Duo Takes Wis. Challenge, Eats 12 Lbs. Of Pizza

OSHKOSH, Wis. (AP) — Two men with big appetites have won a pizza challenge in Oshkosh by downing 12 pounds of pizza in an hour.

Clay Luttrell and Juan Rodriquez became the first duo in four years to finish Polito’s Monster Pizza Challenge.

The challenge dares teams of two to finish 12 pounds of pizza in an hour, with no vomiting or trips to the restroom allowed. Win and you collect $500; fail and you have to pay $49.95.

Luttrell and Rodriquez won Aug. 9 at the Oshkosh location of the Stevens Point-based restaurant.

A Stevens Point Journal report says the challenge has drawn more than 300 attempts.

Two “professional” eaters are scheduled to take the challenge Friday, including a man who once ate a steak weighing nearly 5 1/2 pounds.

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  • gross

    I’d like to see a picture of the fatties.

  • Takes pigs to know pigs

    The Koch brothers make their mark on Wisconsin yet again!!!!

  • quentin

    Am disappointed. Thought it would be a story about Bryant McKinnie.

  • Nancy Aleshire

    I think it is time to abolish these eating contests. The money awarded in these contests should be sent to charities such as “Care” which is sent to famine victims in Somalia. People planning to attend the “Great Minnesota Pig-Out” aka the MN State Fair should save some of the money used in over-indulgence and donate it to a food bank or agencies such as “Feed the Children”. Obesity is unhealthy anyway.

    • Dave

      Wow, you really hate fun and freedom to live one’s life how they want. You think having fun is a sin and people should pay for them…in a monetary way just to participate. I’m guessing contests, competitions that end in a loser, sports and fun are your bane. I despise people like you Ms. No-Fun McFunhater. Go along now and put helmets and knee pads on your kids so they can ride their bike around the driveway with training wheels on.

    • JamieinMN

      Oh shut the front door! Tell me, do you know for a fact if these two men are obese?!?!?!?! And really……Somalia, it sucks but we have starving people RIGHT HERE in America. Everyone needs to pull together for OUR people right here. Let me make a bet that YOU yourself are obese….BET you.

      • Clay

        i am one of the guys and I weigh 160 pounds, so i am pretty fit and in great shape! Jaun is in even better shape then me.

      • Mike

        Where are people dying in America from starvation? That’s right, no where!
        Their have been over 25,000 children who have died in Somalia as a result of famine. Do you have children? Could you take a second from your life and think about what that would be like to live through?
        No one is asking you to contribute anything, but these eating events could help people who desperately need it instead of satisfying the attention they seek by supporting insatiable American gluttony.

        • JamieinMN

          Yea it would suck, it really would but lucky me I live here! We cannot keep supporting everyone else. We MUST help our own first.

      • MarkinMN

        Jamie, I really like your posts, great point of view! You always look at the situation with both eyes open and mouth shut, beofre you post, i admire that. Keep up the good work. Too bad you don’t live in the N.W. suburbs, I’d love to buy you a beer and talk about our current dilema were in and get your viepoint, you appear to be a very smart women. Have a great weekend.

  • Tan pup

    So is smoking, drinking to excess,gambling and donating to political campaigns – where should we send that cash too?

    • JamieinMN

      Let’s just send it all to Somalia!! Because THEY are the only ones suffering. Let’s not help our OWN country!

      • Molly

        Why don’t you crawl back under your rock? You give Minnesota nice a bad name.

        • JamieinMN

          Shove it, stupid hoe.

  • Homer j Simpson

    MMMmmmmmm pizza!!

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