North Branch Girl, 5, Suffers Bat Bite At Wal-Mart

NORTH BRANCH (WCCO) — A 5-year-old North Branch girl is recovering after an unusual run-in with a bat at a retail store.

On these final days of summer, Zoe Zachrison would normally be enjoying the outdoors. Instead, she’s barely able to move, all because of what happened on a trip to a Wal-Mart in Cambridge.

“She’s very traumatized,” said Holly Townley, Zoe’s mother.

Last week, Zoe and her mom were grocery shopping.

“She was sitting in the child part of the cart, minding her own business,” said Holly.

When they walked down the frozen food section, they encountered the unexpected visitor.

“The bat flew down the pizza aisle, flew back at us, flew down and landed on her, attacking her and bit her leg,” said Holly.

Her left leg still has a mark from the bat bite. On her right leg, is a mark from the painful treatment that followed.

“She had a series of three shots for rabies,” said Holly.

Although doctors don’t know for sure whether or not the bat had rabies, they consider it rabid because bats don’t bite, Holy said.

The attack itself was traumatizing, but the treatment’s side effects are causing even more problems.

“She had a 103-degree temp, very achy, sore joints — almost as if she were a 90-year-old man,” said Holly.

After three trips to the emergency room, Holly asked Wal-Mart to help to pay medical bills, but she said they refused.

“I think Wal-Mart needs to step up and take responsibility for what happened to her. This was their store and this is their responsibility,” said Holly.

Holly is ready to take her claim to court, but, right now, her focus is on helping her daughter heal.

“She’s scared. She refuses to go into stores, doesn’t want to leave the house,” said Holly.

According to Holly, Wal-Mart claimed they aren’t responsible for any costs tied to that bat attack.

Wal-Mart Senior Manager for Media Relations Dianna Gee said the store has a claims process for incidents within their stores.

“We hired a pest management company, but have never had a problem with bats at that store. Management at that store is very concerned about the little girl,” said Gee. “It’s an unusual and unfortunate incident.”

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    This is ridiculous. At the very least, for good PR, Walmart needs to step in and help that family. Not doing so only paints them in the public’s eye as the more EEEEEVILLL WALMART!1111!.

    • freecheese

      If Wal Mart doesn’t step forward real soon and take responsibility, many ambulance-chasing lawyers will. Wal Mart will end up paying MUCH more than just for treatment.

    • T

      Almost no doctor carries the rabies vaccine. Many emergency rooms do. That’s just the way it is. My wife has insurance and a doctor and still had to get the rabies vaccine from the ER. If you were as knowledgeable as you think you are and assumed less than you do then you might know this.

      • HappyFlyer

        Please keep your attitude to yourself. You could say the same thing without a personal attack.

      • Marbran


        Maybe you responded to the wrong post? Wal-Mart should have definitely stepped up and paid the expenses without question. Now they face a much larger payoff when this woman takes them to court. Their property; their responsibility.

        • Leslie

          Well, sadly I’d have to inform you that not because it’s Walmart’s land it’s Walmart’s fault.

          1) Walmart DOES NOT controls nature. Just how the installations/facilities of they store serve and are presented to customers. (aka, useful, clean, etc)

          2) There was a bat inside their store, yes, but if they prove is an isolated fella, that somehow got in (the most likely) and there is no bat infestation, or anything else that proves that Walmart deliberately doesn’t gives a boogaloga about their customers; then they have no case against Wal-mart.

          3) If someone shoots and kills a grandma in your house, is your fault because is your house?


          • Kyler

            Is true!

          • foggyworld

            This isn’t grandma. Walmart blew a great opportunity and they couldn’t begin to pay for the good PR they would have received by not just picking up all of the bills involved but maybe setting up a college fund to help the young lady later in life. She has been traumatized and because bat biting in stores is a rarity. they wouldn’t have been hit with a ton of law suits.

            They are showing their worst side and I for one will think about shopping there knowing their response to horrible situations. Shame on them and it is their behavior that creates a litigious society. It’s the only recourse this family will have and no one yet know just how high those expenses are going to be.

            But wealthy folks from Arkansas apparently don’t have even common sense. This would have been a tax write off that made them look more like Saints. Right now the devil is running those Chinese junk yards

            • Associate-2352

              This store isn’t in Arkansas if that is what you are getting at.

              Not to mention, you not shopping there is not going to hurt the store, especially if your reason is because they didn’t want to take fault for a force of nature. The idea that you can point your finger and blame someone just because you’re on their land is ridiculous.
              Wal-Mart didn’t want that bat in the store. They knew they had pests coming into the store. It’s a fact of owning an open-to-the-outside Lawn and Garden center. They had tried to get rid of them and it’s just not easy because they hang out in the rafters and on lights. If you try to get to them they just fly somewhere else.

              if I had a volcano on my land and I was trying to get rid of it and then one day it erupted when you were in my yard, should that be my fault that you get toasted to death? No. It was nature beyond my control and honestly it has the same concept as a bat biting someone, ESPECIALLY because the bats we have here in Minnesota don’t bite. Rare incidents out of anyone’s control cannat be anyone’s fault.

          • Ben Dover

            (3) Yes..That is why people have homeowners insurance…Einstein..

          • Jeff

            This happened in the city of Cambridge, so Cambridge should have to pay!! In the state of Minnesota, so the state should have to pay and in the US, so the US should have to pay!!!

        • Bill Duke

          You must be a Democrat.They believe that someone else must always pay for your problems.Walmart owes them nothing.

          • Marbran

            No, not a Demoncrat, Bill. And was it really her problem? Did the little girl provoke the bat, causing it to bite her?

            Puh-lease…it happened in their store. They could have settled it honorably. Now they will pay.

          • wavygravynet

            Since when does politics play a bigger role than simple human kindness and goodwill?

          • Cleary

            So – suppose you’re walking in a store and slip on broken raw eggs, and break a leg. You saying the store doesn’t owe you anything? Wild animals don’t belong in the store. The relevant questions are whether the store management knew that the bat was in the store and if so, what measures they took to get it out of the store. If management knew and did nothing, how is that any different than there being raw eggs on the floor, the store management saying, “Somebody else’s problem” and then you breaking your leg.

            I believe we are too litigious in this society, but in this particular case, if the store management was negligent or reckless, there ought to be a lawsuit and I’d bet the plaintiff would win. The win shouldn’t be a windfall for the plaintiffs, but I’d give them their medical expenses and maybe some small punitive damages for the emotional discomfort of the biting victim.

          • Alan Smithee

            Yes, they MUST be! All the proof is there in that anonymous, 4-sentence post, revealing details like political preference. Thank you for reminding us by demonstration that people as smart as yourself are able to pick up on these things so readily. I look forward to your next literary review of the new issue of Archie & Friends, so until then, thanks again!

          • Non-Moronic

            I cant believe most of you people on here responding…that 1. Walmart is not responsible!? Their property, their liability! pretty simple fact…. And for all of you knowing nothing about Rabbi Vac, VERY PAINFUL! and on a 5 year old especially!! and potentially, yes this little girl could have lost her life from any series of events the issue! If it were any of you who have the dumb comments about no big deal….I think that would change if it were you or your child! 5 YEARS OLD!! What sickens me is the lack of common sense and empathy so many of you morons have with your stick your foot in your mouth responses! Tells you the kind of people in this world! Disgusting!

            • Associate-2352

              Hey, I was there when it happened. Wal-Mart does it’s best to keep animals out, and does what it can. They have an open Lawn and Garden section and if birds or bats get in, they can’t do anything about it.

              Perhaps if you are entering a store that is pen to the outside 24/7 (as this Wal-Mart is a never closing supermarket), then you should be prepared to see flying wildlife. The chance that something bad may happen is so small, and honestly Wal-Mart isn’t at fault one bit.

              If they were at fault just because it is their property, then I should be able to walk into your yard and trip on a rock, break my leg, and sue you. NO. Just because they own the property doesn’t mean they should be considered at fault because a WILD BAT that Wal-Mart DID NOT AUTHORIZE bites a girl. Grow a sense of logic before you rant.

    • Horsesrunwild


    • T. Montana

      The phrase “looked like” doesn’t appear in the article. ““She had a 103-degree temp, very achy, sore joints — almost as if she were a 90-year-old man”. Now you know.

      • Ry-guy

        Thank you for correcting NowYouKnow, almost gave me an aneurys reading that comment.

    • Sam

      I for one hate shopping at Wal-mart and avoid it all costs even if it costs me more money elsewhere because, yes, Wal-mart and all their Wal-Martians are EEEEVILLLL!!! All that said, this is just some lady trying to make a quick million off the big buck corporations. Wal-Mart should definitely pay the medical costs but when somebody says their kid is “very traumatized” and “refuses to go into stores and doesn’t want to leave the house”, really?!! Of course if was still a kid and my Mom took me out to Wal-Mart late at night with the bats flying around, I’d probably be frightened to go see the inside of a Wal-Mart too but it would be all the circus freaks I’d avoid, not the bats.

      • anthony

        i hear ya, i havent set foot in walmart in over a year. walmart is becoming a monopoly and id rather support other stores.

      • Cheryl B

        You are ridiculous. This isn’t just some fake slip and fall, it’s a bat bite–you can’t very well fake that. And it isn’t even a case of a child picking up a bat on the ground. Of course, if Wal-Mart was smart, they would settle with the mother. Cause she sure will get a lawyer and end up costing them more in the long run. Those shots are painful and can make the person really sick. (It used to be you got a series of 14 shots and they were given in the stomach!)

      • wmc

        My neighbors 5yr old died of rabies…treatment was horrible on the child and did not save his life.

      • sls

        You don’t have kids, do you.

      • Kung

        What people are not considering is the bat may have been a Chinese Vampire Bat since all the trash Walmart sells comes from Their Motherland China the bat may have been hiding in a box shipped to the USA?

        This is sarcasm by they way..

        • Rod Anders

          This is not sarcasm, it’s true. It’s happened more than once.

      • Wal Mart Defender
    • Jimmy

      Others have seen bats in Walmarts too. Here is why…..The automatic doors at Walmarts are constantly opening and closing and at night, the bright lights attract many insects, the bats are attracted by the insects and occasionally chase an insect into the store. They end up lost in the store. If one of these bats were rabid, it may attack a person, in this case a child. Why so many bats in Walmart? By the shear size of the chain, the biggest in the US is going to get the most bats and the highest probability of a rabid bat.

      • Ted

        Jimmy is right and I myself have seem many Old Bats shopping in the Walmart.

        • Rod Anders

          Were they biting?

        • ron jackson

          and they do not speek engleeshand asll come from south of the border and yes they are the blood sucking species.

          • FedUp Florida

            Right on!

        • teresac803


  • DG

    I was at walmart a couple days ago in grand rapids, mn there was a bat in that store too, multiple people saw it! We saw the workers doing nothing about it. How is the pest control supposed to help a company like walmart when they are leaving their shipping/receiving overhead doors open. They are at fault, they probably could’ve got out of this with very little problem. Now it’s my guess they’re going to be paying big time.

    • elisabeth

      We used to get them in another chain I worked at as well … they get in and get confused. Pest control won’t even try to get them in the public areas during store hours. it can take hours to catch them … people would be mad if we were closed during business hours if we would take that route … there is really no winning solution for the stores. I;ve been in stores with bats in them alot of times … they are generally harmless. I’m not sure why this is not an insurance claim as it happened on store property. Seems silly that their is any dispute over bills – Walmart should have a claim in place already.

    • Dave's Not Here

      DG, what do you suggest the workers should have done? Chased it with brooms and tennis rackets like in The Great Outdoors? They are not trained in such things, nor paid for them.

    • BillyGoat404

      Doesn’t Walmart carry shotguns and ammo? Let the employees blast away during store hours! Now I’d pay money to see that!

    • Jimmy


  • mary Lou

    Walmart should be held responsable,

    • lwlfnm

      Responsible for what? For bat actions? Society gone mad. People are ready to sue for everything. Things happens. Ants bite, scorpions sting, dogs bark. Facts of life. Don’t try to make somebody to pay for every accident. There is a such thing as nobody’s fault.

      • Kingfish

        LWLFM…you sound like Ranger Rick, or Maxine, let’s let one bite you , go through the shots, and suffering, and God forbid if it was a black person, Al Sharpton and minion of black berries would be screaming and crying that the bat was racist, then the EPA, CBC, waters and all the others would be marching at the Capital, Anderson Cooper would be there playing with his tea bags, on National TV, what a friggin show.

    • Swell_swell

      Walmart has a responsibility to provide a safe shopping environment. There are ways to prevent bats from entering the store – for one you can use the same vinyl strips across loading bay doors as you do across refrigerated areas. Bats are not likely to fly through them. Or, you open the doors when you need to go through them and close them when you are done instead of lazily leaving them open. There are many things Walmart could do – and would learn that they could do about it if someone were to report the danger of bat bites to employees to OSHA. Oh boy would OSHA love to go to town fining OSHA for safety violations.

      • Canof Sand

        You have unrealistic expectations. There is no protection that is both fool-proof and reasonable for daily use. Even OSHA with its mountains red tape isn’t going to find anything here.

    • dee dee mao

      Why? because the greeter didn’t say “Welcome to Walmart” When the bat flew into th estore?

    • Scottatomp

      George W. Bush should be held responsible.

    • biggster

      I blame the bat.

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  • Josh

    DG…try catching a bat in a large store like that. not as easy as you would think. i work at a sams club and we have had a couple of bats enter the store. but what are we to do about it when we cant catch them especially if they are all the way up in the rafters. dont get me wrong, walmart should totally be held responsible but for real people. i would love to see you people running around trying to catch a bat. and Nancy you not going to shop at a walmart isnt going to do anything to the company. you are but one person. not a huge differnce maker. ha

    • Kingfish

      Exactly, Maxine Waters was in our local store, it took 15 people and 3 hours to catch that old bat.

      • Rod Anders

        They should have killed it when they caught it.

  • Batty up North

    Another scarey thing about it is, you don’t know what kind of varmints come in food/fruit shipments from other states, like CA and FLA. Tarantula’s have been known to come in banana crates. Poisonous spiders, gawd only knows what else.
    They have to give Zoe treatment for rabies because they don’t know if it was a harmless MN bat or a more treacherous kind.
    Wal-Mart should foot the bill.
    It’s been a “Batty” year though. I’ve seen more bats this year than I have in years.

  • pat

    This woman held the door open longer than usual at wal mart while she was swatting at her kid to get in the cart, tha was how the bat entered. Honelstly people there is a point where we are responsible for some aspect of our life. How would this woman feel if the UPS guy fell down her steps trying to avoid her cat?? Sue Sue Sue, we no longer pray or say the Star Spangeled Banner, we just Sue.

    • Mike

      Honestly Pat, responsibility is also in a corporations best interest. When you enter a ________, you do so with the understanding that is safe from bats and other potentially rabid rodents. Your logic is consistent with a moron.
      I hope _________takes responsibility for it’s negligence or an attorney takes advantage of an easy opportunity.

      • Mike

        I used _________ in my comment because the moderator would not allow me to use Wal-Mart.

    • Beverly

      Stuff happens! You have no guarantees in life. Everyone wants to be protected and have the kind of life they “deserve” and if it isn’t to their liking, they sue or go running to the government.
      That is what is wrong with this people now. They are totally unable to deal with what is.

  • Akcl

    J. Marcus – Do you have any clue how expensive rabies immune globulin and rabies vaccine is?? It is very expensive not to mention how painful the immune globulin is as it has to be injected directly in to the site where the person is bit and a large amount. I agree about not suing however, it’s about $4000 for the series for the immune globulin and rabies vaccine and that doesn’t even cover the dr’s bill. So what is wrong with Walmart paying for this? That is a drop in the bucket for them. As a nurse and having to administer this quite often, it is very traumatizing to a child.

    • david7134

      If the child were bit in your house, would you pay the $4000? Or if you own a small business and $4000 is your monthly take, would you pay? It is called precedent. You don’t pay because you are not liable, paying makes you have the apperance of being liable. That is because we live in a country with lawyers as every corner.

      Besides, she doesn’t have to pay the $4000, we have obamacare!!

    • Anne Maloy Potter

      OMG $4000.. They don’t have to ship it in from across the sea’s ..Public Health in her state will probally adminster it any ways they all do.. ..WHICH IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEE…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Rod Anders

        So, if taxpayers pay $4000, it’s somehow FREEEEEEEEEEEEE ???

    • Anne Maloy Potter

      So is school shot’s… What dr’s bill’s r u talking about……Well I tell ya yep I’m a nurse and yep I have had to give the rabies shots alot> I live in upstates NY and they get into people homes. I have seen more whinning on here than I have with half of my pt’s…… Drama from the chicken farm.

      • Joe Simmons

        You’re a nurse, yet you fail to compile complete, structured, and readable sentences without using “…. …. >, r u (for are you)” ? I hope I never have to get medical attention from you, I have a feeling the doctor will not be able to read your notes and end up giving me the wrong treatment.

    • BSJ

      I was bitten by a rabid skunk. Yeah, the globulin shots at the bite site, two toes, were painfull, for a little while.
      The Rabies shot didn’t hurt at all. And they were about $350 a shot. No where near $4000!!!

      Her insurance should cover it. Wal-Mart could pick up the deductable, just for the PR. But it’s not their fault that bats live in the world…

  • Nicholas_Staber

    I have been bitten by a bat. I was treated at Ridgeview Medical Center. I was given the Rabies vaccine. It is not as painful as everyone makes it out to be. The smaller bored needles at the point of injection (my back) felt like acupuncture. The bigger needles (6…3 in each arm) hurt a little. The follow up shots were like getting a booster. The person here who claims to be a nurse and that the injection costs $4,000 is lying. My bill without insurance was $1,500. Walmart should pay for this and the family should not have to sue. Walmart has a responsibility to keep animals away from its customers.

    • Rod Anders

      You saying customers can’t buy meat?

    • Allison

      actually the nurse was correct in the price. If you don’t have insurance the hospital will automatically give you a self pay discount and that is why your bill was only $1500.00

      • afadsfds

        so what you’re sayign is the hospital rips of insurance companies – nice

    • Joe

      That’s preposterous. That’s like saying employees need to escort every customer to help ensure absolutely nothing happens to them.

      Why didn’t the mom (after seeing the bat) pay more attention that the bat was moving in their direction after turning around and intercept it? I’m tired of seeing people not paying attention to their screaming kids or eating food and spilling it all over the place because they don’t want to take personal responsibility. That’s called child neglect and shoplifting respectfully in many places. Don’t know how many times I’d like to go over and smack someone in the brain for not paying before eating.

      • angryb

        Couldn’t have said it better!

    • SvenskaSvea87

      I’ve gone through the rabies series and each shot costs over a grand. My insurance would only pay for the first shot, even though rabies treatment is a series of shots, and had to pay for all the others out of pocket. Still, I’d rather pay than be dead as we’re pretty sure I was bit by a rabid bat.

      It’s in the best interests of Wal*Mart to pay for the shots, but I don’t think it’s their responsibility. What if the girl had been bitten while outside in their parking lot? Would the mother still be expecting the store to pay?

  • As jack said...

    Wow Wal-Mart you guys blew it! Who handles your public relations? You need to fire them. Why? 1) Media inquires about a child being bit by a bat in your store and your P.R. person responds with “we a have a claims process for incidents that occur our store” if the reporter is correctly reporting the statement as printed in the article. So even if the claim has been filed by the child’s parents for the treatment. It still comes off as indifferent and bureaucratic which is associated with corp. mentality and people become outraged. 2) Wal-Mart missed in turning a negative as a positive. How? Acknowledge the incident publicly because the media is going to report it anyway. Your Wal-Mart after all. So simply send a senior management person to the family and direct them to forward the bill to Wal-Mart. You would’ve not only reduced the negative situation of having a child bit by bat in your store but also had a lot of positive advertising portraying Wal-Mart as a institution that cares for its patrons only for the price of an estimated $1,500 medical bill. That’s actually cheap advertising.

    • Rod Anders

      hay, don’t kill the goose with a golden leg. You are getting a bargain and a privledge just to shop their. They can’t afford no medical insurance cuz they ain’t hardy chargin no money for meatballs (which I like best) or the other consumtables they give you in the food section. Don’t forget Sam Walten gave his life to make that a great companie so all you whiners could enjoy the fruits of life in this great USA. If you don’t like it go to Somlia and hang around with some pirates. You will be VERY HAPPY to get back her then.

    • Johnny

      Totally correct! This negative press is worth *thousands* of dollars in harm to the brand and they come up with that totally dumb bureaucratic statement? Some PR person should be fired.

  • Steal the ADHD drugs, Holly...

    No kidding!

    Hey Holly, if little Zoe starts to develop a attitude problem, the take her to the doctor. Maybe he’ll prescribe her some ADHD drugs for the symptom, the you in turn can steal them from her and use them yourself!

    There now, everybody is happy…

  • Kevin

    Nobody should have to be sued, Walmart can make a prime example of this and offer to pay for any of the child’s medical expenses. Walmart pays the doc and everybody wins in the end.

    • Steve Sr

      but walmart isn’t doing that because it is a non-issue until Mama makes it an issue. Walmart can use their insurance like every other American who has home and property insurance for child accidents on their property

  • James

    Most people around the little girl heard her screams. But to the mother it just sounded like KA-CHING!!!

  • Delora

    You are so right. WalMart will be responsible but I’m sure it will not be for the Millions that this family will be looking for.

    • pitter43

      I think you’re wrong, it’s always about money, always. My prediction is that they’ll sue for every penny that a brain dead jury will give them.

  • Bernadette

    About two weeks ago, my son (9) was bitten in a bat while working in our barn. He has had to go through the same treatment. The first night, he had his first, of five, vaccines. He also had to go through the serum treatment which consists of 4, very painful injections. He just had his 4th vaccine the other day (his last is in a week). He has had some soreness, and an occasional bout of nausea, but overall, has been feeling pretty good. Now I know that every person is going to react differently. And I have no doubt this little girl is feeling pretty lousy. That may happen, physically. But to say that she has been “traumatized”, that is something that I beleive is maybe being fed a bit. Children learn how to react to situations from their parents. We need to be examples to our children when any type of situation occurs, good or bad. (Our son went back out to the barn the next day, his choice, because he knew there were chores that had to be done, and he wanted to take care of his goat) A lot of things happen over ones lifetime, and if we let oursleves become victims every time something bad happens, then we aren’t doing anyone any favors.

    As for suing, we wonder why everything costs so much. Companies cover their overhead (things such as insurance, for example) in the cost of their goods sold. If their insurance increases, so does the price on their products. So who actually pays for this? We do. And what are we teaching our children by suing Walmart. This is not something that happened because Walmart was negligiant. It happened because Minnesota has bats, and, on occassion, they do bite people. We deal with it, and educate ourselves as to what to do if something like this happens. Suing someone isn’t going to help anyone in this situation.

    • Nate

      Your clearing Walmart of responsibility is like saying “And sometimes when you go to a restaurant you get food poisoning but that’s just a risk you have to take.”

      The family wants the medical bills paid for. I don’t see that as being irresponsible on their part.

    • Spike

      “Suing someone isn’t going to help anyone in this situation.”

      Duh! I think it would pay the medical bills.

    • Greg

      Burnadette, you have the most sensible response!

    • Toadus

      The little girl was bitten by a freaking BAT in THEIR store and is having rabies treatments because of it. I am no litigation hound by any means, and agree that tort reform is a necessity in our country.

      But in their store, they shoulder responsibility, period. They try to shirk me> I’d find the greasiest lawyer alive and punify them into the next decade!


      • Canof Sand

        Wal-Mart isn’t responsible unless you can demonstrate negligence on their part caused the problem. And you can’t. If a huge meteor fell from the sky and punctured the ceiling, hitting someone, would you insist that this too is the store’s fault because “in their store, they should responsibility, period” ? No, your statement is totally incorrect. Granted, they *should* pay for things, through their insurance or whatever, for PR’s sake, but they’re *not* at fault here unless there’s much more to the story, like they’re lying about bats not being a significant issue before and they left some doors/windows open for an unreasonably long period of time or something of that nature.

        • Jason Carroll

          To your claim of negligence: Actually as has been said, there are bats in MN and they do bite people. Knowing this, has this Wally world done ANYTHING AT ALL to prevent this from occuring in their store? What? Nothing at all? Negligence.

          Ive known people to sue and WIN when they were in a carpet store, and tripped over their own kid who was playing on the floor. You dont have to show negligence on the property owners part actually. If something bad like that happens to you on someone elses property, then they are held liable. This is partially why people buy home owners insurance. So if the wild next door neighbors kid jumps over your fence and then lands flat on his head, breaks his back, and sues YOU for him deciding to be wild and jump the fence for fun and lands on your land and hurts himself. You lose, so luckily, you have insurance.

          In a moral society, you would not get sued. You MIGHT offer to help call the medics or something, but you shouldnt be liable for that. However, that is not the world we live in, here in the grand ole US of A. The loudest are heard and the richest do whatever they please.

          • RK

            my suggestion would B to throw the stupid kid back accross the fence B 4 anyone saw what happened.

  • markH

    The alleged bat is twice his normal body weight, has a mullet, and was last seen wearing a NASCAR T-shirt with flip flops and a fanny pack. Peace.

  • Denise

    Wow James obviously u r not a parent or a human being. Sorry but most people don’t think of money when their child is screaming in pain. Most people don’t stand around thinking it’s money in the bank when they see their child has been hurt!!! No one expects their trip to the grocery store will end up rushing their five year old to the ER. If Walmart won’t pay for the vaccines then yes sue them This child did nothing wrong and not only does she suffers but the familys financial state has to suffer??? The jerk that told Holly to sell pills??? Obviously u have some knowledge in that area so y don’t u go and do that instead of making an honest living. THIS CHILD WAS HURT DUE TO ZERO NEGLIGENCE OF HERSELF OR HER MOTHER!!! It is the store that should b held responsible for not protecting it’s customers.

  • Anne Maloy Potter

    What is wrong with you people .. It’s a bat they get into places they get into your homes… A bat bite which I can decribe to you as smaller than a pin stick.. I am a er nurse… This family looking for the gold.. Traumatized this girl is .lol Give it a rest . I yet to see some one come into the Er traumatized. Yep she will have to get shots.. First round depending her size is how much she weighs… So she got one shot or two the first dose then she will get two more shots after that. No Worse than school shots….. We live in a world of drama… This is a perfect case pf it…. It’s all about money……

    • Steve Sr

      you can’t change that…it is a fact(referring to your last sentence). The family members aren’t gold diggers to file suit, and I think walmart can handle it. They have pretty much put everyone else out of business. If it wasn’t about money they could pay some employees more but that is life. Gold diggers wouldn’t have asked for a verbal apology and for a few bucks for some common sense help. It is the least walmart can do

    • Toadus

      Walmart is responsible. And the bat has more than one tooth…and can chew…so calling it smaller than a pin prick is a little stupid. And you think this wouldn’t be traumatizing to a little girl? Weird…

      • Canof Sand

        Just because something happens in a place you own doesn’t mean you’re responsible for that thing happening. You need more evidence than that. Perhaps Wal-Mart should pay for PR reasons, but they are NOT “responsible” unless there’s a lot more to the store than is being given here and it shows real negligence, which I highly doubt. Your type needs to get a grasp on what “responsible” means before you start assigning it to others.

        • Johnny

          Yeah, and Walmart saved approximately $1000? And with over 122 comments, most negative (on this one webpage alone, today!)… yeah, they’ve already lost WELL over $1000 in damage to the brand just from the evidence on this page.

          Whether technically they are “responsible” or not is irrelevant to the simple financial decision that they will now probably have to run MANY thousands of $ worth of advertising to merely make up partially the damage to their image caused by insensitive statements/actions.

          In the business world, sometimes “responsibility” isn’t as important as what customers think of your organization. Negative publicity’s effects can linger and be very expensive… who’s the dummy now?

        • Jason Carroll

          You are wrong again. VERY VERY WRONG. Lets see. Youre driving a car, a cop pulls you over. Your friend didnt tell you he had drugs in his pocket, so he dumps them out into the glovebox. The cop says this is a known drug area and wants to search the car. you say sure because you know you dont do drugs and dont have any. The cop drug sniffing dog finds the drugs. Your friend claims no responsibility. YOUR CAR, YOU GO TO JAIL, YOU LOSE YOUR CAR.

          Lets see again, renting out the upstairs room. The guy decides to make METH. It explodes causing a fire and lots of blown damage. Next door neight was out mowing his lawn, gets hit with flying glass. Cops/fire fighters/ambulance called to scene. They find evidence it was a Meth explosion. The guy you rented to is long gone. YOUR HOUSE YOUR METH YOURE LIABLE, YOUR PRISON TERM.

          Lets see again, you wake up. Loud noise downstairs. Its 2am. You grab your pistol. You see an intruder, yell stop, he throws something at you, hits your head, he turns and runs. You fire a shot. Hits him in his chest. Lands on your yard. He crawls out to the street. Cops arrive. Find dead man on street. You holding the gun. YOUR HOUSE, YOUR GUN, YOURE LIABLE, YOUR PRISON TERM.


          • Jason is an Idiot

            you’re an idiot

    • Jd

      All they wanted at first was the bills payed for. It is not crazy for them to ask for that. I agree that sueing is ridiculously out of control, but this isn’t a woman pouring oil on the ground, laying down in it, and saying she fell in it, like I saw here in Jacksonville.

  • rowan

    all the mother is asking for is help with medical bills nothing more. it seems to me this is the least wal mart can do. sonce it seems they are incapable of doing whats right on their own , sue them, and not just for medical bills.

  • rowan

    this is a BAT in a DEPARTMENT STORE. theres a huge difference here.

    • Steve Sr

      exactly, let me guess: no employees saw any sign of a bat until after the incident. camera footage can show how the employees represented walmart on this day. This 5yr old girl had a right to be safe at walmart

      • Joe

        Sorry, but Walmart doesn’t own the airspace

  • Jess

    I see birds in an Oklahoma Walmart all the time. I’m not sure if anyone was trying to get them out but I was worried they might be going to the bathroom all over the place. It would be nice if they tried to clean up their public image a bit and over something if not medical payments. Even a back to school shopping spree would be an effort.

  • val

    I have also seen birds at the Cambridge,MN walmart, when I sent them an email the woman that replied informed me they have yet to figure out how to stop them from getting in and if I knew of a way to let them know. I told her I was concerned of bird droppings on food, she said she had not seen any and asked if I had. I agree with OSHA investigating into all Walmart creature invasions.

  • alex

    Good that she got the rabies shots.

    Wal’s should pony up for the cost of the shots.

    I see a bat in Wal’s I’m gonna kill the sucker with a tennis racket lol

  • Steve Sr

    it is very simple: sue walmart and get a settlement and I am dead serious(pun intended). All of a sudden they will care…I wonder who claims its not an issue in the first place; probably some random employee in the fish section, time to move up the chain! I have never sued anyone or been sued, but I wouldn’t hesitate in a heartbeat if my child got bit by a bat @ walmart

  • Steve Sr

    Anne you can argue dimes and nickels while my lawyer notifies on official letterhead for punitive damages. Does she hadve to die to get money? would if noone noticed the bat and rabie symptoms kicked in mths later? The main thing here is they aren’t giving the Mama the time of day(probably for there own legal reasons). She needs to step it up to get something done and walmart pays in millions, not thousands: 100s of thousands maybe if the lawyer is a rookie

    • Robin

      With all due respect Steve, Sr., you have no idea what you are talking about. There are legal standards, burdens of proof, that a Plaintiff must prove before she is entitled to punitive damages. Unless you know more facts in this case than what is reported, punitive damages are not likely warranted. Further, Wal-Mart Corp. gets thousands and thousands of claims against it. In my area, it is well known in the legal community that Wal-Mart would rather take the case to court (and take a chance before a jury) than settle the case, in many instances. It is usually because the claimant/Plaintiff wants a lot more than just his/her medical bills paid. Like many of the comments on this board, the Plaintiff believes that Wal-Mart is so big, it can afford to pay a lot of money for a claim with little damages. However, if Wal-Mart paid every claim made against it….well you get the picture.

      And, no, I have never worked at, or represented, Wal-Mart. I am, however, part of the legal community about which I spoke.

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