PEMBROKE, N.H. (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry says President Obama’s call for the resignation of the Syrian president is long overdue.

The Texas governor says Syrian President Bashar Assad supports terrorist groups and has threatened the security of the Syrian people and the region. He says that every diplomatic option should be used to force Assad to step down.

Perry made the comments to construction workers Thursday afternoon during a campaign stop inside a New Hampshire business.

Obama as well as the leaders of Britain, France and Germany and the European Union demanded that Assad resign, saying his brutal suppression of his people had made him unfit to lead.

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Comments (25)
  1. Rick Perry says:

    I’m Rick Perry and I want to take this opportunity Syriia has presented and introduce myself to you Minnesotans and to clear up some of the treasonous stuff that’s being said about me. I never said I wanted Texas to secede. I said I wanted Texas to succeed. You think Anderson Cooper and Brian Williams can understand Texan? Hell no! And they don’t want to learn. They just won’t learn. But we’re already succeeding. We are number one on so many lists it ain’t even funny. We’re tops in the whole damn country in the percentage of residents who don’t have a high school diploma by the age of 25, the percentage who have low paying jobs and the percentage who don’t have health insurance. I’m damn proud. Damn proud! People ask me if I can beat Mitt Romney. Well, I’m not running against Mitt Romney. I’m running against Barack Hussein Obama. I call him Ali Rahman for short. I know he’s got a fancy-boy degree from Harvard Law School. Well, I got a degree from Texas A & M and I was a cheerleader. I loved to get them Aggie boys in the stands all excited. Had a solid two point grade average–not showin’ off, not fallin’ behind. And it was in animal science, not law. So, who’d you rather have in the room when your cat’s chokin’? I don’t believe in that global warmin’. I do believe in intelligent design, ‘cept sometimes when I look around Texas I have to question that (ha! ha! ha! LOL). Good times. Good times.

    1. Rick PArry with an A for America. says:

      With this guy and wachmann we can be sure of one thing; we’re gonna have one hilarious election season.

      Are there any NORMAL REPUBLICANS left in this world.

      1. Rick Perry Sr. says:

        Thank you LORD. With Perry and Bachmann on the same ticket we will finally be able to turn back the clock. The clock of human evolution by thousands of years.

        1. Rick Perry says:

          I don’t believe in no damn evolution.

      2. Amy R says:

        ATTENTION BACHMANN Jack Hoffs, here is one more image of her, you can take your pants and jacket off:

        1. meow says:


          It’s BEYOND Hilarious

    2. Rick Parry with an A says:

      Syria? Ain’t that just outside o’ Amarillo?

      1. GW The Smart Hombre says:

        No, your confused Ricky. Thats right on the other side o’ the Rio Grand, on the other side o’ the border. Right after you pass all them oil fields.

    3. Mike says:

      Rick Perry is a real MOFO!

  2. MARK says:

    It doesn’t matter what the president does, these Republican “candidates” are going to complain about it. They think he’s done too much in Libya and not enough in Syria. Next week it will be the opposite, or they’ll again demand to see his birth certificate, or maybe this time it’ll be his elementary school report cards. GOP = the party of crazy people being led around by the nose by a small group of extremely rich people.

    1. Chris says:

      @ Mark…

      We wish it was that simple…

      The GOP will present a candidate to take down Nobama…

      It is just a fake to run a few of these other clowns around making noise…

      = entertainment… the real deal won’t start for a while and then you will see!

      1. MARK says:

        It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Who is this candidate who hasn’t yet emerged to take down the president? Chris Christie? Rand Paul? Someone else?

        1. quentin says:

          Has to be Sarah Clampett, queen of Alaska.

        2. Ginger says:

          Either Perry or Romney will have no problem next Fall.

  3. Tom L says:

    rick perry ellis is just…overdue.

    next we’ll see Bachdork and Richy Rick dressing alike.

  4. dkauls says:

    Perry and Bachmann are doing what any politician who doesn’t know a thing about foreign policy does: bash the evil dictator. Can’t go wrong with that. Next up: Iran and nuclear weapons. Wonder where they’ll come out on that one.

    1. Doug T says:

      And the current Smartest President Ever! is doing exactly what? I mean after the apology tour…Oh ya – thats right – hen is issuing words….wow – he seems to be pretty good at issuing words…perhaps even shaking his finger!

      Jimmy Carter ReDoux!

    2. dan says:

      And Obamas resume on Foreign Policy contains what???? Oh yeah I learnt that stuff on the job man!

  5. Marjorie says:

    Perry is trying to run this country already. He is abrasive and arrogant and won’t get the votes outside of Texas. Wouldn’t a Perry/Bachman debate be hilarious.

    1. Doug T says:

      Well someone needs to try – the current “Not ready for Prime Time” administration is not doing much while Rome burns..

    2. two says:

      Someone has to take charge obama gave up, I am just glad obama is on vacation less damage that way!

    3. Carl says:

      Someone has to run this country. Our CEO is on another vacation! When asked why he doesnt call everyone back to Washington he said they would just sit there and butt heads so might as well take a break. What a putz! Can you imagine the Pres or CEO of any Corporation acting like that? Heck no! I guess when you are on the public dole it doesnt matter when or if you ever get your job completed.
      Start packing your bags! Please take the mother-in-law with you!

      1. Clueless Carl says:

        Heck no, a CEO/President would have fired all the morons who didn’t get inline with him. All those republicans morons would be standing in the unemployment line depending on the same benefits they so eagerly want to cut.

        If the CEO is trying to grow the company and all his subordinates are trying to carve it up, dismantle, and bring the value down, guess what he would do.

        The Coach calls the plays but the morons he has for players are throwing the game. Can you blame the coach?

        The President can tell congress and the senate what he wants. It is up to the senate and congress to legislate, create bills; jobs bills, energy bills, infrastructure bills, fiscal policy bill. The president can either sign or veto those bills. That is what a lot of people don’t get. When the republicans accuse him of not leading, they fail to mention their roles and responsibilities. You can’t place all of the blame on the coach. If half the players sabotage the game to make the coach look bad, you need to get rid of those players.

  6. Murph says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a governor too stupid to keep firemen on the payroll during a drought.Then watches one third of his state of Texas burn to a cinder. Has the gall to criticize a president with troops fighting two wars already that he did not start! Where does he think the worst spate of tornados ever recorded ,killing hundreds got the tremendous HEAT neccesary to rampage thru several states down wind from his own? I would not vote for anyone that stupid! Check the dates,check the news and check out how utterly moronic this PRETENDER fot the crown really is! He and Bachmann would be the end of the world predicted for 2012!

    1. snowman says:

      Not to mention Perry has created more low wage jobs than any other state outside of Mississippi

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