MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The rate of milk production continues to rise nationwide, even as it slows in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The U.S. produced 15.4 billion pounds of milk last month. That was a 1 percent increase from the same month last year.

That improvement was driven by increases of 8 percent in Texas and 5 percent in Idaho.

But Wisconsin and Minnesota continued their trend of recent months, producing less milk this year than in comparable periods in 2010.

Wisconsin milk producers harvested 2.2 million pounds last month. Even though that keeps the state solidly in the No. 2 position behind California, it’s a 4 percent drop from last year.

The decline was even steeper in Minnesota because of summer heat. Dairy farmers there produced 735,000 pounds, a 7 percent decrease.

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  1. Healthier says:

    As an adult male, I stopped drinking milk and eating dairy products (Ok once in a while I’ll have cheese) and I’ve dropped weight and noticed a major improvement in my over all health. There are other ways to get calcium or just simply take a calcium pill with Vit. D. Go on YouTube and search for “Milk Dangers”. You might be surprised with what you learn is in milk… that isn’t exactly all natural milk.

  2. Tan pup says:

    With all the milk production subsidies going to CA and FL, no wonder. However, I agree with Healthier, I love milk and cheese, but only to a limit. The human body is not designed to digest cows milk. I wouldn’t rely on a pill for Calcium. eat produce and fruits that are loaded with calcium.

    1. Healthier says:

      Hi Tan pup !

      Agreed. There are plenty of produce that have excellent amounts of calcium. Just do a few google searches and get the info. It’s all out there.

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