Food Calorie Count

Common Calorie Count

Pronto Pup: 350 calories, 18g fat, 6g saturated fat

Cheese Curds: 759 calories, 39g, 15g saturated fat

Chocolate Shake (from the Dairy Building): 747 calories, 30g fat, 18g saturated fat

Giant Turkey Leg: 1,136 calories, 54g fat, 19g saturated fat

Deep-Fried Cookie Dough: 1,200 calories, 51g, fat, 30g saturated fat.


Pronto pup, corn on the cob (with butter), and chocolate shake:
• Calories: 1277
• Total Fat: 56g
• Saturated Fat:28
• Running: 2 1/2 hours
• Walking: 5 hours

Giant turkey leg, cheese curds, 7 Sweet Martha’s cookies:
• Calories: 2445
• Total Fat: 121g
• Saturated Fat: 48g
• Running: almost 5 hours
• Walking: 9 3/4 hours

Deep-fried cookie dough, breakfast lollipop, 20 oz Coke (regular):
• Calories: 2050
• Total Fat: 96g
• Saturated Fat: 57g
• Running: 4 hours
• Walking: 8 hours

All information on calories and fat grams was provided by the University of Minnesota.  The nutritionists and food scientists designed the software that computes food calories and fat grams.

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