‘Wall St.’ Protests Coming To Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota group is planning to stage a protest in solidarity with the demonstrations that resulted in hundreds of arrests in New York.

The group OccupyMN announced they plan to assemble Friday morning at 9.a.m. Protesters will occupy the Government Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. It represents a switch in focus from the group’s previous plans.

“Previously our plans were to stand in solidarity with those that occupy Wall Street by rallying at the steps of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis,” said the group’s website. “The plan has changed to reclaim the Government Plaza as the ‘People’s Plaza.'”

There were more than 700 arrests on New York’s Brooklyn Bridge during similar protests, which have been going on for weeks now.

“We are moving to reclaim our mortgaged future,” said OccupyMN’s website.

  • Sam I am

    Could you guys be any dummer. Seriously get a job.

    • Rachel

      I have a job. Two, actually. And it’s spelled “dumber.” Seriously, get an education. You know what’s funny about people like you? You blame the government for not creating jobs, but then you blame the unemployed for not having jobs. Do you not see the inherent contradiction there?

      • Oscar

        No one blames the government for not creating jobs, they blame the government for creating an anti-business environment by over taxing and over regulating,

        • Rachel

          This isn’t about Obama vs. whatever politician you’re endorsing. This is about the whole system of government + corporate entanglement. Just about every member of congress is in someone’s pocket, dem and repub alike. This movement is to say – we’re sick of it, and we’re not gonna take it any more. It’s time to tweak out version of capitalism so that we can re-grow our middle class and get rid of poverty. The livelihood of everyone should not be tied to the stock market, and corporate personhood should be revoked.

        • Me

          What gets over regulated? Not trying to be a smart you-know-what, I am just wondering what you think gets over regulated. Did you know that 3M does not pay nearly half of the taxes that they are told to pay??

          • Oscar

            Start with Obamacare and work your way to cap and tax and you will see why companys are running lean and will continue to until Obama is ousted.

            • frozenrunner

              If the goal of the business is to make money they will run lean to continue to make as much money as they can. If expanding will bring them more money, they will do so regardless of who is President.

              • Oscar

                wrong. business needs to know what costs will be in order to plan, expand, and project. With Obamas energy threat, still unknown Obamacare costs, Dodd Frank regulations still being written, they don’t know the costs. I have heard interview after interview of major CEOs about this uncertainty. Yes Obama has had a huge impact on our economy.

                • frozenrunner

                  Bullpoo on your part. There will always be variables in what things will cost and what they cannot control.. The cost of energy will go up and down. Is the cost of energy a major portion of cost in every business? Can they control health care costs 2 years down the road? Look at whatever political party the CEO is donating to.

  • Jake

    It’s about time the protests arrive. I was disappointed that the court jesters were avoiding our fine state. Could be a nice diversion from our horrible football teams. By the way, Go Lynx! (Yes. Yes, I am on the bandwagon now. Why not?)

  • good luck

    Just wait to see all these low class loser clowns. All between 18-25 who know nothing about politics, nor have a dime in the stock or housing market.

    “moving to reclaim our mortgaged future”….. really?? LOL

    • Get educated

      These 18-25 year olds have more college education than you do! They are the only ones fighting for their future. The government keeps taking away funds that were set up to help them in the future. Now it is dwindling down thanks to clowns like you!

      • connie

        the gimmie generation

      • Pride

        Gimme funds, I need my mommy and daddy.
        Who do they want the funds from? Those who work so I can sit and play video games with my liberal degree…

        What ever happened to pride in making your own way?

    • Realist

      Do you really believe that “low class loser clowns 18-25” are the only demographic that participates in these things?

  • Lee

    More children who think they got the whole world figured out and are desperate to do something to feel important. Usually that “something” involves a lot of angry, repetitive shouting, the easiest form of political participation.

    • Realist

      I’d bet money you’ve never been to any of these.

  • Rose

    I am over 25, work 60 hours a week, and am current on my mortgage. I’d be there if I could.

  • Rose

    I am over 25, work 60 hours a week, and am current on my mortgage. I’d be there if I could.

  • sid

    i can’t believe this. You elect a socialist president who puts in place measures that hurt business like obamacare, dodd/frank, carbon taxes, union thugs, etc. then you blame business for not expanding, hiring, and making money. Socialism doesn’t work and you should be protesting Washington not Wall Street.

    • frozenrunner

      If socialism does not work explain how Germany, China, and Norway are doing so well.

      • Karl

        I am sure the unions will take the Chinese system in a minute.

        • Frankie

          Every see what the average worker makes in china, fishbrained wingnut.

      • sid

        There not doing so well.

        • frozenrunner

          China not doing well? Below China unionized. LMAO at you and Karl’s knowledge base

          • louis

            Who in China is doing well? What do you consider well?

            • frozenrunner

              Sorry louis to have been fishing a little bit to see what opinions were out there. Mr No above doesn’t realize it may be the Chinese government putting the brakes on. Differnt articles and books are saying how wonderful China and their ecomomy is. Income for Tibet farmers per year is 258. Average income in China 7,500. Given Chona’s history I really didn’t think the central government was too thrilled with people getting rich. Getting back to the corporate greed, China’s government is not going to be any different than the corporations or the people on top here. They are going to want to keep the control and do whatever they have to do to keep it. Like the corporations sitting on profits here, the government there will do what it has to do to keep control no matter the consequences for the little guy.

              • "Mr. No"

                Mr. No would like to backtrack on your statements. Insults don’t work and I “realize” more than you know. You stated Germany, China, and Norway in your comment. Everyone knows the stance of Germany at this moment. NOT GOOD that they have to be in such a position. China, as Mr. No (me) stated has there own issues that are in wait to explode. Norway is the only defensible argument because they have made the choice to isolate themselves. So your fishing expidition on the defense of socialism, is wrong.

                • Mr. No

                  Germany has had no growth since China stopped buying. Come on Frozen! It’s a global economy and no one answer is going to answer for all.
                  “If socialism does not work explain how Germany, China, and Norway are doing so well.” That’s you! And as far as Germany goes, no they are doing something very wrong don’t you think? They wanted the Euro so bad, now they have to prop and hold it? Come on man!!

                • frozenrunner

                  Is commenting that the average worker in China makes 7500 a year make me a socialist? Get real. Commenting on where the power lies within this country? Look at where your wages have gone in relation to the flow of wealth.
                  Germany in recent history has been a country with an econmy based on exports. They must be doing something right to have a continued growth in their ecomomy.

          • No, that would be wrong

            Uh, China is in the process of crashing on their housing situation, person to person loans, banking, and inflation. Now the U.S. is putting pressure on the value of their currency. Just because it’s not mainstream news doesn’t make it not so. China was expected to prop up the world but now China has become part of the worlds problem. Side note, who will be expected to save the world? Us, as always.

    • Realist

      Would you care to expand on this?

      • sid

        I think its self explanitory but if you don’t understand it you will probably be in the march.

  • what do they want

    A protester interviewed in New York said they were demonstrating against corporate greed and social inequality. What exactly than, does marching in the street accomplish in regards to those concerns? What I am hearing from these people is that they expect someone to take care of the problem for them.

  • Murph

    Wonderful story…NOT !!. So,being a victim myself! I can only guess,as will all of you what this is all about! I think,and may be wrong,it is about all the people whose retirement funds were in stocks.Those whose bets were sacrificed when they went bad ,while the banks bad bets were made good by the government.Hey,I’m not John Dillinger ,but….If ever you wanted a revolution and lose your head to madam gulliotine,that’s a good way to bring it about!Maybe that wasn’t the plan..but it was the end result! So whoever was to blame,may not be who you think it is! I KNOW who it is! I suggest you all figure it out before acting without the power of the law!

    • Jen

      How would we know who your investment guy is?

    • duke

      Oh please enlighten us wise one.

  • StraycatStrut

    Basically the protesters are part of the Zombie revolution…like they had in Wisc. Maybe if they want to protest for Social equality, Socialism, and controlled speech (if you do not agree with them)…. they should try this in a Social Country like Cuba (nearby, they can swim over there) and see how far that goes.

  • ItsGovernmentStupid

    They should be protesting Obama, Bush, Frank, Dodd, Clinton, etc. who have killed American jobs.
    Since 1997 more than 1/3rd of the manufacturing jobs in this country have been lost.
    ADC in Shakopee just moved to Mexico.
    If you want to protest, protest Government printing money, the Government backing unlimited loans and causing a housing bubble of epic proportions, the Government regulations, the Government handouts to businesses, banks, unions, etc.

    I am not against government, just against them sticking their hands in areas they tend to mess up.

    Government has caused 90% of the problems these protestors are protesting about.

    • It's the economy stupid

      I certainly couldn’t agree more. These kids are not focused and can’t be taken seriously in their rally. Though, I promote any rally at this point to stir the pot. As citizens and tax payers (even if it’s a tax payer who only pays state taxes or consumption taxes) the governement holds tax payer money. I would have preferred the government assist the frauded citizenry rather than the banks. I would prefer that the government protect the consumer rather than the producer. The producer and the consumer are in a lopsided game of wait and see and no one is parting with cash since the fear of the unknown is a daily constant. Obama and his “experts” ARE the underdogs and they have no idea of what they are doing!

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