.

      1. sherman says:

        If ignorance is bliss, you must be one happy liberal!!

        1. Real Talk says:

          When are people going to wake up and realize it isnt Reb vs Dem……its intellegent vs unintellegent across all isles and partisian politics. Sherman….you obivoulsy fall into the later category….nice comment goober!!!

  10. Me says:

    Has Perry looked out the window in TX recently? There is a drought of epic magnitude hitting his state right now. But I guess he’ll continue to pray it away. And the debt ceiling? This guy had a D in the principles of economics at Texas A & M.

    1. Shattered Image says:

      “Has Perry looked out the window in TX recently? There is a drought of epic magnitude hitting his state right now.”

      So what? There were no droughts before humans’ greenhouse gas destruction of the ozone layer happened? Droughts are attributable to global warming now too?

      You sir, are a fool.

      1. Me says:

        Towns are out of water. One is resorting to urine. The economic and environmental damage from it will last for years. Droughts before? Sure but man is exacerbating what should be just a naturally occurring event.

        And I am not a sir so probably not the fool in this discussion.

        1. Shattered Image says:

          That’s fine, but a drought is NOT an indication of a change in the temperature of the Earth’s crust.

          Also, having a moniker of “Me” is very ambiguous, so calling me a fool on an assumption that you were a blowhard man isn’t very accurate, or a reasonably presumptious thought, ma’am.

          1. Kelsey's Grammar says:

            Um, that’s why with an online moniker like “me” you don’t reference gender. And me is correct about the Texas drought.

      2. Jim says:

        Scientists believe in global warming, rain-dancing religious whackos like Rick Perry do not. Hmm, who to believe, who to believe…

        1. just sayin says:

          Actually, there are quite a number of scientists that don’t believe in it.
          There are quite a number of meteorologists that don’t as well.

          1. Jim says:

            Oh, you’re right. Let me amend my statement for accuracy:

            MOST scientists believe in global warming, and MOST rain-dancing religious whackos like Rick Perry do not. Hmm, who to believe, who to believe…

            1. what a fool says:

              There’s gold in the pot at the end of the rainbow Jim. You and your partner should go find it.

  11. scott says:

    The more he talks, the more he puts himself in a hole bigger then the one in the ozone. If he’s not pandering, then he’ll be no better the the rest of the GOP crowd.

  12. BV says:

    Dear Perry there also is no god so there!

    1. BV fail says:

      oh you got him good there

  13. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    it is awfully arrogant to think that we as a people can change the temperature of a planet that has been fluctuating for hundred of thousands of years. can we influence it yes, but to think that we can control the temperature of the planet is arrogant at best. For those of you that strongly support global warming, please explain to me why those scientists that disagreed have been banned from speaking out and even shunned by other scientists? Why have names been added ot the studies of scientists that did not participate in the study and why were names removed when the scientist protested the conclusions? Is the earth warming recently, yes. Is many solely to blame, no.

    1. funny says:

      My favorite is climate change believers blaming the cows from their gas…. so funny!

  14. of course it's not man made says:

    I don’t get it, Global Warming and man made climate change were debunked how many times now? This should be a non-issue and doesn’t warrant any further discussion. If there is some measurable climate change, blaming man at this point to extract dollars and lower our standard of living just adds fuel to the fire.

    1. concerto says:

      Who “debunked” this? One study does not debunk mountains of evidence. Look at the raw data. Our average temperatures have gone up. Now whether it is completely manmade could be debatable but the globe is warming up based on unbiased scientific data. There will be changes to the climate. We are seeing it here in Minnesota. Our winter was unusual and the heat and humidity this summer was unusual.

      1. Shattered Image says:

        The winter was unusual and the summer was unusual? And it’s because of global warming?

        You are a completely uninformed fool.

        Water in the Pacific Ocean stacking on itself has caused weather patterns. It’s been referred to as El Nino.

        You are clueless as they come.

        1. wally says:

          Right on the money!!!

        2. sally says:

          Good comment. Right on the money.

        3. Ever notice? says:

          Is it just me or does the sun seem to be setting earlier and earlier?

          Weird, must be globull warming somehow

          1. Jim says:

            Where did you guys get your climatology degrees? I appreciate expert analysis like this. Tell me more.

            1. Ever notice? says:

              It even seem like lately it stays darker later in the morning

              Weird, right?

              Algore is totally on to something – better send him $$

              1. Jim says:

                This is the kind of keen scientific thinking I read the comments section for.

                I’m no fan of Al Gore, but I do appreciate his amazing ability to get under the skin of so many Cons. He’s living in your head, rent free. LOL.

  15. Ina says:

    Everyone knows that algore invented global warming. Just like he invented the internet.

    1. Dave says:

      And don’t forget ManBearPig

  16. Tom L says:

    despite evidence to the contrary about global warming……….

    I dont believe rick perry exist…..

    Obama didnt want to sign the debt-ceiling compromise either but had he not, the US would be chaos financially because the GOP’ers cant figure out a budget everyone can work with.

    Ya, I want them back in office…….not so much.

    Republicans are reeeally hurtin’ for intelligent candidates obviously.

    1. Botanist says:

      I’m not sure what you were intending to put forth with your first 4 sentences, but I completely agree with the 5th.

    2. meow says:

      Tom, correct and Agreed. I can’t understand why the GOP simply cannot offer up someone of an intelligence base beyond thumping their Bible? The Republican party has become the laughing stock of America with a very low level of integrity.

      Do Republican Atheists exist? Why does the GOP have to find these religious wackos to prop up and spew their ignorance? It baffles me.

      1. Roar says:

        It separates us from people like you meow so baffle away and take your Big-eared Marxist failure as a leader with you

        1. Shattered Image says:


          When all else fails, think of a schoolyard insult to toss out, eh, Roar?


          Sooooo typical… It’s like you saw the mold and jumped in and it was a perfect fit. Too funny.

          1. Roar says:

            There were no insults intended, unless one is sensitive of larger ears – then I’m sorry you were offended

            1. Shattered Image says:

              You are a liar, and a bad one. Your whole comment was insult-laced. Also, I’m not the least bit offended by a toolbox like you. That would be like taking to heart a “you’re a poopy head” insult from a 4 year old… See how that works?

              “It separates us from people like you meow”

              “so baffle away”

              “take your Big-eared…”

              “Marxist failure as a leader”

              Ahh yes. All very complimentary statements, meant to bolster the recipient’s esteem.

              Ya bad liar.

              1. Roar says:

                You are way too sensitive (oh my, hope that doesn’t offend)

                commenter wants to show how much better it is than the rest of us so how can pointing out what separates us be an insult.

                commenter said it was baffled, not me I just encouraged it to continue

                He does have rather large ears, I admit that may be a little touchy

                “Marxist” is just a political description which fits

                “failure as a leader” well that just speaks for its self

                1. Shattered Image says:

                  I’m not sensitive at all. I’m just smarter than you and I know that words have meaning. You happened to string together a bunch of words that, collectively, created insults. You denying it does not make it not so.

                  Commenter has proven previously alleged betterness than you. Carry on.

        2. meow says:

          Roar … OK, I will. But seriously, it does baffle me why there are no truly intelligent, well thought out GOP candidates that have a proven record of accomplishments. You’d think there would be moderates who wouldn’t separate themselves from the Black, Gay, Asian, Hispanic, Scientists, Logical-Thinking-Atheists… the list goes on.

          I’m not affected by insults off a comment board btw. I’m more interested in logical debate and discussion. I laugh at insults. Bring it on. Do your worst. They are only words on a web site.

  17. llp says:

    Don’t any of you realize we are just a cancer on the face of the earth? And this guy is from the state where they drag people behind pickup trucks. How American.

    1. Reality sucks says:

      And Texas has it’s own independent grid. They could care less. Texas really is it’s own country, in more ways than one.

      1. Reality sucks says:

        sorry ’bout the “it’s”–spell checkers.

    2. I'm Just Sayin' says:

      B.S. nmore lies from somone trying to discredit someone else. If anyone was dragged behind a truck in a red state, it would be all over this web site. How many years ago did this happen? I am not sure what is worse, the treatment of an individual many years ago being dragged behind a pickup truck or your ignorant statement trying to tie individual acts performed by idiots completely unrelated and most likely hundreds of miles away from this person with absolutely no connection to this person.

  18. Reality sucks says:

    Doesn’t matter if it’s real or not real. Not enough evidence to prove either way. What I do know is that if it is real, China’s not playin’ so there’s no relief and won’t matter anyway. And the other thing I do know is that there is an entire empire built upon it. Clean energy, “goin’ green”, recycling, MPG, electric cars, hybrids… a whole bunch of money riding on this lie/truth. And that’s all that seems to matter in the end. Isn’t it?

  19. v says:

    He sounds like a smoker who doesn’t believe cigarettes cause lung cancer.
    Even more…. he talks to the sky and eats wafers handed out to him by a man in a silly robe who preaches tales about talking bushes and a sea that parted for a guy with a long beard. Woah.

  20. v says:

    I love all these righties. Never let the facts get in the way of your comfort zone.
    Always taking the path of least resistance.
    If it takes effort and intelligence… squash it! Give me my gun and my pick-em-up and let’s go shoot up some critters…. YEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW!

  21. waste says:

    Wow, it is nice to see that WCCO reporters once again wrote a quality story about a republican.


    You are all commenting on the comments of a writer, not on Perry’s actual statements.


    1. v says:

      … and yet here you are!

      1. x says:

        …and so are you,

        And you have posted a lot of comments about story without any substance…

    2. Perry Wary says:

      Did you even look to see who the author is? It’s the AP, not WCCO. Do you really think a local CBS station is going to send a reporter to cover one of a number of GOP candidates, one that isn’t from MN?

      1. waste says:

        But it is on this site. Soooooo, someone who manages this site felt that this lack wristed story was worth something. And that person, or group, is in the profession.

        Sooooo, if they post it here, they own it.

    3. Tom L says:

      ummmm….CNN, MSNBC, WSJ, etc etc…they’re all reporting this…and he was quoted.

      yes, we’re all dupes and youre the smart one here, Bachman Jr.

      them republicans….funny people!

  22. dumlibs says:

    Democrats believe anything you tell them.
    I do it to a friend of mine all the time.

    Make something crazy up and they’ll believe ya.

    1. v says:

      ah… you mean like Saddam was in on 9/11. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Iraqis will welcome us as “liberators’. Are those the kinds of things you’re speaking of?

      Did you wish Elvis a happy birthday yesterday?

      Frickin’ tea-baggers.

      1. Jim says:

        “Mission Accomplished”

      2. dumlibs says:

        They believed there was WMD….
        A key CIA informant in Iraq admitted that he lied about his allegations, then watched in shock as it was used to justify the war.


        Rather be educated than stupid like you lib.

        1. Jim says:

          So they listened to one guy who said there were WMDs in Iraq, and didn’t bother to find out if it was true, and then spent billions of dollars and wasted thousands of American lives to figure out it was a lie. This is the Republican way? This is the party we’re supposed to bring back into power?

          Rather be stupid than gullible AND stupid like you, con.

        2. Tom L says:

          No, youre not educated…

          you must have missed the “60 Minutes” episode several months back when they had this CIA “informant” on. He wanted Saddam out of power. He knew what was up.

          Yeah, he was shocked his lies worked so well….that was about it.

          You serve your republican party affiliation well.

          1. educated says:

            Just as you prove the lack of education in democrats…

            It’s you’re, not your. Moron.

            Why don’t you ask some people who actually served in the military during that time about it. Maybe it will enlighten you a bit.

            1. Tom L says:

              YOU’RE a complete idiot…re-read the post Homer and then correct yourself but before you do, take a spelling class.

              And ask the people who served during that time about WHAT? If they were lied to or not. Think we both know the answer to that one, genius. WHY YES…WE WERE!

              Next time put your hockey helmet back on before you decide to post again please, for eveyone’s sake.

    2. dumserves says:

      the prisons full of far right conservs who believe a gun and their way is the way. 😉
      they grabbing their ankles waaaaay to often they say … a form of repentence to the hood I guess.

  23. leroy says:

    CBSM Journalists suck…

    Put a little more thought into your articles, maybe even a fact or two.

  24. Aaron says:

    This coming from the guy who championed Al Gores Presidential campaign when he was running as a Global Warming advocate?!?! Anyone who believes a word this guy says is as ignorant as those who voted for “Change” when they elected B.O….and yes just like those who don’t use deodorant, B.O. STINKS!

    1. z says:

      Al Gore invented B.O.

      True story. He discovered it while inventing the internet.

  25. Mike A says:

    When will people get it through their heads that raising the debt ceiling was to pay for debt that was already owed by the US and had already been authorized by Congress, not for future debt. For as long as it takes them to actually pass a budget, they should be working on one for FY ’12 now, maybe they can get it passed before FY ’13 is due.

  26. meow says:

    Have the Republicans ever really given a D-A-M-N about the environment beyond their own focus of control and greed? It’s beyond insane how they grasp to their outdated Bibles in their delusion of self-righteousness but then want to use and abuse our earth for financial gains. It’s seriously messed up.

    1. Anita Newpresident says:

      I read your comment then threw away a few aluminum cans in the trash, turned on the TV and left the room to start my truck which will sit idling with the AC running for at least a half hour before going 5 blocks to the store.

      Then I’m going to have the store bag everything in plastic bags which I will later burn in the back yard while smoking a giant cigar and cleaning my rifle.

      Life is good, unless your a miserable lib

      1. I'll talk nice & slow 4 you says:

        Good job Anita, you really showed that guy who’s boss. I’m sure his……., well he has to atleast……I bet he surely……wait, what exactly was your purpose in doing those things?

        Based on your pointless accomplishments I’d say your group home is obviously helping you branch out and be productive!!!

      2. Jim says:

        Anita, a shining example of Republican thinking. I hope you keep spouting your garbage for everyone to hear. Your kind does the Democrats more good than they could ever do themselves.

        1. lou says:

          And the leader of the Democrats believes the US has 57 states…

          Tell us, what other 7 states is he leading?

          State of misery
          State of confusion
          State of bankruptcy
          State incompetence
          State of free loaders
          State of Cool Aid drinking followers
          State of “Chickens about to come home to roost”

          Uhmm, ahhhh, doh!!!

          1. Shattered Image says:

            He’s commander in chief of your state, which you so eloquently identified as “State incompetence” even though you probably meant to type “State OF Incompetence.”

            Almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. Kinda funny, eh?

      3. @ Anita says:

        @ Anita Newpresident, will you marry me? I’d leave my wife for a woman like you. This is my kind of girl.

      4. at Anita says:

        I’m a ‘serv Anita …. wanna swallow some of my love?

    2. meow says:

      I wouldn’t take advice from a man who believes in the illusions of a Christian Bible. You simply can’t believe in real life facts from him. Anyone who believes in lies, will in turn tell lies. The delusional will brainwash and then lead the delusional. It’s a mental illness and horrible cycle that people are waking up to and simply choosing to drop.

  27. CITIZEN says:

    The Dismal Political Economist’s take on a Rick Perry candidacy:
    “Mr. Perry has jumped further into the fray with his comments on Federal Reserve policy and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

    “If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what y’all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas,” Perry said. “Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost … treasonous in my opinion.”

    No Mr. Perry, this is just the type of comment that gets you labeled as a crazy right winger, you know, Michelle Bachmann in a cowboy hats and boots. Here is the Washington Post again

    Bernanke is a thoughtful, even-tempered monetary economist. And it’s worth remembering that he served in Bush’s White House and was first appointed to the Fed chairmanship by Bush.

    To accuse any Fed chairman who would “print money” of treason is like criticizing the transportation secretary for building roads. It is the job of the Fed, or any central bank, to print money.

    Besides Mr. Perry, that fact that you show fear of the Fed’s policy shows you don’t know what is going on economically. There is very little the Fed can do at this point, and someone needs to tell you that before you continue to dig yourself into this hole.

    1. Bernanke is not a good thing says:

      Bernanke has led the Fed in buying up mortgage securities and covering tens of thousands of auto loans and small business loans and giving direct cash infusions to selected companies. (Selected how? That’s why some people think we need to audit the Fed.) The Fed is on board to take an even larger role in regulating financial markets. Bernanke even took time to tout the importance of cost-cutting health care reform. Consider it a hat tip to the boss. Bernanke is facing the possible loss of his job come January, when Obama either reappoints him or chooses a successor. Bernanke, or whoever succeeds him, will enjoy the dubious pleasure of managing the Federal Reserve’s confrontation with the VERY REAL inflationary danger posed by a staggering increase in the monetary base since the economic crisis began.

      1. QE says:

        One simplified way to describe how quantitative easing works is this: The Fed doles out $600 billion in made-up money printed out of thin air to the world’s biggest banks, who make a tidy profit on the sale and then split that profit up into bonuses. We’re not exactly helping the unemployed here. Okay, the actual process is slightly more complicated, but not much more appealing. Once the members of the Federal Open Market Committee vote to buy additional bonds, the Fed schedules a series of sales, and notifies the banks on its list of primary dealers—18 very large banks. Those banks then buy up bonds with the intention of selling them at higher rates to the Fed. And then when the scheduled sales come around, they trade their store of bonds for money that the Fed has newly created, essentially out of thin air. Interest rates go down. Inflation goes up. Investors, knowing that money is cheap now and might not be worth as much later, start to spend. The economy gets back in gear. At least that’s the idea. The first go-round wasn’t an obvious success. When the financial crisis first landed, the Fed pumped $1.7 trillion into the system, yet failed to lift the economy out of its sluggish state. The Fed will have added almost $3 trillion to the money supply—and that’s if it quits with the $600 billion added for QE2.

  28. CITIZEN says:

    As for the truth about global warming. It is a FACT that the glaciers are melting, and that sea levels are rising all over the planet, and that animal species are migrating ever northward seeking cooler habitat. Animals once thought only indigenous to the south can now be found in the upper midwest. Ditto insects and spiders. It matters not what any of us believe, only what is real. So, Mr. Perry, since you do not believe in global warming, we challenge you to build a new million-dollar home in New Orleans, or a beach home almost anywhere. LOL

    1. Fact? says:

      Facts are facts but the cause is in question. The Salt Flats of Utah haven’t seen sea water in a long time and it may just be time to seek home again. Cyclical.

    2. citizen uneducated says:

      It is also a fact that glaciers are also FORMING…

      What is your point moron?

    3. @ Citizen says:

      Jese, you were hard to find. So, I hope you get this! I was scrolling and scrolling and finally the Dismal Political Economist. BINGO! Just wanted to give you a big THANKS for Predator State. I just finished it right this minute. Quite the read! A bit hard to follow at times due to clarity and argument. I supplemented with other readings to digest and make it through. An absolute must read. Thanks again. P.S. I see from my scroll that nothing’s changed around here. Ick. Keep it up lady—they need some common sense around here, like it or not. Well, you know I’d probably disagree with anything Bernanke but Rick Perry is quite the joke! A recent quote I read sums it up: “Read my lips, NO NEW TEXANS!” Ha! —-Kim (O-done-a)

  29. Perry for 2012!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    It is about time we get someone in this race that I can vote for; global warming is nothing but a hoax for people to make money including Al I Discovered Global Warming Gore, living in his mansions that cost 35,000 a month to run. But he plants a tree and drives a Prius so that offsets his “Carbon Footprint”. He has made millions on this make believe stuff. I believe in science but science has also proved this whole global warming is not happening. Even the most liberal scientists have been busted with fabricating the evidence. I am a diehard republican and didn’t know who I was going to vote for but am I sure glad Perry came into the race, he has my vote.

  30. I can’t help but laugh!!!!!!! says:

    The fools that are all around us.
    And I suppose you don’t believe there is 45,000 tons (that’s 90,000,00lb) of coal going through Iowa on one rail line every hour of every day to be burned in power plants much less all of the emissions from that coil burning having any affect what so ever on the environment. Keep in mind that is just one rail line. Go ahead, keep your head in the sand. Just don’t be too suppressed when you get kicked in the ass because you refuse to face facts just like the democrats and republicans.
    Who is worse, the fool (democrats and republicans) or the fool that follows (those who support the democrats and republicans)?

    1. Lyle says:

      So how much emissions do you think Barry’s Million dollar campaign bus is adding to the atmosphere?

      1. Shattered Image says:

        Probably an amount similar to Michele Bachmann’s if I had to guess.

        1. Perry 2012!!!!!!! says:

          Probably the same as Obama’s, oh shoot that is right don’t mention his. Difference is Obama is doing it on our dime, the tax payer.

  31. scott says:

    WOW, I can’t wait for Mr.Perry to state that UFO’s are not real. Imagine all of the “cool” blogs with that one.

  32. Pery 2012!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Perry 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Mark says:

    I don’t believe in global warming either.

    But I do believe in GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

    For all of you naysayers who refuse to believe in this, I hope your God, or your governor, or your president will help to feed you and give you water as crops and water supplies diminish. This will happen. It might not be tomorrow, but are we all really that selfish to pass this problem on to our future generations simply because we are too gullible (OR LAZY?) to do anything about it?

  34. Ryan-MN says:

    After 10 years of the lowest tax rates post WWI, I don’t believe in trickle down economics either. You have your low tax rates, where are the jobs?

  35. Tom L says:

    hundreds of pictures to choose from and they post one apparently while he’s pinching a loaf.

    pretty much sums up the republican party.

  36. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    In reading these comments, it appears the left are the angry bunch. So does Michelle Bachmann represent the left now?

  37. Ordinary Guy says:

    Rick Perry was a Scout, a jet pilot, and is a disciplined desciple. I think he’d be a strident and strong president, honorable in many ways, but not particularly outstanding in creative answers to changing or obscure questions. I think he’d expect the citizens to measure-up to his expectations and work for however much or little they can get. They sure like it hot in Texas.

  38. d dog says:

    Just because worldwide, there are 14 record high temperatures per record low temperature doesn’t prove a thing, it’s just weather, a hot spell. Most of the records are for record high LOW temperatures at night.

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