MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The mayors of Minnesota’s two largest cities say they support President Obama’s job’s plan and it’s time to get to work.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak participated in conference call Friday to express their thoughts on President Obama’s American Jobs Act.

Both agree that Congress needs to put politics aside and focus on getting Americans back to work.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Samantha Smith Reports

“I think the President’s plan was very clear, laid out well and I think folks need to get behind it,” said Coleman.

“What has to happen is take these ideas, which should not be controversial, and put them in action, right away,” said Rybak. “It’s clear that there’s a bi-partisan plan on the table and there’s absolutely no excuse for congress not to act now.”

The mayors touched on the high unemployment rates, especially the construction and education industries but Coleman said things like police and fire are the top priority.

“The President recognizes that for cities across America public safety is jobs one and he’s there to support that,” he said.

But Rybak said elected officials can fix all the problems on their own.

“The government is not supposed to run the economy, but it can help,” he said.

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  1. dan says:

    According to the House of Reps, there is no plan on the table to pass. It will take up to another 10 days to figure out what the speech was all about. This is going to end up like health Care. All the Dems were for it before they saw the details and according to Ms Pelosi, we need to pass the bill to find out whats in it!

  2. Ted says:

    I can’t believe these two would be behind the presidents plan, next thing Amy and Frank will back it. Great news story.

  3. Daryl says:

    Should we really prop up today’s economy at the detriment of future generations’ economies? Of course these DFL mayors are looking for short term solutions to hang their hats on next month. But $450 billion in additional spending will just scare the private sector even futher, and consumer confidence will wain even further.

    To me the President just wants to look like he is doing something because he doesn’t have a clue. The best thing we could do is eliminate corporate federal income taxes (corporate dividends are currently taxed twice; once corporate and once when the payee receives it) which will free up $3 trillion in cash that companies are holding over seas to avoid our 39.2% tax rate (highest corporate rate in the world since Japan reduced theirs). Instead we will issue more debt in hopes of doing something today that will hurt the citizens of tomorrow.

    1. Jim says:

      Daryl, I don’t believe that’s any kind of solution. Companies are making record profits and sitting on more cash than they ever have before. Why are they not hiring now? Why is giving them even more money to stash in the bank the answer to unemployment?

  4. Doug T says:

    Of course they support it – They Get Federal Funds!

    They will not have to make the tough decision, cut spending and act like the rest of us. Big Daddy will bail them out and they can continue their wasteful and ineffective spending. Once built – the government never shrinks… and we have to keep feeding it!

    That’s how they get elected…….. Keep the Unions employed and well fed!

  5. Stop the spending!!!! says:

    Now he comes up with a plan(speech) He has no clue what he is doing

    1. Jim says:

      What’s the Republican plan? Taxes are historically low–Obama kept the Bush tax cuts in place, even though he said he wouldn’t. All I hear from Republicans is lower taxes, but taxes are lower now than in recent memory, and it’s not helping. What’s the answer? I hear a lot of criticism and none of it constructive.

      1. Jack says:

        Jim, I back you 110%. Just what is the GOP Plan??? As far as I am concerned it’s just a bunch of verbal diarrhea. They set there on their self serving fat fannies doing nothing. They forget that they are employed by the citizens of the US. Time for them to get to work and do something. Come up with an idea.

        1. Jack and Jim go up the hill!!!! says:

          Oh look at that Jack and Jim go up the hill to fetch some more of Obammma’s policies that seem to be working so well. That’s right let’s take away the tax breaks so called BIG oil get so that gas prices can even go higher. That’s just 1 example Obammmma gave last night. Who do you think they are going to pass those costs onto? You and me…… I guess you like paying 3.79 for gas.

          1. Jim says:

            I guess you didn’t actually read my post and instead spouted off with talking points you heard on the radio. I didn’t say anything about removing tax breaks for anyone. I’m not interested in rehashing Obama’s plan, which I’ve heard more than enough about. Try to focus here.

            So I’ll ask again. What’s the Republican plan? All I hear is how taxes should be lower, but they are as low now as they’ve been in decades and companies have more money than they ever have, but still no hiring. So what’s the Republican plan to fix the unemployment problem?

            1. Jack says:

              Your are right again. The response from the anal “Jack and Jim” shows the ignorance of the situation. The country needs help. Come up with a plan to assist rather than hot air. Hot air, typical of the GOP!

        2. Jake says:

          Jack, the GOP has a plan, you are just TOO BLIND to SEE IT. Roll back the environmental regs. Allow DRILLING for OIL on U.S. SOIL, and offshore. STOP the never-ending unemployment bennies, and tell people to get back to work and start paying taxes again. Kick out the ILLEGAL ALIENS, and punish the empoloyers who hired them.

  6. Jay says:

    WHERE is all this money coming from? Without increased taxes how are we going to pay all this back? Im not a Dem or a Rep, so dont start on that. And JIM, I agree with you. Did anyone read the news release about Harley Davidson donating 3 Million to the Muscular Dystrophy foundations Labor Day weekend fund raiser? My take on that, is the employee’s of that company have taken huge losses in income to keep the company on solid ground, and this is how the company repays their generosity!! If a company is struggling, wouldnt you think donations would be minimal, if anything?

    1. Jim says:

      Jay, I agree with you. The president says that the money will be found by cutting in other areas, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

      I think the argument that companies need even more money in the form of tax cuts so they start hiring again is wrong. Like in your Harley example, when companies have more money on hand they don’t necessarily hire people. They buy other businesses, or donate to charity, or save the money for a rainy day, or maybe even give top executives big bonuses. Companies only hire when demand for their product or service goes up, and that has nothing to do with corporate tax rates. It’s supply and demand, a concept that our politicians don’t think we understand.

  7. What about the illegal's tax loophole!!!! says:

    I find it so funny how Obammma talks about the tax loopholes last night all the while his buddy from GE was sitting right there in the audience and as soon as he said his piece about it they showed the CEO of GE. That was funny stuff… I did like some of what he said about closing the tax loopholes but I didn’t hear any mention of the 4 billion tax loophole that the illegal’s collected on last year.

    1. Add on from post above says:

      If you remember right GE didn’t pay any tax they actually got a 5 billion or something like that tax break.

      1. Jim says:

        I’m confused. I thought Republicans supported lower taxes for corporations like GE? No? Why is GE not hiring people with all this extra money they have on hand?

    2. Mike says:

      The taxes paid by illegals is taken by employers who illegally employee them and stuffed into their back pockets. It’s not rocket science moron. Start prosecuting illegal employers and you won’t have a problem with an illegal workforce.

      1. IntheMidwest says:

        Exactly, Mike. Sort of like Johns and pro$titutes. Get rid of the demand and you get rid of the problem. The illegals come here because employers want them and support them (EXPLOIT them).

  8. Terry says:

    In these trying and troubled times remember the famous words of the Princess of Tea Bags, Michelle Bachman:
    “Happy Birthday Elvis”.

  9. Stop spending says:

    need to cut government programs make ppl go work. cut ppl that have been on unemployment for 3-4 years. make ppl get up out and do something for them self’s. the government is not ma ma….. ppl don’t have to when the government just gives, gives an gives…

  10. StraycatStrut says:

    Just another spending “Plan” that will not work. Government cannot run the economy. They can influence….. but this is the same as the failed stimulus 2 years ago where $2Million creates 1 job. The “Socialist Progressive Organizer” (BO) has no clue what to do, say except try to blame the GOP and “elect me” slogan once again. Its all politics. You cannot borrow money to create wealth. We here call it the “BO bind”. $14 Trillion and counting is the Natl debt. BO is horrible for this country.

  11. Citizen says:

    Here is the Dismal Political Economist’s comment on the payroll tax portion of President Obama’s plan:

    “With respect to employment, an employer will look at the additional profit that can be generated from the additional sales by hiring an additional worker, and the additional cost of the additional worker and if the incremental profit is greater than the cost of the worker, the worker will be hired. Really, it’s that simple, no Ph. D. in Econ needed to understand this.

    The President’s proposal is to cut the payroll tax on employers by 3.1%. This is a cut of about $1,500 on a new worker whose compensation is $50,000. Now this will not generate much employment for three reasons (1) it is not all that big a number compared to the cost of an employee and (2) it is being proposed as a temporary measure. Business does not hire permanent employees based on temporary cost reductions and (3) it doe not directly increase demand for goods and services.

    Even worse, this tax reduction will be given to firms even if they make no increase in hiring. So the effectiveness of that lost tax revenue will be minimal. It will give companies more money, but they will not use that extra funding to hire workers they don’t need. So the cut in payroll taxes for employers is about as ineffective a policy as could ever be devised.
    It’s not rocket science – its labor economics
    The cut on the employee portion of the tax will be incrementally 1.1%, or about $550.00 for a person earning $50,000 a year. Continuing the existing 2% cut does nothing at the margin, so it has no impact on increasing jobs. Yes, this will increase demand if it is spent, but no demand increase if it is saved or used to pay down debt. Consumer also do not make permament spending decisions based on temporary tax cuts.

    The White House recently hired a new chief economic advisor, who expertise is in labor economics. Either they didn’t listen to him, or they hired the wrong person. The best outcome of all of this would be for the Republicans to reject the plan in its entirety, giving Mr. Obama a political victory instead of an economic defeat. Maybe he will get lucky on this and lose this battle and win the war.

    So what should have been done? The dollars directed at payroll tax cuts should have been used to increase government spending in high unemployment areas. That would cause employers to hire and give the government the most bang for its buck. Maybe that’s why even if it had been proposed Republicans would have opposed it. Recovery would help Mr. Obama and that cannot be allowed, no matter how many people have to lose their jobs. “

    1. IOU 131,000 B4I-die says:

      I just read a tax attorney’s take on Obama’s proposed measures. Sounds like they are worthless, all in all. “The Obama solutions are the same ones as they were in 2009. There are not really any new approaches and I doubt any real help save for the employment tax reductions. This entire exercise seems to be totally political. Look like a leader, a concerned friend of the people and then blame the other side. Point the finger and say I am “less bad” than the other guys and hope the voters will believe it. Sad, sad, state of affairs. In presenting his plan as “pass it now,”,“take it or leave it” or bear the electoral consequences, the president takes a risk. Watch out what you wish for, Mr. President.” We have great divide in this country. Seen in editorials, opinion posts, in Congress, and the President himself. I wish he would have played the adult in the group. Instead, he plays the game of dare and here we go again. . I, personally, stopped watching when the Prez. announced taxing the top 2%—not gonna ever happen with all the stupid pledges out there, so it negated the entire plan/speech at that very moment.

  12. Leroy says:

    Isn’t it hilarious that Obamy can go on vacation, travel around Minnesota, take his time having his fun.

    Then, you have to pass this right away speech again.

    What an incompetent leader. The problem is that we do not have enough non-government jobs. Spending another half a trillion for more government jobs is so ridiculous, no one has an idea of what to say in response.

  13. The list grows says:

    Just shows that two more id iots can be added to the list of losers in Minnesota. Number 1 is Pawlenty Number 2 Coleman and the list grows

  14. keel says:

    Ya know….I’m sorry to admit it but I voted for Obama in the last election. However…why even bother to write this article…I mean of course they support the plan…they’re Democrats. It’s the same if a Republican President devised some plan…Republicans would love it! Who cares?

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