MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota woman leading the fight to pull common pet products from stores shelves is one step closer to her goal.

Aundria Arlandson says her cat, Oliver, died after putting flea and tick powder on him. Arlandson was in Washington D.C. Monday night and planned to meet with retailers and lawmakers this week.

The Environment Protection Agency logged nearly 40,000 complaints against the products last year. Already, all Dollar Tree Stores have stopped selling the products.

“For me, none of this has been about kudos. It’s about getting a job done, doing what I said I was going to do,” said Arlandson. “There was a brief celebration over the phone but then it’s back to work.”

Last year, a statement from the companies said, “Safety is our number one priority,” and that, “the products are safe when used as directed.”

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  1. Heard that before! says:

    Didn’t the tobacco companies say the same thing at first? “the products are safe when used as directed.”

  2. Bill says:

    Wow 40.,000 complaints. There is an issue here. Good for her.

  3. Timmy says:

    This is a crazy situation where profits has trumped health and marketing has trumped allowing people to make educated decisions. YOU GO GIRL!

  4. Mike Bagby says:

    Good for Aundria! I’m so glad none of my cats have had this problem, and hope the publicity she can raise will prevent others from suffering like Oliver did.

  5. JanellM says:

    Stories like this are so important!! Many pet parents don’t know the products are harmful until it is too late. I hope people read this story, learn more, and share their knowledge with friends and family members.

  6. Judy says:

    Go Aundria & Claudia!! We are so proud of all you have accomplished!! Just think of how many kitties and dogs you will have saved!! I am proud to be your friend! The ARMY goes on! We fight until the cause is “cured”! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time effort and hard work, not to mention the funds you and the volunteers have put in! Kudos My friends!! YOU ROCK!!! ~Love Judy & the kitties & of course the goggie. Hi Timmy!! Oliver will always be remembered, never forgotten and “Not One More Like Him” Ever….So proud my friends! xo

  7. Judy says:

    Dollar Tree will be one of my favorite stores from now on!! Thank you Dollar Tree! ❤

  8. Aundria says:

    Thank you all for your support! Please support http://www.timmystones.com

    1. Cat-man says:

      Very interesting we sprayed flea spray on our cat a few years back, let him out he never returned, we think he may have licked it off him, and passed away, what a sad deal

  9. hamishdad says:

    Thank you, Aundria, for taking this fight to Washington D.C. It’s about time the EPA did something to protect pets from harmful flea and tick products. No ones pet should have to die as the result of a product with inadequate instructions and warnings. That’s totally unacceptable!

  10. Redneck Purist says:

    I noticed the story doesn’t mention whether the woman read or followed the instructions. Most stuff like that, or say – rat poison can kill a pet if it is ingested or used in too high a dose, or not used properly. You need to be smarter than the box the flea powder came in. I’d like to hear more about what actually happened. Maybe she thought 10 times the normal amount will work even better. We don’t know. People and pets are probably killed every day by a perfectly good drug or medicine when used correctly, due to accidental overdose or failure to follow instructions. Is anyone in favor of banning stupid people from trying to treat their pets?

    1. Aundria says:

      I am happy to talk to you personally about what happened to Oliver. Please feel free to contact me at ithinkimoliver@yahoo.com.

  11. grikdog says:

    What a sucky article. It doesn’t even identify the product or the ingredient. Way to go WCCO

    1. Aundria says:

      This was a follow up to an in depth story Ms. Collin did last year. The product was Sergeants Flea & Tick Powder for cats. Pemethrin was the pestcide that poisoned Oliver.

  12. Diane Lo Nigor says:

    Very excited about Aundria and Claudia’s work in educating others about the toxins and posions in flea tick and other pet products. They have extensively researched this and proven the effect of these products and established a group of people willing to try an educate others.. They have helped save the lives of numerous animals with this project whilst fighting huge companies who care about their profits more than the pets that are affected…Well done to Dollar tree stores for proving they have a conscience![

  13. Raquel Wood says:

    if these products can harm our pets what about our children that hug our pets??

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