OAKDALE, Minn. (WCCO) — Authorities say three people were found dead in a residence in Oakdale Thursday afternoon.

Police received a report around 4:12 p.m. regarding the possible deaths at a residence on the 7000 block of 13th Street. When officers arrived, they found three people dead — two women and one man.

A family member of the victims has identified the three as 38-year-old Jaime Vasquez, his wife, 28-year-old Cynthia Ornelas and their adult live-in babysitter Angela Uscanga.

Witnesses at the scene said the 3-year-old boy of Vasquez and Ornelas was home at the time of the incident. The couple’s 6-year-old daughter then came home and found the three dead inside the home.

Both children went to a neighbor’s house, and that’s when police were contacted.

“I consoled the kids. All three of them,” said neighbor Julie Hartman. “I held them because I didn’t know what to do. It was very sad. I held them and they kept saying their mom and dad are dead and they were crying.”

Neighbors said the 3-year-old boy told them “daddy shot mommy.”

“(Ornelas) was really generous. She paid for everything whenever we went out to eat,” said Cesar Zagal, who said Ornelas is his aunt.

Zagal said she and Vasquez had been married for about 10 years. They lived with their three children in the house along with Uscanga.

“It’s really hard and, like, I can’t believe it. She doesn’t deserve this and she was young, so it’s a shame,” said Zagal.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been notified and is on the scene investigating.

Police said there is no public safety concern and the incident was contained to inside the home. They are treating the case as a homicide.

Comments (12)
  1. Tc Kelly says:

    What another sad story, these murder/suicides are becoming more and more common. Geez people, if it becomes bad, See someone, talk about it, you never have to get to the point of killing each other!

  2. SHELDON says:


  3. Bp says:

    Jeff, you are a POS, stupid redneck loser.

    1. Mike Hawk says:

      Ya Jeff, you’re getting voted off the island.

    2. Bp says:

      That was a response to a comment that was taken down, thankfully. Please disregard.

  4. Lulu P says:

    What does being iilegal have to with suicides? That comment is really disrespectful, only because an idividual has a hispanic name does not mean there illegal aliens.

  5. bluefaery says:

    “I consoled the kids. All three of them,” said neighbor Julie Hartman. “I held them because I didn’t know what to do. It was very sad. I held them and they kept saying their mom and dad are dead and they were crying.”

    the only think i have to say is why the hell is the neighbor julie hartman telling these children that their parents were dead … who the hell does she think she is?? … wow

    1. Deb V says:

      you should really read your own cut and paste. She is quoted as saying “I held them….THEY kept saying…” Oiy.

    2. Neille Sawyer says:

      Bluefaery you need to read what you just qouted. She did not tell the childern their parents were dead. The kids were saying that to her. The six year old found them. From accounts of from other sources there was a lot of blood involved and the older girl had blood on her when she went screaming from the house. It would be rather more cruel for this neighbor to keep insisting the parents were still alive at that point.

    3. Kenno says:

      You misread. It says that the children kept saying that their parents are dead. The children already knew, which is why they went over to their neighbor’s. Julie was not the one who told them.

      1. bluefaery says:

        sorry guys … i read too fast and/or only read what i wanted to … just the thought that after all these kids went through that someone other then a loved one was telling them this horrible thing just irked me …

  6. Love says:

    Mental illness going unchecked. Sad
    Thoughts and prayers to the children.

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