ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Representatives from the long-term care industry say the state is overreaching by requiring counseling for those entering assisted living facilities.

The mandate was included in the state budget that supporters say will slow the rate of spending. Proponents say the required counseling will save the state $3.8 million over the next two years. Rep. Jim Abeler says the challenge is placing seniors at the correct facility. If a family makes a rushed and uniformed decision about placement, it can end up costing the state more money.

The president of CareProviders of Minnesota, Patti Cullen, tells Minnesota Public Radio News that providing seniors and their families with information is one thing, but mandating counseling goes too far.

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  1. Citizen says:

    Having been a conservator for an elderly person, I can tell you that this is a complex issue. Counseling will certainly muddy the water and make a fairly straightforward decision much more complex and confusing for the elderly. The elderly person I took care of pretty much picked where she wanted to go, and I and social services did the paperwork. Between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia I seriously wonder how many elderly will not be greatly traumatized by this kind of “counseling.” But, I do get it. It seems like this country does not care one whit about anyone once they leave the workforce and are not productive. Our elderly are not revered.

  2. Brent says:

    its not an issue of not caring. It a matter of listening to our experts in this field, when they tell us there are better ways to do that will save taxpayer money. Much of what the conservatives label as Obamacare is crafted to reduce needless spending, but people resist change and want everything to stay the same. Unfortunately, every time an expert recommends change, they get blasted as being socialist .

    1. Citizen says:

      @Brent. Whether an elderly person needs to go into a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is pretty straightforward from my personal experience. If they have any amount of ability to care for themselves, assisted living is better and cheaper. From a medical standpoint it seems pretty straightforward. And, I firmly believe, that elderly care is way more a medical (and safety) issue than anything else.

  3. Chuck says:

    To: Obamacare comethfor you!, By the way, this is what your STATE government legislated. Not you favorite wipping boy Oboma. So, get your facts straight before spouting off!!!

    1. Obamacare cometh for you says:

      Minnesota is a microcosm of the radical leftwing Obama socialized medicine model. The goal is the same. Sell you on the idea the healthcare is your right, then tell you your government should therefore provide it, then as they make this argument, force the private insurance companies out by mandating lower prices and coverage for everything from birth control, to bulimia treatment, to fertility treatment. Then when they have succeeded in forcing the private providers out of the market, they’ll take away all those goodies they never thought you deserved in the first place since after all, your government is so good to give you free healthcare, and we just can’t afford to keep you alive forever. All this as the price for government to do it goes through the roof like everything else they do, so they naturally will have to take a bigger chunk of your income to pay for it than they first thought. And Obamacare has end of life counseling in it by the way.

      1. keel says:

        and then….then the tanks will come from Mexico and all the other communist countries and we’ll all lose our guns…and it’ll be just terrible…

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          Laugh now, comrade. When Obama turns us over to the UN, you’ll be one of the ones in the camps.

          1. keel says:

            oh no! not the UN!…and then the camps? What will the poor Armed Forces do against those mighty UN troops? Holy cow…this is really getting scary! You really know a lot! You must have a Top Secret clearance or something! That is so cool!

      2. llp says:

        Sorry it’s more like the private insurance CEO’s would rather have you believe this so they can still make their millions. Plus this was brought about because the State doesn’t want to take care of the elderly. This is mandated not to improve care but to make sure they can keep people out or delay them from getting into the system. All the laws passed in the state in MN enable the state to take old folks money and drain them dry in exchange for poor or non-existing care.

        SO DON”T GET OLD IN MN and lord help you if you think private insurance company cares.

  4. Bob says:

    Looks like a matter of semantics to me. One calls it counseling the other calls its information guidance. The article doesn’t go far enough with the descriptions of what is proposed by each side of the situation.

    BTW I think the author meant “uninformed” not “uniformed”.

  5. Jane says:

    In order for a person to be admitted to assisted living or a nursing home, doctor signed paperwork is required. You just can;t drop Grannie off. The doctor is already involved but may not be the most knowledgeable person as to what is available. A social worker would be very helpful. I know this because I have been the primary caregiver for elderly parents since 1997 and have had to move them three times as one or the other needs a different level of care. The more help the caregiver/family can get, the better family can make the correct decision. This help was not available in 1997. It is getting better, but can be improved. There are many rules and regulations that are involved with medicare and private insurance (if these are applicable). There are different levels of care and facilities are different in how/what they care for.

    Speaking from experience outside, non-vested (not making money from the advise like talking to the sales department of a facility) counseling would be extremely helpful and would save money in the long run.

  6. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Why are so many people on this blog bashing Obama when the proposal is being put forward by Republican state representative?

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