Wis. Woman Accused Of Stealing Ring From Corpse

MENOMONIE, Wis. (AP) — An Eau Claire woman is accused of stealing a ring from a corpse during a funeral home visitation.

Fifty-five-year-old Patricia Woodford is charged with felony theft from a corpse. A criminal complaint filed in Dunn County says a witness during the visitation at Olson Funeral Home in Menomonie Aug. 18 told police that Woodford made remarks about wanting the ring and that it was a waste it would be buried the body.

During a final viewing of the body, family members noticed the ring missing from the deceased. The funeral home contacted police. The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram reports the complaint says Woodford eventually gave the ring to an investigator after she was questioned.

Woodford made a court appearance Tuesday and was released on a signature bond.

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  • Cynthia

    Don’t steal from the dead, they will haunt you.

    • jackactionhero


      No. They won’t. Trust me.

  • Pete

    It’s simple; no more open caskets.

  • mel

    That’s about as white-trash as you can get.

  • What a turd

    Well Patricia, you’ll be glad to know you’ve just achieved the top spot for most despicable turd in the USA for this month, pushing cowardly Muslims to 2nd place. Congratulations, you garbage of American society.

  • sas

    What an idiot!

  • frankfurter

    I fart in her general direction

  • somebody

    Was she related?

  • Joker of Spades

    Only in Wisconsin….

  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/10/05/wis-woman-accused-of-stealing-ring-from-corpse-2/ Wis. Woman Accused Of Stealing Ring From Corpse « CBS Minnesota

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  • Jake

    I suppose this is a bad time to tell people where I get all of my shoes . . . .

  • xxx

    Why have anything of value on a body after they have passed on?

    They certainly aren’t enjoying the wearing of the object.

    • Wilber

      It comforts the family. Doesn’t sound like this woman had any right to the ring; it was clearly theft.

    • kate

      Doesn’t mean it was going to be buried with her. They may have wanted her to be wearing it during the viewing as she probably had during her life.
      Funerals are for the benefit of the survivors. They probably enjoyed seeing her wear it.

  • Big Bill

    Finders keepers.

  • Reality sucks

    Well, this is Wisconsin we are talking about. Let’s see, we have a woman punching a kid in the face, liquor stores opening at 6 am, oleo is illegal, a guy that steps in front of a semi for easy death and oh yes, my favorite from years back, copulating with a corpse because she was cute in her obit. Oh and don’t eat cheese! The thing is— Wisconsin is full of nuts and always will be— so this is not shocking, it’s the norm.

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