Minnesota’s Jobless Rate Unchanged

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota’s jobless rate held steady in August but there were some encouraging trends.

The state unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.2 percent last month, even with fluctuations caused by state employees returning to their jobs after the government shutdown.

But Minnesota added 5800 jobs in the private sector, including continued hiring in construction.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

“Construction is up over the construction season here by 7500 jobs. That’s the first time we’ve had gains over the construction season here since 2006, so that’s a very positive development,” said state labor analyst Steve Hine.

Hine said one concern is how much longer Minnesota’s job scenario can avoid being dragged down by the sluggish national trends.

  • G Dog

    So much for the “job creators” – the ones who have had 10 years of Bush tax cuts, Pawlenty protection and, recently, defense by the Garafalo crowd.

    Where are the jobs Mr. Sutton????

    • Bent but not yet broke

      Where are the jobs Mr. Obama?

      • frozenrunner

        Thus proving each side can ask a quetsion. Left leaner got the first shot, Right leaner had nothing more than a question to fire back. However, if Bent looks at 2010 statistics jobs were added at 200,000 per month, You may contrast that with the last year of President Bush where there was 2.5 millions job loss over the last three months. . Then you can spend a lifetime arguing over for 2009 who is at fault for the 4.5 million jobs lost in 2009. Obama was in office but there is no instant cure and the trend going in was down.

  • Jake

    You think this might have something to do with the government funded projects like the rail or roads?

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