MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Minnesota Twins announced Thursday night that slugger Jim Thome has been traded to the Cleveland Indians, ending the designated hitter’s stint with the Twins just short of two full seasons.

Thome was traded for a player to be named later and he is expected to be in Cleveland for the Indians’ game Friday night.I

t’s a tough blow for the Twins, who recently celebrated Thome’s 600th career home run. He is the eighth player in MLB history to reach that milestone.

The Twins fell to 20 games below .500 on the season after Thursday’s loss to the Baltimore Orioles and are out of the playoff picture at this point. Thome quickly became a fan favorite because of his humble approach to baseball and his ability to hit towering home runs.

Thome hit 12 home runs in 71 games as the Twins designated hitter this season and batted .243. The Twins put Thome on waivers earlier this week, and teams had two days to put in a claim on the waiver. The Indians, who still have a chance to catch Detroit for the AL Central Division title, put in a claim. But Thome had to agree to drop a full no-trade clause in his contract, and by Thursday night he agreed to the move.

Earlier this month, the Twins traded Delmon Young to the Detroit Tigers for a minor league pitcher and another prospect.

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  1. Ruth says:

    It’s a sad day for Twins fans with the trade of Jim Thome to the Indians. Jim is one of the two players I admired most (the other being Harmon Killebrew). Good luck Jim and keep hitting those homeruns!

  2. Mark says:

    The twins stink !!!

  3. dave says:

    I would like to know when we start getting rid of the people in management
    face if things from bad trades to allow players be out for simple stiff neck
    the team just plain gave up

  4. viper says:

    shut up dumb a$$.

  5. Deep Thinker says:

    What a childish post on your part…grow up

    1. Deep Thinker says:

      @twins who

  6. Bucket is empty says:

    Spend a fortune on the M and M lads…..which was nothing short of stupid from the start. Oh wait — they needed the stadium and needed it filled. I forgot.

    Now the great jettison begins to attempt to salvage what they can around that M and M debacle. Cuddy-Kubes-Nathan-hmmmmmm. What else they gonna remove to save some change to maybe rebuild in 5-10 years?
    Beautiful ballfield – guess that is what my ticket buys me. I got taken but at least _for now_I see folks around me still eating a brat and sucking a beer and I usually can find a buyer for my tickets if I want to sell. That will be changing soon I imagine 😦

  7. Dan the Fan says:

    I would like to say thank you to Jim Thome for all the great games I got to see you as a Mn.Twin. Thanks for letting me see your 600th hit & I hope you get a ring before you retire. I plan on getting to the game early to get a Thome bobble head. GOOD LUCK!!!

  8. JT says:

    hey weve been a good team for 10 years now, 1- year we have injuries and the pitching hasnt been very good. all I can say is its been alot of fun watching the twins since 2000. and as far as Thome goes – he most likely is done after this year anyways- so hey we get a player for him instead of NOTHING. and I dont know what you want in a player- but I will take Mauer and Morneau any day. yeah they arent having very good years, but both are very good players- give em a break and this year is over. good luck next year go TWINS.

    1. Sickly says:

      Gotta love your optimism but the Twins are 3rd place next year, second if EVERYONE is healthy and they find 2 pitchers somewhere.
      The trademark-playing hard, getting dirty, staying positive…it is waning. Not hard to see it in the players and on-field.
      I love Justin M – but recovery and how/if the haed thing plays out is unknown. He is a keeper I think at this point.
      Joe M – maybe one of the biggest disappointments ever in MN pro sports. A few good years, a few great years and the contract is inked and ….. well, I won’t even waste my fingers on this.
      Trade him for a pitcher, maybe prospects and unload that contract. Like YESTERDAY. He’s a single hitter. If he hits. He’s defensively #2 or even #3 in the organization. So you buying a face, a local name and a no power hitter for mid-$20M’s ! You think this type of payroll and these types of decisions win games? Please share the stuff you are smoking with the rest of us.
      Losing maybe Kubel-maybe Cuddy – no money to chase the 3-4 outside players needed to even be competitive in divion. Farm system down.
      Thank God they are in the Central where 10-12 above .500 can win a division. That means they won’t be 40 games out ……
      I expected more. Demand more. Go to see maybe 10 games tops. Season tix holder of 4. I sell or give them away. The product on the field is not much better than the Saints….nice park but I want to watch good baseball. Sorry Twins – you really embarrasse the town way to often

  9. Mark says:

    Trade both Mauer and Morneau NOW!

    Mauer is washed up since he signed his big money deal. It seems like he doesn’t want to work anymore. I have a stiff neck is no excuse. Trade him while he still has huge market value, and lets build a new contender.

    Remember the dallas Cowboys after the sucker punch of Herschel Walker?

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      Wait. What makes you think Joe Mauer has “huge market value??”

      He doesn’t. Everybody knows he has a chronic labia strain.

    2. Joe says:

      I think he has gone down hill ever since he aquired his girlfriend,,,,hummmm
      Maybe she keeps him up to late ……

  10. Dave Krisko says:

    We will see if it helps if not then it was a STUPID move.

  11. Classy Guy says:

    Back to headline

    Thanks JIm for being one of the few bright and enjoyable spots on this otherwise lousy season.
    I hope you pound out a stadium full of your trademark bombs this year and hopefully for more yet to come. You are class to the N’th degree. Happy we got a taste of it here for a couple of season.
    Good Luck!!!

  12. Swanie says:

    Maybe we should get rid of Vavra, the hitting coach, along with the trainers who, for some reason, can’t keep the players healthy. QUIT CODDLING THESE YOUNG MEN who are in the prime of their lives. It’s obvious that none of them (except maybe Cuddy) are giving 100%. It’s like they’re looking for an excuse to sit out a game – i.e., stiff neck, sore shoulder. Seemed like Hughes came up to the Twins hitting great and now couldn’t hit a beach ball. Do the batting coaches mess with the players’ natural swing???

  13. Steve says:

    I see only positives in Thome going to the Indians. Thome has probably the worst stats of any DH in the league. He probably isn’t playing next year, now that he hit 600. The trade allows him to try for a WS ring in his final year.

    Kubel, though.. .That would be discouraging, to lose Kubel. Or Cuddyer. or Morneau. I guess many of you don’t remember Ortiz as a Twin. He was always hurt, but he could HIT.

    The Twins doctors mis-diagnosed Mauer’s injuries, and the Twins subsequently overpaid him. He’ll never be an every-day player again — and he’ll play even LESS if he keeps catching. It will be difficult to trade Mauer. But, sometimes you have to cut your losses.

  14. JT says:

    Yeah we definitly need some more help for next year, but why get rid of your 2- best players- then what do we have? yes we paid toooooo much for Joe, but everybody is overpriced these days. they just need to go get another japaneese star—oh wait a minute I guess that didnt work out too well. I am optomistic, but I cheer for the twins, and if they dont win who cares!!! and even if they win – what does that do for the average JOE. (pun) nothing, they get millions and I have to pay 50 bucks for a ticket and 10 bucks for a beer

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