Target’s Head Of Marketing Leaves

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Target Corp.’s head of marketing is leaving the company, the retailer announced Monday.

The company said that Michael Francis, Target’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, has chosen to leave the company. The company did not give a reason.

Francis joined Target in 1990 when Marshall Field’s, his prior employer, was acquired by Target. He worked his way up become executive vice president of marketing in 2001. He was named chief marketing officer in 2008.

In January, Francis was also named to oversee the discount chain’s expansion into Canada, where it hopes to have 125 to 135 stores by 2013.

Target, based in Minneapolis, operates 1,762 stores across the U.S. Its stock fell 61 cents to $48.42 in midday trading Monday.

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  • AP

    Heading to JCP. Crazy.

  • Taylor J

    No 10% discount on Target purchase :(

  • Zing

    Typical modern branding; I know the name more than ever but have found the product ever more cheap and hollow. Well done Mr. Francis!

    • Jakester

      Francis had nothing to do with merchandise. Stay in school.

  • Kelly

    Great! Now maybe Target will stop associating with perverts like Lady Gaga and supporting GLBT issues.

    • Superchik1017

      BOOOOOO for you!

  • wilbourn carr

    I hope Target was not able to purchase Mr Francis silence, as a professional I dont think he will say how bad things are at Target. This is the third major Executive to leave recently. wish I was a Fly on the wall at his separation meeting. Thank god there are still people of conscience. way to go Target.

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