Huntsman Says He’d Be Open To Run As Bachmann’s VP

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman says he’d be open to running as vice president if rival and tea party favorite Michele Bachmann wins the nomination.

The former ambassador to China and ex-Utah governor says that every time he’s been asked to serve his country he’s answered “yes.” Huntsman tells CNN interviewer Piers Morgan that if asked by the Minnesota congresswoman to run as her vice president he’d “be the first person to sign up, absolutely.”

Huntsman tried quickly to backtrack, saying the answer was based on a hypothetical question and that he has no doubt he’ll win the GOP nomination. The interview was aired Monday night.

On Sunday, Huntsman ridiculed Bachmann for claiming she could bring gasoline prices below $2 if elected president.

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  • Matt

    guess he doesn’t like winning

    • J Biden

      I’m also available, if she’ll have me.

  • Crooked Politician

    Huntsman is an Obama created diversion. If he really wants to serve his country he should use his past Ambassader title and go get our jobs back that he gave away to China.. Ship Bachmann to China and import our jobs back

  • Sue J

    Just another person who has decided to jump on board with the wining party. Obama is going down as Carter did, just a one term President. Obama has brought this Country to its knees. He had for 2/3 of his term all Dems and did nothing but raise our taxes, but he still blames others? I voted for him, but never again. He came to Minnesota to a small town to talk about jobs. How come he didn’t go to the high unemployment areas like North Mpls and get us some jobs?

    • Botanist

      Pretty early for the dumbest comment of the day award to be handed out, but Sue, you’re making a heck of a case for it here.

      • dan

        Not sure if you saw the polls this morning but Obama is ina dead heat with 3 of the top Republican candidates and actually behind Romney right now. Yes, this includes MB. Dont be so sure of what your neighbors truly think of your president.

        • Botanist

          Polls mean squat. They are directly from the Department of Irrelevancy.

          • dan

            Thats what the people losing in the polls always say!

            • Botanist

              I’m not in any polls, and I’m therefore not losing any polls either.

  • snowman

    And the Republicans have a better candidate? You make a big mistake
    when you vote with your emotions. Thats why we have a divided house & senate You think Republicans will create jobs? What a joke! Any jobs will go oversea, money will stay in the bank. What jobs did Bush create in 8 yrs?

  • self reliant

    Sue, those are Maxine Waters talking points. Get your self a job, and education if necessary. It’s not like he keeps them in his pocket. Good luck!

  • Hello

    Sue – please name one tax President Obama has raised.

    • @ hello

      The cigarette tax, 75 cents a pack.

      • Botanist

        That is not an accurate figure, chief…

        • Billy

          Please enlighten us on the accurate figure, weedman!

          • Botanist

            In 2009, the Obama Administration raised the Federal Cigarette Tax from $0.39 to $1.01 per pack.

            Additionally, Cigaratte Taxes are applied at the State level, which the Federal Government has no voice in setting.

  • smb

    I just lost a ton of respect for him.

  • Murph

    Scratch one more from the batch of ninnies called GOP candidates! What a dumb move ,hooking up with a loonie bin character like Bachmann.In the GOP handbook it is called vot vas herr Huntsman sinking?

    • dan


      Did you see the polls this mornung? MB is in a dead heat with Obama and Romey wins. Even amongst Dems over 30% want another candidate to represent the Democrats!
      I guess lack of hope and change is becoming evident

    • O Schindler

      What’s with Murph and all of this anti-German rhetoric? What a bigot.

  • Murph

    Fascists of the past are coaching the GOP and it shows! The whole group should be jailed for treason as it stands right now!

  • rara62

    Hope he doesn’t quit his day job yet!

  • jan

    I was considering voting for him if he got the nomination but now I won’t. It’s too bad you have to choose between two extremists for president.

  • Lionel Ritchie

    The only one who isn’t a crooked schill is Ron Paul. Bachman has to be one of the most insane people I’ve seen on tv for quite awhile. And she was a prosecutor for the IRS? How disgusting does a person have to be for people to not vote for them?

  • Bachmann/Huntsman

    Dumb and dumber!

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