MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Authorities have identified the woman who was shot and killed by Golden Valley Police on Interstate 394 Thursday afternoon.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner identified the victim as 58-year-old Katherine Marie Gordon of California.

The medical examiner said Gordon died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Authorities pulled Gordon over just after 1 p.m. on I-394 near Hopkins Crossroad. Police said she had possession of a handgun, and an officer who is now on paid administrative leave shot and killed her. She lay beside her vehicle for several hours Thursday while authorities investigated the incident.

Authorities haven’t released any information yet as to why they pulled Gordon over and what led up to the shooting. The incident is still under investigation.

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  1. Denny Long says:

    Dope slingin Granny for the Crips..just keepin it real

    1. elizabeth hudson says:

      This was a beautiful blond, white women who has made your contriubtions to society. This is another tragic result of poor access to mental health. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  2. @Ignorant Willie says:

    lose the caps loudmouth

  3. Billie says:

    How on earth can you know what was happening during that traffic stop? She may have had the gun pointed at the cop’s head for all you know. Do people know something that the media hasn’t reported yet about this incident??

    1. David K says:

      We will NEVER know the truth! Hopefully this will be a great example of why NOT to carry a gun! Odd are 200,000 – 1 you would ever get carjacked (or shot by a police officer). If a car jacker came up to your car and saw you reach for your gun……..guess who shoots first. I don’t carry as it only leads to trouble. This is a case in which an officer saw a gun (maybe even sitting on the passenger seat) and he freaked out! Believe me, the truth will NEVER surface to the public.

  4. Denny Short says:

    Yes, if you don’t know all the facts of what happend, your judgement is not a fair one

    1. @Denny Shortbus says:

      @Denny Short ..I know way more than you..about everything.

  5. Al Sharpton says:

    I saw the whole thing. She had a popsicle that looked just like a gun except it was lime green. She swung it fast to avoid a drip on her prayer shawl. That was the end for her. This wouldn’t have happened if she was white. Free James.

    1. elizabeth hudson says:

      What are you color blind? You saw the whole thing? Last time I saw her she was white, not half, he whole life. Her parents are still whte too. Idiot. So iit does happen to white people too, fyi.

  6. xyz12 says:

    Did you see where the gun was? The only available target was a kill shot. Pull agun on a cop assist your own suicide…..

  7. john says:

    If you confront the police with a gun in your hand you have asked to be shot.

    1. Out of Control says:

      John, I’ve go news for you, you don’t even need a gun.

  8. a says:

    no one can make judgement yet… not enough facts… obviously she had a gun… let the facts speak for themselves…when it is all released… unless you witnessed what happened please dont make judgement against our police or her… this article calls her a victim.. all involved are victims…

    1. @ a says:

      you libbys are repulsive

      1. a says:

        I didn’t know that, my not passing judgement until the facts were in… was a partisan issue.. I didn’t know I was a libby…are you passing judgement?? I am an independent… but so happy to have your judgement of who you think I am .. based on nothing proving my point… thank you… I

        have to ask… are you a tea baggie???

  9. g8bbgg says:

    Hey Willie boy grow up. What facts do you have to go off like that? Yet another inbred idiot blaming the cops for everything. If you want facts ask your PO. With your attitude you must have one.

  10. Faith Prevails says:

    Another trigger happy cop. My question is was she in the car or outside of the car when she was shot multiple times, did she fire at the officer. If she was shot in her car the body should not have been moved until the medical examiner was on the seen was her death necessary. Here lately all we hear about is death resulting from killings. I just don’t think our offices have the proper training I feel a lot of the cops work in fear not really knowing how to address all situations. Maybe they should watch Flash Point and learn that all altercations do not have to end in shootings. Lastly but not least I hope the truth will be how this case closes and not another cover up. Keep in mind the uniform is what justifies that the person is a cop but it is still a person who has to make the decisions and I hope this was a offer doing his job not one in the heat of the moment put his own personal feelings in the way.

    1. Go crawl in a hole says:

      I guess we don’t have to watch the news anymore about this incident. You have it all figured out. To bad your a loser

      1. You are stupid says:

        You need to shut your stupid mouth. You werent there, and you have no idea what happened. You are simpy speculating. I could make some speculations about you, I’d wager you are on government assistance of some type, have a criminal record, and spend way too much time on the internet.

    2. Think About iIt says:

      So, you admit that you have questions to what happened-but then throw out bombs like this may be a cover up. Then you think that police watching a movie may solve the made up issue that you created in your head? I don’t know of one police officer who wants to take a life. I also don’t know of one Minnesota police shooting that was found to be a cover up. There are so many agencies involved in a police shooting investigation. A cover up would be impossible. Grow up or stay off the net

    3. ger says:

      Good plan….train the cops by watching a bogus tv show. You are brilliant.

    4. at says:

      trigger happy cop??? have you ever been a cop? have you left your comfy bed and your family in the morning to face a bunch of loonies, drunks, druggies and ignorant jerks.they don’t just role out of bed and decide to shoot people. they protect us and their community and family from the people who do!!! who knows what would have happened if this psycho wasn’t stopped. could’ve been one of your family members she hurt!! then what?? you’d be mad the cops didn’t do something!! cops don’t just have multiple forms of protection (gun, taser, vest….) for nothing, they walk blindfolded into a mine field everyday they go to work!!! even off duty they are targets!!

  11. a says:

    Lets hope what you say isn;t true.. not tirigger happy as you say…. and the possibility exists… there are many questions… but we all need to know what really happened before we cast judgement… we all complain about the cops but who do you call when you are in trouble…and they always show up when called…its a tough job and thank goodness they are there… .

  12. Why did she have gun says:

    I didn’t think California let people have guns. Why did she have a gun?

  13. MIke says:

    Why is taking the police so long to put out a statement to what led to them shooting a motorist? It is a bit odd that they are looking for witnesses to come forward because that could also mean they don’t want anyone to have seen what really happened. The report states she had a gun, but no where are they releasing information that she was pointing it at them. This looks like a cover up.

    1. You are stupid says:

      The report says she displayed a gun, if she was in the process of pointing it toward him was the officer supposed to wait until she shoots at him first?? No, anyone with ten brain cells should be able to answer that question. I think it is disgusting the lack of respect some of you show by making ignorant assumptions. How about you reserve judgement on both sides of the fence until the report comes out. If there was any wrong doing on the officer’s part it will become known.

      1. rjm2238 says:

        The report said no such thing. It stated she was in possession of a gun. Please read before you shoot from the lip, someone may be shooting back from the hip not the lip, in which case you will be killed.
        Rich in New Mexico.

  14. MIke says:

    Why is taking the police so long to put out a statement to what led to them shooting a motorist? It is a bit odd that they are looking for witnesses to come forward because that could also mean they don’t want anyone to have seen what really happened. The report states she had a gun, but no where are they releasing information that she was pointing it at them.

  15. LaPaz says:

    Any loss of life is a tragedy.
    I suggest that instead of trading hateful posts back and forth on a news website, why don’t we recognize that we need to come together as a community? We need to actively support our police force while demanding that they are trained and that they act in all situations to safeguard lives (motorists, their own, by-standers, etc). We need to hold citizens accountable as well for actions that threaten others safety and harm our communities.
    I feel that in a situation that is already marked by tragedy, loss of life, and emotional repercussions in many lives, instead of name-calling and hateful posts, we should build our communities stronger so incidents like this are far from the norm.
    Thank you.

  16. Jeff from Burnsville says:

    trigger happy cops!!!!!

  17. name says:

    In case if it’s a case of stolen identity, I believe there are more just like her. Somebody should just dump a pail of nails on the shoulder closest to the medium…maybe wait til next spring.

  18. Mary Morse says:

    Startribune.com reports after Zarrett tried to pull her over, Gordon stopped her white Honda Civic next to the interstate median near the Hopkins Crossroad overpass. The source said that she immediately got out of her car and raised a small handgun in the direction of the officer, who was behind her car. Zarrett fired at her after seeing the gun, the source said.

    Hardly a trigger happy cop. If someone is coming at you with a gun and you have a gun yourself, you shoot them before you end up dead.

    Had she just followed the law, she wouldn’t be dead. That’s what happens when you make stupid decisions.

    1. Anne Furman Madhuizen says:

      Exactly, everyone knows you do not hold a weapon of any kind when dealing with the police., much less get out your car and POINT it at the officer. It is sad for sure but hardly a situation to be calling the police officer trigger happy. We are lucky she did not get the chance to shoot the gun and hit the police officer or a car driving nearby.

  19. m says:

    I’m sorry. I’m sorry you decided to do what is being told to us. Did you forget I would have helped you in any way I could?. Now I won’t be seeing you anymore, forever. i wish this wasn’t true.

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