ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — The attorneys representing St. John’s Abbey are asking a judge to keep secret any documents or evidence that they turn over in a clergy sex-abuse lawsuit regarding Rev. Francisco Schulte.

The St. Cloud Times reports the request is pending with Stearns County District Court Judge Frederick Grunke.

He recently heard arguments about whether documents such as Abbot John Klassen’s file on Schulte should be confidential if turned over to attorney Jeff Anderson.

Anderson argued that an order like the one requested by the abbey attorney suppresses information about credible sex abuse claims that the public needs to know.

Further, he argues that Schulte was allegedly able to abuse the victims because St. John’s concealed information about Schulte’s behavior that could have protected his clients.

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Comments (10)
  1. Karl says:

    Secrets are what has kept the RCC in business all this time. Time to let in the Light.

    1. Kelly says:

      So.. your’re saying that privacy DOESN’Y apply to RC’s? Do you know that only a VERY small fraction of RC priests have actually been CONVICYED, and that that number is only a small fraction of ALL RC priests? Did you also know that the percentage of non-RC clercial abuses is HIGHER than the RC? How’s that for light?

      1. Tom says:

        @ Kelly

        That fact is that the Catholic Church has been covering up the sex abuse by their priests on young boys for years. And now they want to keep certain things secret? I don’t think so. This isn’t just a problem in the US. If the Catholic Church had dealt with this problem when they first knew about it instead of moving the abusers from one parish to another then things might not be as BAD as they are NOW!

      2. GodIsNature says:

        Work at SJU do you? Allow me to en’light’en you Kelly. A very small fraction of Roman Catholic priests have been “CONVICYED” because extremely few of them are ever held criminally accountable for their disgusting sex crimes.

        Now please take your ignorant, snotty, poorly typed post and get back in SJU kitchen where you seem to belong.

        1. k-mart says:

          Your statement is ignorant as well. You are assuming they are all guilty.

          1. Tom says:

            @ k-mart

            If they are not guilty why try to cover it up? You don’t try to protect innocent priests!

  2. randy says:

    isnt it sad the first thing alot of people think of when they think of priest’s is pedophiles

  3. casmith100 says:

    As a parent who would like to enroll her children at SJP; I cannot in good faith even DREAM about trusting my precioius children in to an institution that has zero regard for its most vulnerable. Shame om SJU. So much to offer, So little to trust.

  4. Pavel says:

    Agreed. They need to turn over all the evidence and charges linked to this priest. Just because they may never have been proven does not mean they are not revelant.

  5. k-mart says:

    Wow, why would you keep something like this secret? So it can keep happening?

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