MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Rob Berrell’s brother, Steve, was a junior at Syracuse University coming back for Christmas after a semester abroad. He was 20 years old and one of 35 students to die when Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed in 1988.

Berrell, CBS Radio’s director of sales in Minneapolis, said he has made peace with his brother’s death, and is now glad for the people of Libya.

“I feel some sense of relief for the people of Libya, you know, they have been under this tyrant for however many years and the fact that he’s finally going to be gone is good for everybody,” he said.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Berrell said it’s satisfying to see Qaddafi get what he deserved after all the pain he’s caused others.

“Anyone who has been involved in this tragedy, knows that Qaddafi was behind it. And the two guys that were tried for it, were his goons. They are the ones that went out on the line, but nobody in that country is going to pull off something like that without him behind it,” he said.

And while it doesn’t bring the people back, he said there is some relief to know Qaddafi is out of power.

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  1. jeff Prager says:

    What’s this man’s background for his assertions that Gaddafi is a tyrant? Everyone knows Fox, CNN, MSNBC, even Yahoo are lying through there teeth about this war. It’s like living in the twilight zone. Real research reveals Gaddafi threatened the US with denominating oil in a gold dinar. He was a powerful African leader with a budget surplus of 30 billion yearly, low unemployment, high standard of living, free medical care for everyone, free housing, yearly government stipends, clean food and water and his economy was BOOMING based on IMF reports of January/February 2011. The war was planned A LONG time ago, the people of Libya will now live through the colonialization of their society, an increase in poverty and the cost of living and the country will be savaged rapidly for the oil wealth it has. Why do you media people lie? Why do you all parrot the US government? What’s the point? You’re creating an American society that is the least informed on earth. It’s shameful.

  2. Jeff Prager says:

    The CBS Minnesota HACK that posted this article should be ashamed of himself.

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