Man Injured In Bear Attack Near Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis. (AP) — Police say a man has been hospitalized after being mauled by a bear in the southern edge of Superior.

The Duluth News Tribune reports Superior police officers were called to the southern edge of town on a report of a mauling about 8 p.m. Saturday.

Police say the man was with a female hunting partner who had set up over some bait, hoping to take a deer, when the bear appeared. The man tried to chase it off, but the animal turned on him.

Sgt. Adam Poskozim says the man wounded the bear with a knife and the woman shot it with an arrow, but the animal was still alive when police arrived.

The man was taken to a Duluth hospital with wounds to his right thigh and wrist. His name was not immediately released.

Police officers worried the wounded animal posed a danger to others, so they hunted it down and killed it.

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  • MrB

    What a couple of KNUCKLEHEADS!

  • Why you need to pack heat

    I thought Bears were nice little pets, Like Hope

    • Chase it off?!?!

      Never bring a knife to a bear fight. .357, or bigger

  • jan

    I didn’t know deer baiting was legal. It’s certainly not ethical. One dead bear and one wounded man, how stupid!

    • pinetree

      I agree with you Jan….How unethical to bait deer or bear…..I dont care if its legal or not…..I think it is terrible….I dont like hunting to start with and then when you bait an animal that is not even hunting……that is ambush! The animals are fighting back against the stupid humans….Start respecting nature and treating it right!!!…….and yes I do know that they have to hunt the animals to help with the poplation, but I still do not like it……one dead bear and one wounded man… unnessary and sad!!!

      • get over it

        gYou don’t like hunting. Fine. Don’t hunt. In the meantime please stop your whining over an activity that was key to the success of the human race. It is a skill and past time still enjoyed by millions, and may come in handy if the thin veneer of civilization falls away. People living in an industrial technological society always make the mistake of forgetting that they are an omnivorous species still tied to the circle of life.

        • Dale Gribble

          That’s right! Once the inevitable collapse of society comes about, only those of us with the skill to live off the land will be able to feed ourselves, and only those of us with the mastery of weapons will be able to protect ourselves from the gangs of marauding minorities and starving liberals who will roam the continent.

    • Dawn

      I agree!

    • bad baiters!

      You are correct. It is illegal as heck to hunt deer over bait.. Illegal baiting is a major enforcement headache for the DNR. They have been cracking down in recent years. For regulations on baiting, check out the DNR website. It is idiots like this that ruin it for everyone.

      • Todd W. Olson

        Ah, but it is perfectly legal in Douglas County, Wisconsin, where the incident in question took place.

        • good baiters!

          Thanks the clarification. Definitely my bad for not catching that in the article.

          • Beavis

            Are they master baiters? Heh, heh, huh uh uh huh.

  • j speedbag 64

    now there’s a waste of a good bear,should at least be a misdemeanor

  • justaxnspend

    Youneedtopackhe……..I know who you are……….

  • Joe

    OH the pour bear……….

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