BRAINERD, Minn. (WCCO) — Two Minnesota men accused of beating a man because he was black are going to prison. But the victim isn’t happy about it.

Travis Campbell and Lucas Eastwood will both serve time for attacking Willie Navy outside a bar in Brainerd last winter. But Navy thinks justice wasn’t served.

“I’ve got to worry about this each and every day that they not getting what they deserve,” he said.

Navy’s face may look like it’s healed in the seven months since his attack outside a Brainerd bar. But the pain is still there — physical and emotional pain.

“I don’t understand. I really don’t and it’s tearing me apart,” Navy said.

The two men responsible for his injuries both made a deal with prosecutors. If they pleaded guilty to the most serious charge, first-degree assault, then the lesser charges would be dropped, including assault motivated by racial bias.

“They should have kept that on there. That’s the one they should have kept because that’s what it was, it was a hate crime towards a black person,” Navy said.

Navy was willing to accept the plea deal as long as there was a truthful statement of what happened at Yesterday’s Gone bar. However, he said, he never got that.

“Plea and tell me that you’re sorry and say what you done to me. I ain’t get none of that,” Navy said.

Mark Mitchell, Campbell’s attorney, said Campbell admits he was wrong.

“It was really a bar fight. He contends that he was really the third man into a bar fight and it got out of hand,” Mitchell said.

Campbell will likely serve two years; Eastwood will likely serve seven years. Navy and his family now feel the potential punishments don’t fit the crime.

“When these people get out of doing their time, I’m still going to deal with this the rest of my life,” said Navy, pointing to his injured eye.

“I’m a pastor so I have to forgive and I’m trying to forgive them because I don’t want to live with something against someone all my life,” said Navy’s brother Robert.

For Navy, forgiveness isn’t as easy, He’s still looking for a resolution that he feels the courts didn’t deliver.

“It’s kinda hard to go on when you know that what was done to you ain’t been done right,” he said.

Prosecutors said this was a good plea deal because it guaranteed prison time for both men. Even though the apology didn’t go far enough for Navy, his attackers did plead guilty. They’ll learn their exact punishments later this fall.

Comments (36)
  1. Bullwinkle says:

    I hope this kind of punishment goes both ways. Believe it or not, white people can be the victims of a hate crime also.

    1. really says:

      racist. please get some help.

      1. really says:

        the comment prior to mine was deleted.

    2. Mike Hawk says:

      That’s not “Sarcasm” is it. That is the trouble that the point “Bullwinkle” was trying to make. It’s not news worthy when it’s black on white violence now is it? These guys got what they deserve & black dude still wants more. Seven years is a long, long time. Peace be with you Mr. Bar visiting Preacher Man.

      1. wrong and wrong says:

        Lighten up dudes – it was at one point admitted to as be a race thing. That would make it a race thing and hate crime. He let it go if the truth was publshed. It wasn’t so he has a legit beef.
        As to the black on white – you are right, rarely does it get callled what it is. And it should be charged as such – just as this should have been.
        Funny – it does spin both ways now and we can see it eh

    3. Todd W. Olson says:

      Surely you’re not suggesting that the victim was at fault?

      1. Carmen says:

        That explains why the victim was Black and the guilty are white.

  2. Erik says:

    Of course people of any color can be victim of a hate crime. A good example would be the recent incident in Wisconsin where a group of black people targeted white people and assualted several severly.

    I live in Brainerd and I am a white person. I know a lot of people are wondering why it was not prosecuted as a hate crime and are upset about it. I think it should have been treated as a hate crime.

    1. Deeks says:

      Come on…………..Its completely different, they have Obama now and they can do whatever they want.

      1. @deeks says:

        You truly are what they call white trash …. white ghetto trash that is uneducated and prolly wears a white sheet over your ugly mutt face at night….. and this is coming from a self professed educated white male redneck 😉

  3. Waaaaah!!!! says:

    They are going to jail, for a long time. Who gives a care what its filed under. Get over it.

    1. Mike says:

      It didn’t take long for someone like you to show up with your condescending opinion and the funny thing is, you would be the first one balling your eyes out to mommy or law enforcement that some person who wasn’t your color or nationality beat the snot out of you. People like you are the real whiners in life.

      1. Uncle Rico says:

        Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!! It’s big know it all Mike telling other people how their lives are without having ever met them. Mike, what exactly is your point? Oh wait, as usual you fail to make one.

  4. Whitey says:

    What about the mobs of roving Blacks randomly beating white families at the Iowa Stae Fair last year & the Wisconsin State Fair this year??? No charges even filed,assault caught on tape,no charges filed!!

    1. Carmen says:

      I am sorry I didn’t realize Brainerd was in Iowa

  5. 7 yrs says:

    7 years for a bar fight seem like a long time. How many years was his hope/

  6. Fed up Up North says:

    “Peace be with you Mr. Bar visiting Preacher Man.” from Mike Hawk

    Willy Navy isn’t the minister, his brother is. 4th paragraph from the bottom. People don’t read well and then comment. Read it again.
    Campbell and Eastwood have been in trouble before and when they get out, they will be in trouble again.
    They won’t sit their whole time.

    1. sickening says:

      They trash …. white trash that sits in a bar getting wasted as they hold their thing and work it while looking at the Corona girlys on the poster
      I hope they get stomped in prison and end up in chairs for life. Also hope any of the bro’s inside for the same reason get the same treatment.
      No place on earth for this chit … simple as that

  7. Kevin says:

    Black on White crimes happen all the time… Hate Crimes there…..this is BS! If your going to use Ferderal Hate Crime charges only against gays or minorities…then get rid of the law….so many sheeple so little time…

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Racism doesn’t even exist! It’s just the excuse that inferior, lazy, criminal minorities use when they are caught.

  8. just sayin says:

    AH You all have failed to hear:

    1st – Philedelphia. Two black guys beat an elderly white guy to death.

    2nd – Iowa black mobs attacking whites.

    3rd – Wisconsin black mobs attacking whites.

    The news just neglects to point these out because they would be labeled “race baters”.


    1. Max says:

      If the news didn’t point these out, how did you learn about them?

      1. JMJ says:

        Fox news for national. And then if you do a search for it on google you can find the local story. But liberal media never puts Black on White stories out nationally.

      2. just sayin says:

        Because I look at several articles online, one link to another.
        I also like Good site.
        Thank you JMJ – Spot on.

    2. carl says:

      Yeah, you really have to search for those stories. It is pathetic how only one side of the story is being told particularly on CNN and the like news outlets. Fox covers it and the local locals, like the town papers, not the Kare11’s or WCCO’s. The reality is hate is hate. How do you define a hate crime? If you attack someone you have a reason. You are either that grimy or you dislike something about them, maybe they said something but anyway you slice it the attack is a hate crime. One person doesn’t attack someone because they like them. The lable “hate crime” is just another liberal bias so they can over charge for a crime that is motivated by ignorance. By the way, the first time I was attecked by a group I was 5 and attacked 8 black kids all in their low teens over the fact that I was white and living in their neighborhood. That was in 1975 so it does go way back and its not just white on black. Oh and don’t expect black on white assaults to be prosecuted as hate crimes at the same rate. Remember, the US AG is Eric Holder, the same guy who refused to prosecute the New Black Panther for voter intimidation in Philly even though there was an orgy or evidence against them. Several FBI field supervisors resigned because of the direct order not to investigate further even though there were multiple witnesses and a youtube video of the incident.

  9. corks says:

    Sending someone to jail for two years means he will serve half time for overcrowding then get another half of the remaining time off for good behavior. He will probably only serve 6 months of a 2 year sentence.

    1. carl says:

      You are sooooo wrong. That only happens for non violent offenders and only in some cases. They will most likely see 75 to 80% of the time and then be on supervised release for 5 years or more.

  10. Correctional guard says:

    Of course they won’t come out alive. I’ve already been told they are marked. Keep your eye this one. Six months max. The wise guy brought a good shank price. They won’t see next summer. This place ain’t candyland.

    1. carl says:

      Funny, depending on where they go they might be welcomed with open arms and protection. Infact that is most likely what will happen if its put out what they did. Just because minorities are a disproportionately represented group based on their numbers in general society does not mean they are the majority in MInnesota prisons nor do they control the prisons. The last heardThe Brotherhood has a lot of sway in our local prisons.

      1. flyod says:

        You watch too many movies carl. I actually work in the prison. Aint no sunshine for the losers.

        1. carl says:

          I can say for a fact, I have seen it. Maybe not in your prison but they are out there. Its reality Flyod or Floyd.

        2. carl says:

          If not The Brotherhood then maybe NSM.

        3. carl says:

          If this is ‘Correctional guard’ and you know that a hit is coming then you are bound to try to prevent it. If you don’t do what you can and allow this type of prison “justice” then you are just as guilty as those perpetrating the crime. You don’t have to actually take action in a crime to be guilty of conspiracy. Remember that.

        4. carl says:

          These guys are guilty and deserve their time but to allow a murder to happen inside the walls of a prison is not acceptable in any society. It happens I know but to take no action to prevent it is just ludicrous, and criminal.

  11. Carmen says:

    He should just sue the trash. He will never get an apology and if he does its worthless anyways.

  12. carl says:

    Interesting how the truth gets deleted around here. Liberal bias strikes again.

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