Michele Bachmann Book Called `Core Of Conviction’

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s memoir now has a title: “Core of Conviction.”

The GOP presidential contender’s book was announced last month. It’s coming out Nov. 21.

Bachmann’s campaign on Tuesday confirmed the title, now listed on Amazon.com.

The Minnesota congresswoman is a tea party favorite. She won the Iowa straw poll in August but has slipped in most surveys since Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined the race.

“Core of Conviction” is being published by Sentinel, a conservative imprint of Penguin Group (USA).

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  • Huh?

    What was that again?

    Bore Me With Fiction?

    • idknockthebottomoutofit

      I’ll give her my mushroom stamp, but never my vote!

  • Dave Campbell

    WOW! I didn’t know any of her followers were literate!

    • gdog

      I’m sorry you’re so ignorant.

    • Tom

      @ Dave Campbell

      They do understand jibberish!

  • quentin

    I liked the working title better: “For the Love of God: My Life as a Submissive Woman.”

    • drts

      I thought it was “How to Eat a Corn Dog.”

      • Was that really

        a corn dog??

        • Someone doesn't pay attention

          A big one. LIke..open the hatch and down the gullet corn dog.

          • Ewwwww!!!

            It WAS mighty big.

    • Sam Bright

      wouldn’t that irk Jezebel LOL

  • Didn't Vote for Her

    Did she write this during her self-appointed vacaction from representing the 6th District? Seems her actual job, that she was elected to do, must get in the way of all the extra things she does to keep her “rock star” status as the Village Idiot alive.

  • dappdada

    too easy .

  • G Dog

    Conviction? No.

    Commitment? Yes, to St. Peter.

  • StraycatStrut

    Quite a few Liberal Idiots on this post…. who really say nothing of value. Typical for liberals I believe. Maybe they should read Joe Bidens book….. “How to look and talk like an Idiot and become Vice President”..

    • You Republicans are to Simple

      @straycatstrut…….I think you mean George Bush’s book “How to look and talk like an Idiot and become President”..

    • Blah, Blah, Blah

      And a blah blah blah blah.

      Sigh!! Same old, same old. Typical TeaBagger.

  • G Dog

    Spayed Cat Strut:

    Thanks for the laugh. And people say the Teabaggers don’t have a sense of humor….unless they’re stepping over a homeless person on the way to the opera or to the tractor pull.

    • Sam Bright

      So you’ve helped homeless people and stopped babies from being killed? If you have, great. Why, then, do you not know what you are talking about. Check out who really gives to charity, opens their homes, and does social work (rather than politicking for some government agency to do it, which siphons off the money to pad office chairs and build warmer restrooms).

      Ha. Next thing, you’ll strike at ME for being mean spirited, just because I’m calling attention to facts. Point is, Michele Bachmann’s book would be worth reading to see what value a tractor pull might have among those who supply your grocery food.

  • Murph

    Is it a cookbook like the GOP manifesto ” How to Serve Man” ?

  • Jason

    Tea Party FTW!!!

  • Elmo Muppet

    Boring Non-Fiction?? Soon she will claim to have invented the printing press and will try to save us all from high priced fruit from Central America.

  • Gotta read it

    She did invent the printing press…says so on page 66
    She created the dictionary too – Webster was a creation of the liberal media. page 101 covers it all
    Best part is she remains a virgin despite her family…the conception details are on page 1261
    She thanks all the suckers in the 6th District for giving her the opportunity to earn a living that doesn’t take from the taxpayer stash in her intro and thanks the Tea Party folk, whom she call yuckers, on the following page and in her credits
    It’s 3018 pages and is truly engrossing to read. A buy at only $91.99 USD

  • Sam Bright

    MIchele Bachmann is the real deal. She can unite America, defend our borders, help those who do right and help restrain evil. She will trim the federal government so the market is freed, and the hard working and creative people of America will so the rest. Those whose best shot is to make snide remarks are operating without substance. The question is really whether America as a whole deserves such a leader.

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