MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A leading dairy farmers group is backing a proposed overhaul of federal milk policies after its creator agreed participation in a program limiting milk production in hard times would be voluntary.

The plan developed by Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson would replace dairy programs with new ones intended to better protect farmers from a crisis like that in 2009, when milk prices plunged, feed costs skyrocketed and hundreds went out of business.

The original plan called for limiting production when the difference between milk prices and the cost of producing it fell to a certain level. But some farmers objected, saying the answer to the industry’s problems was less government interference, not more.

The National Milk Producers Federation said Monday it supports changes that give an incentive for voluntary participation.

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Comments (2)
  1. thesuperman says:

    Less government is the answer. Subsidizing anything is a bad idea. Look at corn and ethanol. The corn is needed to feed cows. Not put into our gas tanks. The farmers would be way better off with no government telling them what plant and how much to plant.

  2. tan pup says:

    Actually, cows should NOT be fed corn. They are fed corn because the farmers don’t need as much grazing land to feed herds of animals. Corn can be used for many things, saying it’s only use is for feed, is just plain ignorant. However, I will agree, enough with the subsidies, but CA won’t let that happen. They grew an entire dairy industry with the Eau Claire rule. You think those CA senators are going to let that cash cow die?

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