ST. PAUL (WCCO) — At the Brooklyn Center-based Living Word Christian Center Sunday, Pastor Mac Hammond told the congregation he’d be joining the Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign. However, after news stories about it, the church took the video off its website.

The charismatic pastor said Sunday he may be chairman of Bachmann’s National Faith and Family Council — traveling with the candidate on the campaign trail.

According to the Associated Press, he told his congregation that Bachmann “is a sister in the Lord that is as committed to his word as any of you.”

Once a leader in Republican presidential polls, Bachmann’s popularity has plummeted since Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered the race.

Analysts say using Hammond can be an effective political strategy to court evangelical voters in Iowa, who make up more than half of Republican caucus goers.

“On the other hand, look who won Iowa 4 years ago: Mike Huckabee, who did very well among evangelicals, but that was really the high point of his bid for the nomination. And so Iowa certainly is very important for momentum, but it is no guarantee of success,” said University of Minnesota political science professor Kathryn Pearson.

Hammond is no stranger to politics or controversy. In 2006, he endorsed Bachmann from the pulpit.

It was also the same time Bachmann told Living Word’s congregation Jesus Christ called her to run for Congress.

“Who in their right mind would spend 2 years to run for a job that lasts two years? You’d have to be a fool to do that! You are now looking at a fool for Christ,” said Bachmann.

The Living Word Church confirmed Tuesday afternoon that it scrubbed Hammond’s comments from the Sunday Service video. A representative of the church says Hammond’s message was intended for his congregation, and not for the public.

The representative said Hammond is endorsing Bachmann on a personal level only, it is volunteer effort by Hammond, and no church resources will be used.

Comments (14)
  1. markH says:

    These religious candidates are a cause for grave concern for anyone who values religious pluralism. Once government becomes entangles in religious ideas, where does it end? We’ve already seen our President call for a National Day Of Prayer to unseen entities, Faith Based Initiatives in which those of faith and piety can garner federal funds with clear secular purpose, and tax exempt status for religious organizations-which do not have to shown that donations actually went for charitable causes and not into church coffers.

    We now have political candidates seeking the highest office in the land (possibly the world) and are not afraid or embarrassed to tell the voters that “Jesus told me to run” or to say that they support Intelligent Design as a scientific theory. This would be laughable if it were not such a national emergency. I do not know where this nation will be 10-50 years from now, but I sure as heck don’t the direction it’s headed. Peace.

    1. How about other religions? says:

      Would you say the same about candidates of other religions, like Muslims or Jews or Hindus? Perhaps we should ban people of all religious persuasions from running for office?

      1. SO SAD says:

        Religion should not be part of any politics. The president is to run the country for all whether you’re catholic, muslim, jewish, etc. It should not matter.

  2. jimmy says:

    So Jesus told her to run for congress and God told Bush to go to war. To bad Jesus didn’t tell her to do some good while she was there and to bad God didn’t tell Bush to win the dam war.

  3. obama hates white people says:

    I would vote for her long before I would vote for obama

    1. And now says:

      for something completely idiotic.

  4. Pavel says:

    Religion and politics are like water and gasoline: They don’t mix!

  5. come out Marcus says:

    Bigots supporting other bigots is nothing new, religion notwithstanding.

  6. keel says:

    Good old Mac. He preaches the “Prosperity Gospel”. Translation: You give me your money…I become prosperous! Check out his multiple homes and airplanes. Not too bad for a cracker.

  7. ang says:

    No stanger to controversy? How is backing her a controversy? GIve me a break. Last time I checked (well at least for now) this was a free country and we could vote for who we wanted. BIg deal. Newsworthy? Don’t think so.

  8. Murph says:

    “Who in their right mind” ?????????? Yes, Michele we have all been wondering about that ourselves. The girl still ain’t quite right!

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