MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A movement with a provocative name and a message against blaming victims of sexual violence is coming to Minnesota.

Minnesota SlutWalk hopes to attract women and men of all ages to its Saturday march on the downtown Minneapolis riverfront.

SlutWalk started April 3 in Toronto in response to a police officer’s comment that to avoid being victimized, women should not dress like “sluts.” The concept has spread rapidly through social media, and organizers say it has been embraced particularly by younger women.

SlutWalk Toronto co-founder Heather Jarvis estimated that SlutWalks are being organized in 100 to 150 cities around the world.

When college student Kimberia Sherva, of Fridley, heard about the events on Facebook, she contacted the Toronto organizers and learned that no one had volunteered to organize an event in Minnesota.

“I said, ‘OK’ — deep breath — ‘I’ll do it,”‘ Sherva told the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Beth Johnson, a spokeswoman for SlutWalk Minnesota, said organizers in Minneapolis have no issues with police.

“They’ve been really responsive,” she said.

SlutWalk Minneapolis was originally planned for Aug. 6. It was moved to Saturday so it wouldn’t conflict with the opening of the Minnesota Fringe Festival and to give organizers time to get permits for the event, Sherva said. SlutWalks also are planned for the same weekend in Nashville and New York City.

Not everyone is happy with the concept.

St. Paul resident Kristine Holmgren, executive director of a discussion salon called the Dead Feminists Society of Minnesota, said women who choose to call themselves “sluts” are undoing the work that “second wave” feminists like herself did in the 1960s and 1970s to stop men from patronizingly referring to women as “chicks.”

“When we buy the language of the patriarchy, then we all lose,” Holmgren said. “Girls trot around in bikini tops and say: ‘Look at me! I’m a whore.’ How does that make my world better?”

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Comments (29)
  1. Real Talk says:

    Ok…i get not blaming victims and everythign. But if i put on a fancy, gold chain…a gucci suit…..rolex watch, etc…..then proceed to walk down a dark alley in the Frogtown neighborhood and i get robbed. What kind of delusional person cant admit, that in-part i had it coming??

    Again, society is seeking to eliminate personal accountability and individual responsbility. Nobody deserves to be victimized…but if you are dumb enough to put yourself in bad situations….you deserve what you get. (ie the jailed Iran hikers)

  2. Really says:

    Real Talk…although I agree with your examples for personal accountability (as they pertain to those specific situations), you are way off on trying to say this is the same as someone being responsible for being attacked because of how they dressed.

    There is NO conceivable reason for the way a woman dresses to be an invite to a sexual assault. If a woman says no…It means no. I don’t give a damn how they are dressed. No one has the right to do that to someone…period.

    1. Superchik1017 says:

      Well said!

  3. john0990 says:

    Real Talk, you say that nobody deserves to be victimized and that people need to demonstrate personal responsibility, but what about rapists and muggers? Why aren’t you up in arms about their failure to show personal responsibility by not raping and mugging? What hypocrisy.

  4. Really says:

    Does it really matter who there are or where they work? The march is on Saturday (one of the two days most people have as days off).

    So I am pretty sure most are probably hard working people who care about something and are showing up to show their support.

    Entitlements have nothing to do with it. Try reading the story before you throw out your tea bag comments in an attempt to make it some political statement. We get it…you think you are superior because you have a job. Good for you.

    1. Superchik1017 says:

      It sounds like you haven’t read the article. They don’t necessarily travel around the country. Volunteers offer their time to schedule these events in their local community. If they’re traveling the country, they’re doing it on their own dime. Why are you so angry?

  5. This could be fun says:

    150 women in short shorts tight shirts a little chilly in the day maybe rain, Hey I be their

  6. cakes says:

    Well that Toronto cop does have a point. Yes, the violence is the fault of the person who commits it but there are ways to help avoid it as well and not dressing like a sl*t would be one step to not draw attention to yourself from those with violent tenancies. Sure it would be nice if all women could safely dress like sl*t, even at the work place, but in reality it isn’t safe.

    Really WCCO, you censor the word sl*t for a story like this when it is in the name of the story?

  7. SAS says:

    Oh People people take a breath and read. KEVIN They are not traveling from town to town, they are mobilzing young women mostly in each town.

    REALLY – quit blaming every stupid comment on the Tea party.

    1. Kevin says:

      Ok…again…WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS????? What group is behind it? A church? A non profit? A long list of corp donations? I was hoping my tax dollars were somehow involved…..that would have made my day perfect…….and if the Tea Party has morals…a job….and respect to America….than I guess I am a Tea Party boy…..

    2. ding dong says:

      I agree.
      The Tea Party cannot come up with this stuff as they just to flippin’ dumb to do so. They stuck on the REPEAT button

  8. oh boy oh boy oh ,,,,, says:

    I cannot wait to explain this one to our 7 and 9 year olds when they hear of it.
    “Daddy – what’s a ^lut? Should I start to wear sheets to ensure no skin is showing? Do they also have a ^lutRun for those in better physical condition?
    Why are you crying Daddy? whats wrong?”

  9. Hello! says:

    I understand what they are trying to prove, but I am pretty sure it could have been done with a more tasteful name.

  10. ky jelly says:

    lol you made my day

  11. Steve says:

    Go to their web site….check out their donors….no men allowed at this tuna party….

  12. This could be fun says:

    I love tuna

  13. AP says:

    women aren’t very smart.

    1. M..uts says:

      one could maybe argue these things are not women I guess. My wife thinks they lower in the world than what they are attacking so that’s one vote. lol

  14. ooooh kkkkkaaaaaaaay says:

    from above “they’ve been really responsive”

    hmmmmmm. What has been really responsive dear? – if I dare ask that is.

    I gotta go to Goodwill too and find me a weinie shirt too.
    Hate Oscar meyer – think Ambassador has them?

    1. PinkyToy says:

      bloody good time to be had by all.
      classy name and nummy fun
      bring the batteries girls …. we’ll show them how it’s done

  15. well says:

    No means no

    Yes means yes

    but I am not in the mood luv…… go march

  16. blinders needed says:

    if they half naked son you DON’T want to see ’em
    trust me on this one

  17. Kevin says:

    I still dont get why a bunch of tuna tasters care about this…..

    1. Deep Thinker says:

      I still don’t get why you care so much about this?

  18. Jake says:

    Somehow, the title of this ‘production’ really fits this area quite well. Chalk it up to all of this ‘personal freedom’ that we have, with no reasonable standards and judges that refuse to mete out reasonable justice on a regular basis.

  19. seriously says:

    My ‘tween and I encountered one such rally recently in another city. The women AND MEN protesting were more out to garner personal attention than they were out to call attention to their cause.

    I work in a Sexual Assault treatment programs and the justifications used by men and women go far beyond the attire worn by victims. However, the fact remains that clothing still is seen as an excuse by many people – even more than age. (“She [an 8 year old] dressed skimpy and came on to me.” “That lady was wearing a tiny red dress and was hanging in a bar. She obviously wanted it.”)

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