Cravaack Challenger Clark Raises $228K

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Former state Sen. Tarryl Clark says she’s raised more than $228,000 in the third quarter in her bid to unseat GOP U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack.

Clark’s campaign announced Thursday it ended the quarter with more than $235,000 in cash on hand.

Cravaack has yet to announce third-quarter numbers. He ended the last quarter with about $269,000 in cash on hand.

Other Democrats vying with Clark to take on Cravaack include former Duluth councilman Jeff Anderson and former U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan.

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  • Kevin

    On her knees?

    • ted

      Give it up, Clark

  • alan

    Give it up, Clark

  • kevinisstupid

    Bye bye chimp.

  • Jaffy

    Here’s a woman who is desperate for any sort of power. She really thinks the voters in that district are stupid. She will move away as soon as she finds out she lost another election. She is pathetic.

  • G Dog

    I’m a die-hard Democrat, and her move to Duluth smells like a carpetbagger.

  • Go away


  • Norge

    More Puff-Piece journalism from lame-stream ‘Cco for little bo clark. She got her butt handed to her by Bachmann despite all the free campaigning by ‘Cco touting her attributes…which really just exposed her for what she is…another addicted kool-aid drinker trying to get the rest of the state hooked on taxpayer funded entitlments and obamamama-care. Chip will hand her butt to her also, MN is fed up with the kool-aid drinkers.

    • Frankie

      CCO runs the AP wire stories like this one because they love laughing at the moronic comments you and others like you make.

  • See BS

    It depends on how the Minnesota Supreme Court doctors the election map I guess.

    I still haven’t seen any notices for public hearings for the re-districting of the state.

  • PJ

    Money Pit Tarryl

  • Sue J

    She never learns, carpet bagger!

  • Jake

    Don’t know if I can take those teeth again or the way that she tries to pander to the deaf for one more campaign season.

  • dan

    Moving to Duluth? WTH carpetbagger! Go home Tarrly, nobody wants you to run for office. Your fringe supporters wont amount to anything.

  • Taxing Tarrl

    Ha ha, I remember Taxing Tarrl. Take your tax increases and get. My family can’t afford to pay another dime in taxes routed to la_zy liberals.

  • arg

    There’s just something about that face that scares me.

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