ELK RIVER, Minn. (AP) — Sherburne County officials will lay off 17 sheriff’s office employees next month.

The county board voted Wednesday to lay off 12 correctional officers, two licensed correctional officers and three part-time staff on Oct. 7.

Like other counties, Sherburne has seen its inmate numbers decline in recent years.

Sherburne County increased its jail security staff in 2006 when the Minnesota Department of Corrections starting allowing the county to double-bunk inmates in the jail.

County Administrator Brian Bensen tells the St. Cloud Times that double-bunking is no longer required and no significant increases in the inmate population are expected in the foreseeable future.

He says the layoffs are expected to save the county $1.85 million.

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Comments (6)
  1. msche says:

    That works out to $108,824 per person layed off. Why would a correctional officer make over $100k a year? Because it was taxpayer money. These people deserve to be layed off!

    1. sad but true says:

      Hey mustache man, would you rather pay apprx. $110,000 wage, benes, training, etc on a working individual orlet the criminal on the street? Last time I checked, it costs over $80,000 to house an inmate a year in a non-federal prison/jail house. You my friend, are not very educated!

      1. stumpdealer says:

        Where does it state they will let criminals run free because there is less correctional officers? You’re a dolt

  2. Check your facts please says:

    They do not each make over $100,000. The costs/savings include their uniform costs, training costs, etc etc etc. County Employees pay is public information, as are all the other costs, because yes, it is taxpayer money and you get to see how it is spent. Please check it out before jumping to incorrect conclusions.

  3. Ignorance shouldn't be bliss says:

    The first comment is a perfect example of what is wrong in this country. See something in print, take only the parts you want to, make false and/or ignorant statements and act all self-righteous because you think someone is getting more than you. Lack of communication? Maybe, but with the internet and other media sources, a public employee’s pay is readily available to anyone who wants to know what it is. The costs of maintaining any employee, public or private, is not just their pay. There are so many other costs involved, mostly mandated. Work Comp Insurance and training are just a couple. Add the liability insurance for our sue happy world and it just keeps going up. The added training, and therefore costs, mandated for jails is skyrocketing, because of all the potential for lawsuits, exposure to infectious diseases, the list goes on and on…. And whatever they get paid for the all the nice and polite people they must deal with on a daily basis is not enough anyway.

  4. Lori says:

    whether or not you use a pencil, pen, deck, lights over your desk, or lights in the hallway, and the restroom are all factored into the salary.

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