Police Search For Man Accused Of Stealing Donations

CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — Police are looking for a man suspected of stealing the donation jar at a local Walgreens.

According to authorities, the man took the donation cup from the Walgreens in Chaska in July.

Officers are asking for the public’s help in locating the man. They say he was with a second man and they were both passengers in a black Honda Accord.

chaska walgreens theft 2 Police Search For Man Accused Of Stealing Donations

(credit: Chaska Police)

If anyone has information about this incident, they are asked to contact Det. Nelson at (952) 448-4200.

  • Dave's Not Here

    Donation Jar for WHAT exactly?

  • Typical Libby reply

    Oh that’s so racist..shouldn’t you be at a Bachmann rally or something?

    • Ferris Lind

      ya . typical liberal remark . everyone who even thinks of voting Republican is a racists . You make me sick .

  • Guy

    He stole the jar in JULY … and the cops are just NOW looking for help catching him?

    Nice to see that the Chaska cops are on the ball…

  • Mr Slippery Fist

    Maybe he was saving the Walgreen’s manager the trip and dropped it off at the charity office…

  • em0886/Iconoclast/Architect

    That Donation Jar was earmarked for the Somalian Community to ease the tough burden that they have in being so self-righteous,arrogant & filthy..Add to that the EBT,Rental Assistance & monthly cash stipend from Hennepin County and perhaps one day they will decide to acclimate themselves into American society.

    • em0886-14

      and may I ask what in the hell you are doing putting my name up here??I haven’t even said anything and you feel the need to make stupid comments…..yes, I get food stamps, health care, and help with daycare….so I can go to work and go to school so that I can get off assistance someday but I do not get cash assistance or rental assistance…I reside with my parents…but thank you for being stupid!

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