GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) — The union representing 1,300 locked out American Crystal Sugar Co. workers plans to bring new proposals to the company in an attempt to end the lockout that has lasted for more than 70 days.

Union spokesman Mark Froemke tells the Grand Forks Herald that the union plans this week to contact the federal mediator assigned to the case to request a negotiating session with company management.

Froemke said negotiators representing workers planned to bring new proposals to the table, but declined to go into specifics.

Brian Ingulsrud with American Crystal said the company would agree to meet with union representatives if requested.

The union workers have been locked out of five sugar processing plants in Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa in the company’s first labor impasse in 30 years.

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Comments (8)
  1. Heywood Ja says:

    Imagine that. The union thugs want to talk. They flexed their muscles, bluffed, and lost. NOW they want to be reasonable. Keep them locked out.

  2. Unions are finished says:

    Now only keep them locked out. Replace all of them with non-union members that want to work.

  3. Sue J says:

    Lock them out, they protect illegals but no legal Americans. LOCK THEM ALL OUT!!

  4. Kevin says:

    Ship them all back to Mexico! Who gives a shi+….my sugar still tastes the same….

  5. dan says:

    Amazing! They should all start looking for new jobs!

  6. Thug says:

    Union haters with an opinion they’re happy to share with the world… how original!

  7. Mike says:

    That’s right morons, it’s the unions fault America’s economy is failing……and everything will be better once they are eliminated and the ability to collectively bargain is illegal.
    I am glad that my life as an hourly employee will be over in the next few years. Once the unions are gone along with the 40 hour work week, overtime, vacation, sick time and your medical, dental benefits are eliminated. It will be a workers paradise……………….hahahahahahahahahaha!

  8. frmrsdatter says:

    I am appalled by the comments that have been posted. How many of you actually know what is going on in this situation? Kevin obviously does not; as this is about the factory workers (the majority born and raised in the Red River Valley) not the migrant workers who work in the fields (the majority are from Texas, not Mexico). You need to learn the facts prior to commenting Unions are finished, Sue J and Dan. Do you really think that the co-op (farmer owned) wants to break the union? These are there neighbors, members or their church and coaches on their kids football teams. I can not believe that you would actually wish upon someone to lose their job. The past 30 years have went by without a lock out or strike. The union members have been loyal to the company and the farmers. Thug and Mike, you too are no better than the comments before yours. Do you really think that you are better than everyone else? You all need to read about the contract talks on the Crystal Sugar website. You will be able to see the actual contract that was offered, the letter from the Labor Board and many letters from union employees who are asking the union to end the lock out. The ball is not in the ACS court, it is in the union’s court to end this. For the record, I am the daughter of a ACS co-op member. I am proud that my parents are ACS farmers and wish no ill will against the union member. I do, however, am taking the side of ACS. Does that make me a union hater or moron?

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