MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police say an officer-involved shooting has closed down westbound Interstate 394 at Hopkins Crossroad.

A Golden Valley police officer attempted to stop a vehicle on westbound I-394 near Highway 169 around 1 p.m. The driver of the vehicle eventually pulled over to the side of I-394 near Hopkins Crossroad.

The driver, a woman, was in possession of a handgun and was shot and killed by the officer. The officer was not injured. No other details about the incident have been released.

A witness told WCCO Radio that police ordered people in their cars to get down. Traffic is also partially closed on eastbound I-394. Eastbound lanes, except the HOV lane, are now open. Witnesses told police there was a high-speed chase before the shooting occurred.

Business owners said they heard six to eight gunshots during the incident, but that hasn’t been confirmed by police.

Witness Eric Gunderson Describes Scene

Minnetonka Police and Golden Valley Police departments are assisting on the scene. Several police vehicles have surrounded the area where the shooting occurred and crime tape has been placed around the area.

The closure on I-394 from Hopkins Crossroads to Highway 169 is expected to last for hours, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and will affect this evening’s commute. MnDOT said it should be closed until 7 p.m.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office will be investigating the incident. The Golden Valley police officer has been placed on temporary administrative leave, per standard procedure.

Gallery: Officer-Involved Shooting On I-394

Comments (37)
  1. Pam Gordley says:


    1. stacy f says:

      Grow up, …somebody died…Who cares if she was on welfare. Lucky for you, you have never had any misfortunes or money problems in your life.

      1. rasputin says:

        stacy…. I am not stupid enough to point a gun at a cop. If I were then I would deserve to be shot and killed. You are too touchy feely… Grow some skin. People die for being stupid. Watch the show 1000 ways to die.

      2. @ Stacy F. says:

        @Stacy F..ignorant,head-in-the-sand Liberal,blind to the facts of reality..Go ahead & embrace the thug element and enjoy your naive shallow liberal life of declining quality..Fool!

        1. Dave says:

          Wait a minute there rasputin. I’m a liberal who also serves his country proudly in uniform, who also is in possession of many guns while I travel in my car. Do you have evidence that supports your claim that she actually pointed her gun at the officer?

    2. jOE says:

      Three words only: SUICIDE BY COP

  2. Jonathan says:

    My desk is about 100 yards from this. Didn’t hear anything here, but the WCCO heliocopter. Hm. Hope it turns out to be an engine backfiring or something.

  3. 911scanner says:

    @ Johnathan….. Really??? You think 15 squads & shutting down the freeway is due to a backfire? Put a little thought into your post next time before you hit enter please.

    1. ck says:

      Put a little mercy and compassion into your post next time before you hit enter, please.

      1. Thomas' Boy Toy says:

        Nice one 🙂

        1. rasputin says:

          Grow some skin ck…. You are weak…

      2. Paulski says:

        “Put a little mercy and compassion into your post next time before you hit enter, please.” Oh Lord.

        1. rasputin says:

          Who are you to order people around. Grow some skin. This is a free country and if he doesn’t want to put mercy and compassion into his post he doesn’t need to.

  4. tonka says:

    Live 4 blocks away and the chopper and loads of police all around 20 minutes ago. I swung back home … kinda nuts right now

  5. 911scanner says:

    @ck I have mercy & compassion for the officers on the scene and the others involved in this incident as well as their families. I will never have compassion for people that cannot read or come to more logical conclusions.

    1. Justin says:

      very well said, always plan for the worst but hope for the best

  6. der says:

    Oh no a criminal probably got shot, who cares, if you can’t function like a normal human being i hope you get shot.

    1. Charmaine Wahlstrom Schodde says:

      Katherine was absolutely not a criminal. She was a beautiful, caring friend and mother here visiting family members like she often did.

  7. AddenepetlE says:

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  8. Todd says:

    What department is in the middle of the pack with the Andy Griffith paintjob and gumball light on the Dodge Charger?

  9. John Daenzer says:

    Sorry to hear this.

  10. AddenepetlE says:

    Guy .. Excellent .. Superb .. I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionallyI’m happy to seek out so many useful information here within the post, we’d like develop more techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  11. Dan says:

    One less criminal….

  12. mike says:

    She must have been a very bad chick to begin with!

  13. Bp says:

    Yeah! Grow some skin everyone. We need more skin! That’s the problem!

  14. Kevin says:

    Two women shot and killed by cops in the twin cities the past month….equal opportunity is on the rise….

  15. Transit guy says:

    I drive Transit bus and we had a nice free for all on the bus today — a couple of whiners complained about taking longer to get home and it blew up ….

    I guess they think the cops did this just to make sure they did not get home on time and that their wife will beat them ….

  16. Dave says:

    Wait a minute there rasputin. I’m a liberal who also serves his country proudly in uniform, who also is in possession of many guns while I travel in my car. Do you have evidence that supports your claim that she actually pointed her gun at the officer?

    1. C Jensen says:

      The officer unloaded on her in the street, what more evidence do you need moron? I am a CCP holder and the very first thing I do when approaching or being approached by law enforcement is inform them that I have a permit and am armed, then I ask them what they would like me to do. Wave a gun around at cops and you will more than likely be shot.

  17. Concern says:

    This incident is of a serious nature, in a populated area of harm or endangerment to onesself or others and has its protocol as is a time and place for everything….and the bottom line is …..IT MATTERS!

  18. Charmaine Wahlstrom Schodde says:

    I am very troubled by the shooting death of my friend, Katherine, by the Golden Valley police. Katherine was a “nervous Nelly”. She would follow the rules to the “nth” degree. It was sometimes frustrating because “Really, Katherine, just because that ketchup is near it’s expiration date, it’s OK.”

    But not Katherine she would meticulously clean and throw anything out that was about to expire. She’d clean constantly always concerned about germs. She’d go over the top to follow rules. That’s why this makes no sense.

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