Python Saved From St. Paul Man’s Car

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ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A St. Paul man who recently bought a 4-foot Ball Python needed help when he lost it — inside his car.

Dorian Harris’ wife told him that whenever he leaves the house, his snake, named Arie, had to go with. So, Harris said he usually puts the snake in a cage, but not on Saturday night, when his snake snuck up his dashboard.

Rather than pull the snake out, Harris said he knew someone that might be able to help: his auto mechanic.

“I told him that ‘I have a Ball Python in my dashboard and I need your help,'” said Harris.

Mechanic Bob Phan said that he didn’t believe his customer at first, but it became more believable when Harris showed up.

“I removed couple of the panels, we looked in there, didn’t see anything at all,” said Phan. “So, I told him just park it for a couple days, see if it’ll come out.”

After a few days of Arie slithering in the dashboard, Harris decided to bring his car back to the mechanic for a second try.

It was a success.

“All of a sudden, I see like an orange and white body looking thing, so I kind of freaked out and jumped away,” said Phan.

After three hours of prying, they ended up bring Arie out from right under the car’s airbag.

“I’m glad my baby’s back home,” said Harris.

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