WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) — The mayor of Wausau says the city won’t help with the cost of staging the annual Labor Day parade unless a decision to ban Republican politicians is reversed.

Marathon County Labor Council President Randy Radtke earlier said Republican elected officials were not invited to participate in the parade because they supported changes to collective bargaining for public employee unions.

Mayor Jim Tipple says the city provides an insurance premium, a stage setup and police traffic control for the parade. WAOW-TV says Tipple will require the Labor Council to reimburse the city for those expenses if its decision isn’t reversed.

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Comments (42)
  1. Kevin says:

    Unions suck…..I will have a parade…but I dont agree with Gays so they will not be allowed….I do not like illegals so they will not be allowed….I hate unions so they will not be allowed….I am afraid of those from North Mpls so they will not be allowed…..I do not like Muslims so they will not be allowed…..all my ex girlfriends will not be allowed to go…..I disagree with Dayton and Frankin so they will not be allowed…….I hate stupid people so half the state of MN will no be allowed……wow….I love me a parade…

    1. Two faced GOP says:

      We all know that you hate everyone that is pretty clear from your past posts, but you say ex girlfriends like at some point people liked you. I doubt that is a long list. As far as the comment “I hate stupid people so half the state of MN will no be allowed” well if this is the same Kevin that leaves the post “aint diversity grand” behind at all of the crime stories then you would be excluding yourself from your own parade. I love how you put down that you “hate stupid people” and in the same sentence say “will no be allowed”.
      Have to love when the GOP get excluded from things they throw a hissy fit at the same time they are trying to exclude a lot of people from things that they enjoy. Go ahead and hold your nose in the air to people that get abortions, gays, people from other countries, women, and just about everyone else that you do not agree with but when someone does it back to you start with your comments on how “libs” are doing this and that. Double standards are just fun.

      1. Carl says:

        @ But Face gop
        So if a city refused to pay for a parade that banned democrats you would be OK with that?

        1. Two faced GOP says:

          @ Carl
          Are you really trying to insult me by changing my name to “but face” and spell it with 1 t? That is a sad, pathetic attempt at intellectual humor and you should probably stay away from attempting comedy again. If you look at the post that I placed and read more than just the name you might notice that I have already list things that the GOP does already refuse people. I should not have to spell it out for you any more than I already have. You are not only clueless when it comes to making a joke but obviously cannot read either.

          1. Carl says:

            So 2 faced democrat………… are you going to answer the question or just make more dumb statements?

        2. G Dog says:

          Many Southern cities ban the Democrats from appearing at pro-Tea Party KKK parades. At least that’s what Sean Hannity told me.

      2. Architect says:

        Actually it would be more than half the people in MN are dumb as they voted for Obama, Franken, Klobuttchar and Dayton.

        1. Dave's Not Here says:

          And Michele Bachmann… Repeatedly…

        2. steve says:

          And aren’t you just the juvenile with your spelling

          1. Iconoclast says:

            Dealing with Architect is like dealing with a ten year old. Just watch, you’ll see.

            1. Dave's Not Here says:

              “The Architect” has not commented here with that name for quite some time.

              But you are correct that the person posting as “Architect” is probably 10 years old.

              Additionally, he frequently posts as “Iconoclast” so there’s really no way to know who is who.

              But you knew that already, right? Right…

        3. louis r says:

          The other half are arrogrant, uneducated, racist, WORKING-CLASS lackeys.
          That would be you and your mother.

      3. Kevin says:

        How dare you sir! Diversity is grand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. mark g says:


  2. Betty says:

    This just isnt a great day for DFL news is it? Amazing how silent they have become. Where are Citizen and meow on such a glorious news day?

    1. bettysux says:

      Here ya go, betty, you are an idiot.

  3. Kevin says:

    Betty….the Messiah is in town today…..they are marching in the “Yes We Can” kool aid line…..you know….marching around the airport with that blank look on their faces chanting “yes we can”….all of them getting goose bumps up and down their legs……see five times a day liberals throw down a carpet……point it twoards Washington DC…..and bow to pray for the Messiah to give them more free stuff……you know the free stuff that only 50% of Americans pay for…..if you look closely as they bow to pray….you can see the “yes we can” tramp stamps on their lower middle back……

    1. me says:

      Now Kevin – they’re not bowing to PRAY … they are “assuming the ‘position'” so that the govenment can give them the shaft in the most convienient manner.

      You should pay attention … the great and wonderful govenment will be expecting ALL of us to assume that position & be shafted very soon.

      TSA body cavity searches coming soon to an airport near YOU.

  4. G Dog says:

    Just name it “Slaves to Multinational Corporations Day” and the Tea Party pukes will turn out in droves.

    1. G Doggy Is My B says:

      “Slaves” Wow! G Doggy what a racist thing to say! You thinks if ok to make light of all the African American Slaves? God what a white racist!

  5. TL says:


    One day…the entire political arena….

    I think it was the great Martin Luther King who said…”I have a Dream!”

    And THAT came true………..

  6. Jason says:

    Democrates mantra, diversity and tolerance. Go figure? Why was this deleted?

    1. Robert says:

      Yep, diversity and tolerance – as long as it fits their political agenda, if not, then the gloves come off.

      The upcoming elections are going to be an all out bloodbath between the GOP and Dems. Can’t wait to see what Saturday Night Live will do with this election cycle. I wonder if they’ll target Ron Paul.

      1. louis r says:

        “Aslong as it fits THEIR agenda?”

        Well, we can see YOU are the enemy you freak.

      2. mel says:

        I love Saturday night lives’ political skits. They are always hysterical!!

  7. G Dog says:

    I’m thinking that if I’m Jewish, I’m not too keen on inviting a bunch of Neo-Nazis to my Jewish pride parade.

    Likewise, if I’m proud to be an American worker, I don’t think I’d be too keen on inviting politicians who gutted my collective bargaining rights to my parade.

    Besides, why would the GOP pukes want to hang out with real people with real problems – the Koch brothers are having a bash at the governor’s mansion that day aren’t they?

    1. Jason says:

      @ g dog How can you even compare Jewish and NN to Gop And Dems????

      1. G Dog says:

        Well, Jason,

        The Nazis weren’t very nice to the Jews and the GOP in Wisconsin wasn’t very nice to the union workers.

        I know that comparing Nazis to Republicans is a slap in the face to Nazis everywhere, but it was the firs analogy that came to my mind.

      2. Kevin says:

        G Diggity Dog has anger issues…..you know due to his lack of male enhancement….oh and guess what….the Neo Nazis would sue and would be allowed to be at the Jewish Parade…..Good God dont you watch Rachel Madcow on MSNBC? She has hate issues too…although I think her issues are she wishes she had male enhancement…or at least the surgery…..

        1. louis r says:


          You are a fool, if you cannot see the analogy. But, of course you are most likely a GOP (Hitler fascist) youth, so it would BE DIFFICULT for you.

          Take your HERO Beck and andsit on him. Might make you feel good, dummy.

  8. Steve Da Queen says:

    Lets have another Rainbow Parade! I have the need to see the Govenor of MN all glittered up and marching down the street…..that gave me tingles up and down my leg……He is so yummy…..I could just eat him up like a bowl of chocolate pudding……he can march down my union parade any time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mike says:

    L M A O … the GOP and Republicans are BANNED? OH man I can’t stop laughing. I might want to move there now. I love how these people realize the evils of the GOP.

    1. Get Real says:

      What happened to diversity & tolerance Mike? People like you want everyone to tolerate special interest groups. But you are a waste of space, because you don’t want to tolerate anyone who thinks differently from you. People like you truly make me sick.

      1. louis r says:

        Diversity and tolerance? Because he has a different opinion from you, he is a “waste of spac eand makes you sick.”

        What an arrogant fool YOU are.

        Diversity and tolerance? Why not INVITE Nazis (your buddies) to Concentration Camp Survivor reunions?

        No, Unions did the right thing and the Mayor is most likely a Republican (like you fool), and thinks it is OK to have the GOP who vote ANTI-UNION march in a LABOR DAY parade.
        LUDICROUS THOUGHT, of course your uneducated self cannot see that.

        YOU make me sick

  10. Murph says:

    Why would a GOP’er want to be there? To hand out poison candy?

  11. Mel says:

    I’m a conservative, but I’ve actually never understood why parades and politics mix. If I want to meet my consituent or candidate I will go to a rally. The whole, “I will run by as fast as I can so I can shake as many people’s hands that I can while the parade goes on” doesn’t impress me. Or how they ride in convertibles with their gimmicky hand waving in the air with a sign on the door saying who they are. Half the time I ask my co-parade observer, “who is that?” I just don’t get it. But, I also don’t understand why grown men feel the need to ride tiny skooters in circles either. I love parades!! Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors. I was went to public school.

    1. truth hurts says:

      Mel never applied himself. Sad, Sad Sad!!!

      The great thing about public education is that everyone is welcome. The rich, poor, gifted or challenged all have equal opportunity to make something of their lives. Some like Mel are just too lazy to take advantage of learning opportunities.

      1. mel says:

        You mean, “Mel never applied herself.” Not “himself”. Mel is short for Melissa. I got that nickname in college. You’re suprised I went to college, aren’t you 😉

        1. louis r says:

          Ouch, tell him. I guess you are not Older” don’t know too many 50 yo “Melissas.”
          When you went to college hopefully you took more than one class in Poli Sci, History, or Social Studies, for example?

          I mean, many people go to college, as you know, MAJOR in Nursing, Computer Science, or whatever (art, for example) yet HAVE only taken the minimum requirement “core subjects” to graduate. so, their knowledge of “liberal arts” or “people sciences” are GREATER than the fool who has NEVER been to college, (yet thinks he knows it all because he reads historical fiction or goes to movies).
          Yet, “college” does NOT provide one with the knowledge of the “larger world,” if the major (degree chocie) is an applied science, for example. So, college helps to hone critical thought, but does not provide “answers” to human or ethical issues (unless that is the focus of study).

          I mean a Nurse with a BS is pretty DUMB about a lot of things (other than nursing)

          1. mel says:

            Knowledge and wisdom are 2 different things. BTW: I love nurses. There are 2 in my family.

  12. louis r says:

    Nice story, but let us hope, your age and experience would help you to UNDERSTAND that you being “conservative” should NOT mean YOU “voting against working interests?”

    You sound a little older, based on your observations, so THINK about the “political ramifications” of your CONSERVATIVE leanings.

    So, as a “worker” it would be DIFFICULT to think that you would support ANYONE who would attempt to decrease YOUR “rights” as a worker.
    Whether you LIKE those same people “riding motorcycles or waving from convertibles.”

    The issue is RESPECT for the RIGHTS of workers.
    So, it is DOUBTFUL that a CONSERVATIVE or LIBERAL, or regular person WOULD get “spit in the eye,” and ask for more by INVITING the spitter to an event that celebrates ALL workers.

    However someone wants to SPIN that reality.

  13. TerryT says:

    Minnesota Nice?


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