11-Year-Old Scholar Studies At ‘U Of M’

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Most people enter college as a teenager with the hope of graduating in four to five years, but in that same time span, one University of Minnesota freshman will be getting his driver’s license.

Eleven-year-old Lucas Kramer is nearly finished with high school, but he spends most of his time on the university campus.

A profoundly gifted young man, Kramer could read three-letter words by age 2 and read college-level books at age 5. His academic brilliance has made his life pretty busy.

“No time for cartoons or video games,” Kramer said. “I spend my weekends doing homework most of the time.”

Kramer’s father, Tim Kramer, said that his son’s perpetual curiosity leaves him with few quiet moments. Even at lunch with his chemistry professor, Dr. Amanda Long, Kramer asks questions, usually about his lab work.

“He definitely comes in with some creative questions,” Long said.

One question that Kramer is still seeking an answer to is what he wants to be.

“I’m thinking about maybe being a priest, researcher or a scientist,” Kramer said.

Whatever he chooses, Kramer said God will influence his decision.

“It’s just the one thing that I guess is really important in all I do is just try to do what God would want me to do always,” Kramer said.

For fun, Kramer works with the university’s solar car competition team. He said that Friday night they’ll start work on the motor.

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  • twofiveone

    This boy sounds fantastic, hope he finds employment after graduation.

    • Rod Anders

      There might still be some jobs available at McDonalds then.

      • Greg

        Nope, they’re a big corporation too, that makes them the enemy of Liberals everywhere.

      • BCre8F2

        Ironic that McDonalds IS the Liberals

    • Josh

      He might have an issue if he’s not 18, but I’m sure he could create his own company though.

    • Henry31

      My bet is that he won’t study art or history. So, his employment prospect are probably pretty good…

      • Bill Collins

        You are absolutely correct!

      • Mickey Rodentia

        Even new science grads are having a hard time finding jobs. Right now BS doesn’t stand for bachelors of science.

        • Ken Morrison

          Unemployment for college grads is 4-4.5%. Don’t believe the BS.

          • jimmo

            A lot of unemployment is due to people being paid by the government to sit around for 99 weeks.

            • Bill Vernon

              Has there actually been any academic research showing the actual percentages for that?

      • Steve

        Eh, I studied art/design, graduated in 2009, and I’m currently making $130,000.

        • Phil

          well done Steve but that sidesteps the point most art majors have a hard time finding work. Clearly you are well above average in your field. That however does not mean that those less gifted than you are also doing fine.

    • Mike DJ

      I hope he creates jobs when he graduates.

      • Greg

        Great response. Don’t forget becoming self-sufficient. They don’t like that either.

      • jasperddbgghost

        2nd guess was Asian. Wrong!

        Fast forward to next semester – Kramer get’s denied access to college because he doesn’t meet the Affirmative Action = have to let in lower scoring minorities or “I’m a man that feels like a woman” types.

      • teaisstronger

        Some Federal will rule that this is discrimination and that the college must also admit an 11 year old Black Boy to balance out the diversity and give esteem to the Black Nation.

        • glenp

          see most posts earlier

      • Jake

        I sure hope this young man’s parents have raised him to be oblivious to the colr of a person in this world. As for you…change can only come from within. You will answer to God someday.

        • The Dude

          Shut up

          • stechatte


            • the truth


        • Jake sucks

          Wait till he gets even smarter. Like most brilliant minds, he’ll realize God is irrelevant.

          • kauboy

            “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

            Too late for you.

          • irishsmile

            … and we would have to assume that you are ‘brilliant’ & take your opinion about God’s existence? I don’t think so.

          • Oliver Klosov

            Historically most brilliant minds do reach the point of realizing God is irrelevant. Fortunately, those brilliant minds eventually reach the inevitable, correct conclusion that it is truly man who is irrelevant and God who is the very essence of relevance. It is my hope that you will reach that conclusion someday.

            • Bill Vernon

              Not true:

              “Leading scientists still reject God”

              Nature, Vol. 394, No. 6691, p. 313 (1998)


              • jkim

                Oh, gee, Nature….a completely unbiased scientific journal…sigh…

                • devilsadvocate

                  At least it is peer reviewed unlike the the collection of fables and fairy tales that most religious texts are.

      • JustAGuy

        Wow, all I said earlier today was if he works hard and succeeds, and creats jobs for others, he’ll be another person the Occupy Wall Street folks will hate, and somehow THAT got removed? For what? Daring to tell the truth about the Occupy Wall Street folks?

        • Sarah

          How many jobs has Wall Street created exactly…you have no clue…Occupy Wall Street is NOT going after “job creators”…they are going after the bankers that destroyed our economy and got off scott freee idiot…oh yea, still waiting for Reagan’s trickle down economics to work…

          • JustAGuy

            Education time:

            What is “Wall Street”?

            The term loosly referrs to public corporations. When investors invest either directly or through, through their pensions, mutual funds, or 401k’s into a public corporation, that corp. uses that infusion of cash to operate, and hopefully expand their business. Of course, dividends are paid as well. That’s how union pensions and 401k’s grow.

            What happens when a corp operates? PEOPLE WORK!

            What happens when a corp. expands their business? MORE PEOPLE WORK!


            • Deus Vult

              I was going to reply to that “idiot” but you did a much better job than I would have done….”WELL DONE!”
              2012-SAVE THE REPUBLIC!
              NO MORE “resident” obama, moochelle “antionette” and the cabal of marxist czars!

          • g55rumpy

            try the government`s regulations destroyed the economy

            • JustAGuy

              EXACTLY! Excessive regulations makes it harder for businesses to operate or expand their operations, so the don’t!

          • Jim

            Sarah, just how many people work for you. If you had any idea how the economy grows it is not with government it is inspite of government. With the economic conditions that was the spawn of government regulations and insider deals, to government is the biggest cause of jobs leaving the country. When the government beginning with Jimmy Carter on to Bill Clinton red lining banks if they didn’t loan money to people who were unable to pay it back with home loans. If the private sector did what the government has done most of the politicians including OBama would be in prison.

            • Chris Jones

              Clearly things are not as simple as is put forth in the post thread by either side. Is there a reward system that is slighted to the upper reaches of Wall Street? Yes… Are manipulating economic contributions to government affecting better outcomes for the top social strata and contribute to the false argument that more deregulation is great for the economy? Yes… Is bigger government the answer? No… Is less regulation the answer? No… The more simple and less simple explanation is that our current economic crises is a belated effect of globalization and computerization/mechanization of our workforce (Middle class). The economic decline has been happening for many years and has only been delayed by 1) deregulation and poorly conceived government incentives bolstering a fake bubble in home prices and lending and 2) a Very advantages tech boom in the 90’s. 3) Developing countries bolstering our buying power while keeping there’s artificially low to drive there export and development export based economies (To be fair this is kind of what we did to Britian bakc in the day…hey unfair market regulation) But in a developing country there is not a middle class to demand a competitive wage…so no middle class…they are now able to compete with us without the overhead of the middle class THIS makes us who we are…We cannot compete without losing the very things that make us great. Other skilled jobs are being done with a computerized/mechanized work force that only need a few middle class jobs where hundreds used to exist…The C.E.O’s are getting there huge sales due to making huge profits (At a lower tax rate as well due to bonuses being tide to stocks which only pay capital gains tax not income tax- which is much higher) There bonuses came in part by losing the middle class work force that cost us so much AND the share holders that allow it. Because everyone owns shares now… they aren’t apart of boards to regulate CEO pay and usually have no idea whats going on or the bigger picture…. but Corporations (or job creators? kind of and kind of not). Corporations exist for one purpose… to make money and reduce liability… and that’s OK! But the government also says they should be able to have a say in government (contributions… Hey! Super PAC!)… having both is not OK and has caused unfair regulation that makes it harder on the middle class. Also by having a difficult job market they can demand more of there workers and pay them less so the CEO’s get more pay and further reduce the middle class… OK… so this is still a simplified version of what is going on…. but to summarize… No one is innocent (left or right) and unless we collectively acknowledge the larger institutionalized and global issues we face as a middle we are doomed for failure. BOOM! I said it!! It’s not bigger government… It’s smarter government (is that even possible?? Yikes!) Is not more regulation that’s the answer…It’s smarter regulation- as it affects Flawed tax regulation, global regulation monetary and otherwise and corporate contribution to government… You are all right and wrong by ignoring the obvious. If we don’t address the real issues and look at our problems and look for dynamic and creative solutions… just deregulation won’t fix a thing… Nothing! Less CEO pay will fix NOTHING… Fix our real global issues. It won’t be easy but we’ve done not easy before. Hopefully we can do it again.

          • James Baker

            If they are going after the bankers they are after the wrong people. I suggest that they go after the White House, Fanny and Freddy and Congress. It was the “you support me and I’ll support you” mentality of those folks that destroyed our economy. The White House message is to collect more taxes so that we can support those businesses and unions we pick and they will in-turn fund our re-election. Sarah, check the facts and not the talking points of the politicians.

          • Smashicus

            I bet you’ve caught a lot of trickle down, Sarah.

            • 99%


          • Facts

            Stuff all your tired, passe left-wing cheap shots, Sarah. Those bunch of pollutive, smelly protestors are attacking capitalism and the free market, period…while the whole time supporting Mr. Wall Street Contributions himself, Barack Obama.

            They’re an irrelevant rabble who simply cannot compete with the Tea Party when it comes to actually moving and shaking politics, today.

            They’re yesterday’s news. This country’s conservative, and only grows more so by the day.

    • THERealitTsar

      If Obama is gone when he graduates he will find a job; otherwise who knows.

      • Sarah

        I know!! He won’t…or he’ll work for $5/hr as the repug’s destroy this great country to help the rich get richer and the rest can GTH…by the way…have any of you twits read the article? He wants to be a Priest…

        • Trisha Johnson

          Reagan was 30 years ago and the economy was doing great back then (after Ronnie cleaned up Carter’s mess – Carter, now 2nd worst prez in history with Obuma taking the #1 spot). You are now seeing the results of the Dems controlling Congress and the purse strings for the last 4 years. Plus mistakes by Bush for trying to be too liberal and spending too much. Plus the banks had issues because Washington forced the banks to make loans to people who could not afford it and backed those loans with Fannie & Freddie. So the banks knew the government would cover any loses. The banks should never had made the loans in the first place, but the socialist liberals wanted everyone to own a home.

          Money doesn’t just trickle down (unless you are in a union), the money is there, but you have to work for it. Those smelly occupy wall street kiddies haven’t worked a day in their life. Union greediness destroyed America and now we are all paying the price. The government and Obuma stealing more of our money to payoff his union buddies has put us in a depression. Looking forward to Nov 2012!!!!

        • Japes Macfarland

          Why are you calling people names?

          What is it with the Left and their seething hatreds? It’s creepy.

          Reagan ended the cold war. Communism murdered 100 million people in the 20th century, and probably more. You just haven’t been taught this because your text books are written by leftists, and leftists don’t like to emphasize the horror of Communism because it is left.
          Yet you guys gave Reagan a hard time for calling the Soviet Union an ‘evil empire’. Yea, right.

        • Bob G.

          “… the rich get richer and the rest can GTH…”
          Actually, when the rich get richer, so does everyone else… just not at the same rate.

          When the rich stay the same (not getting richer, not getting less rich), everyone else loses–no new jobs are created and more people compete for the same number of jobs. The “value of labor” decreases.

          When the rich become less rich, so does everyone else. Except it hits us MUCH harder.

          Bottom line: don’t worry about the rich. What they make or have is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (unless you’re in the business of promoting class warfare). So mind your own business and worry about yourself. If you do that, you can do quite well.

    • icc

      find employment? He creates employment.

      Have you heard of a small liberal arts college dropout who was unemployable by high tech firms who required at least a bachelor degree? (hint: he grew Apples in factories.)

      • Richard

        I never noticed that he was small.

        • MissyOgyny

          Utterly priceless…would that ALL had noticed the error.

      • Wapachaa

        Have you heard of all the other liberal college dropouts who were unemployable by high-tech firms that required at least a bachelor degree who still live in their parents’ basement?

        The exception proves the rule, my friend.

    • mike bronkar

      Hopefully he is not a LIBERAL and decides to be a “Social Organizer”,

      • billp

        can’t be a liberal. he believes in God.

        • Bill Vernon

          Some of us do give up God and conservatism for a reason and evidence based reality. Hopefully he’ll come out of it someday.

          • Pamela

            Evidence based reality would show you that God is real. All that is seen in the known world could not ‘just happen’. The intelligence that is behind the order of life is far too great to comprehend. God is real, even if you don’t believe. He cares a great deal for you Bill. I think this 11-year old understands enough that we weren’t burped from primordial slime, which makes him seek the only reasonable answer. God.

        • art

          That is not always the case. I’m a conservative but I don’t believe in any god or religion. I know tons of folks that go left politically and adore their religion at the same time. It’s just not a rule.

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  • Mike

    It sounds wonderful to be capable of doing academic work years beyond your age groups capabilities, but where do these prodigies go after making it through their academic achievements? I have yet to read a story where they continue to do anything to benefit society at the same dynamic associated to their abilities and perceived personal gain. Trading normal childhood growth seems admirable and desirable, but do the benefits really make it worthy in the equation of life? That to me is something that should be addressed while promoting brilliance beyond the norm.

    • jkim

      If he enjoys it why shouldn’t he do it? Apparently this is natural for him. David Farragut was a midshipman at age 10 and commanded a prize ship captured in the War of 1812 at age 12. Why should we force young people to continue to be immature if they have the capacity to be adults? Read “Do Hard Things.” Young people need to throw off the cultural shackles of mediocrity.

      • Mother_of_5_Sons

        Unfortunately, with the way this administration and it’s supporters believe, this young man should not get recognition for his achievement! They would not want some other student to feel inadequate due to this young man’s accomplishments.

        • Jake

          Mom, what does this administration have at all to do with this young man?? By “this administration” I guess you are implying Democrats?? As if Republicans are not for corporations…you know, the ones taking the jobs out of our country. Did you hear Immelt, the Republican CEO of GE, on 60 minutes last week? He says we should be cheering for GE even if they are creating jobs in Brazil and wherever else but here…because GE is an american company…and americans should cheer for them. So take your blinders off and start cheering!!

          • jkim

            What does cheering for GE have to do with this young man? You also are entirely missing the point. If this young man is fortunate, he will learn to live his life and do his work without needing the approval of society, and just be content with the love of God and his family and friends.

          • Ken Morrison

            I would hardly call him a Republican considering that he is Obama’s Chairman of economic advisors.

        • jkim

          Someone who truly loves what they do wouldn’t be worrying about getting “recognition.” Read C.S. Lewis’ “Inner Ring” article. Do what you love and forget about the losers who object to you, that’s my advice to this young man!

    • Indy Var

      mike… you are judging others by the norms supposed/imposed by the average. we are not all alike. it sucks… your attempt to limit others.

    • Bob

      I work in the field of science with some truly brilliant people. Sadly they have very poot social skills and no life after work. Many of them work a 14 hour day because there is no life at home.

      • SirGareth

        Working 14 hours a day is not work when the person loves it. Newton probably wasn’t much on the soiree circuit either.

        Was the Sistine Chapel done on a 40 hour work week? Having a home life is not necessarily what everyone is in search of.

        • Ellen

          I agree completely

        • Heywood

          Well said!

        • SMH

          I work a 16 hour day and hate it… But thats just to make the budget. I also have no social skills beyond pointing out that if the kid gets in to religion, it’ll be a waste of skills. Leave that to the people without imagination, or average curiousity.

          I could have gotten in to any college or trade that I wanted other than what I do, but I looked around at everyone and wondered whats the point. Figured I would join the army and shoot people instead; makes a bigger difference for the betterment of the world

          • BG

            you sir are uneducated and it shows. study your war, study the past, expect the future. you better the profiteers of war, not people and no world.

      • jkim

        That isn’t much of an argument against letting this kid follow his passion. Some people just have poor social skills. Some people are born that way. Some were just never taught by their parents. Their work isn’t what makes them that way. EInstein had very poor social skills. Some people believe that he had Asperger’s syndrome. He would have still had it even if he hadn’t been a scientist. So should Einstein not have been a scientist just because he might have no life after work? “Sorry, Albert, until you can make small talk at a party, we can’t hire you.”

      • Indy Var

        sure, Bobby, we all know jealous people who can only feel better by belittling others.

    • Julie

      In high school I studied advanced Chemistry with a 10-yr-old. I ran into him recently- he’s now a researcher at a very well-known hospital with a beautiful family, working in cancer research. I think the story of “the professional who 20 yrs ago was a prodigy when he was young” is much less interesting/newsworthy than seeing the young prodigy in action. Every ‘prodigy’ I’ve known, although I’m no expert, has come from a well-rounded, talented, dedicated, loving family and they continue along that route. It’s wonderful to see what kids can do when boundaries are not placed on them.

      • no

        No boundaries? He’s clearly inundated with a bunch of mind-numbing religious dogma. Few things have more restrictive boundaries than the ignorance enforced by religion.

        • Ken Morrison


        • Eileen Pressler

          Talk about ignorance No, you are clearly mind-numbed and restricted by your own fears and ignorance. Just becausee you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’ exist. What are you so afraid of? That God does exist? It’salright, He still loves you and will accept you at any time. More than you will of others I’m willing to bet.

          • phil

            I believe in god just not what “man” has decided god is over thousands of years. One man isn’t trustworthy much less a chain of men telling stories for a millenia. Don’t tell me who god is or what he believes, if he exists I will ask him when I die.

        • E.M.

          LOL! Yes, he really seems to be suffering greatly from ignorance. Believe it or not, some intelligent people have faith.
          What restrictive boundaries do you think his faith is enforcing upon him? No lying? No murdering? No envy? No adultery? hmmm…Must be pure torture for a n 11-year-old prodigy. Apparently they are rough for you to operate within, since you seem to hate it so much.
          Inevitably someone will extract his faith from this story and create conflict when it’s possibly he’s very happy and content within his faith. Assumptions…they make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.

        • Dee

          Study Christian apologetics then see who is ignorant.

      • Nah

        I doubt you know that many prodigies….

        • Matt

          The woman provides a proof and people come back with subjective cynicism. lol Julie FTW.

    • ghostrider

      There was a child prodigy Asian boy that graduated from the University of South Alabama in 1994 that everyone bowed down to and hyped, hooted and hollered about at that time. He even appeared on Jay Leno shortly after he graduated. Here we are almost 18 years llater…where is he? What has he accomplished? He just disappeared like smoke to the sky never to be seen or heard from again!

      • jkim

        How do you know he isn’t just doing his job somewhere without making a fuss? Someone who truly loves what he does isn’t necessarily concerned with popularity. Read C.S. Lewis’ “Inner Ring” article. It is available on the web. I say he should forget about all you losers who object to him., What business is it of yours anyway?

      • jkim

        And if he does lack social skills, so much the better. Some of those people have so little concern about social skills that they truly don’t think about what people think about them. Einstein was one of those. Just leave them alone and let them accomplish what God made them to be. WHy should they care about your opinion? Everything isn’t about YOU, you know. :) Of course, some people are so insecure that it MATTERS to them that people approve of them.

      • KJ

        He won a million dollars on a game show.

    • jimmo

      Don’t try to form your view of the world by watching _Good Will Hunting_ or _Little Man Tate_. Those are vulgar movies, not real life.

    • KJ

      Carl Sagan was a prodigy.

  • Jack

    You’re apparently unaware that some of the worlds greatest scientists were priests.

    • Ben Doverhereitcomes

      The key word in your sentence is “were”. They were priests probably because they felt that they wouldn’t be as likely to be labeled heretics if they showed loyalty to the catholic church. Being labeled a heretic guaranteed you a place in the inquisition. These days, we don’t have to worry about that. Being a priest would be a waste of this kids time.

      • Karen

        Ben, I know THREE priests who were in the sciences before they became priests. One worked as a chemical engineer, one as an Electrical Engineer, and one as an oceangrapher. You are totally out to lunch, and have a backward view of the church.

      • Mickey Rodentia

        Would your tune change if he wanted to be a Mullah?

        Most people in the clergy today be it Catholic, Protestant or Rabbinical are college educated and many have advanced degrees. Bettering yourself academically serves the world.

        Serving God is never a waste of time.

      • jkim

        That’s pretty arrogant of you. Who are you to decide that? Who do you think you are, God or somebody like Him?

      • TC

        1927, Big Bang Theory
        1501 End of Spanish Inquisition.
        So much for that theory – put forth as analysis, without any backing information…

    • phil

      Priests also used to be just about the only educated people around or even knew how to read.

  • Ruth

    Please chose the priesthood…

    • jimmo

      No. We need the kid’s genes. He should make friends with a sperm bank.

  • Alfonzo

    “Kramer said God will influence his decision. ” Kid doesn’t sound that smart to me.

    • Mike

      Oh no? What were you doing when you were 11, atheist, still trying to get out of second grade?

    • Mitch

      He sounds smart to me. Who influences your decisions Alfonzo, or the decisions of other 11 year-olds? The corporate marketing departments that produce TV commercials? This boy is wise beyond his years.

    • joe

      There were and are many people whose intelllect far exceeds yours that believe in G-d.

      Einstien, was one of them. The guiding principle that led him to theory of Relatitviy and opposition th Heisenbergs “Uncerainty Principle” was that “G-d doesn’t role dice”.

    • pipedream

      Yeah, who would want to follow the direction of God who knows everything…..

      Obviously, the kid is brilliant.

    • Leah

      On the contrary, he’s clearly smart enough to realize where his extraordinary abilities came from. Brilliant child!

      • no

        Yes, nothing says “brilliant” like subscribing to a magical story with as much validity as Santa Clause. Well done, moron.

      • Phil

        I would be willing to bet with his intelligence he knows tha what he has been told about god is probably false but also that science has been wrong throughout history and that neither puts forth a significant argument beyond what has been said and that leaves him as someone who chooses faith knowing full well heaven may be drastically different than what he has been told. And science only provides answers to earthly questions and truly has no clue if there is an all powerful being. Science can only decrease the likelyhood and the need for a god to explain things which does not prove the lack of a god. Arrogant fools=people who think we KNOW anything. Everything is up for debate till the end.

    • Heywood

      Haha! Good one, Alfonzo.

    • Mickey Rodentia


      How much fancy book learnin’ do you have Al? Please enlighten us with your erudition.

    • Bill Vernon

      Give him time. If he’s that smart, he’ll probably notice the gross inconsistencies in any religion and give up religion someday.

  • Joseph

    Alfonzo, keepin it classy since 8:38 this morning.

  • Ned Schnittt

    Alfonzo doesn’t sound that smart to me.

  • Fred

    Alf – you think God doesn’t exist? Can you prove it?

    • seanpatriot

      The Burden of proof lies on the backs of believers of said truth. So Just use the scapegoat of faith and move on.

    • nilofc

      Ask him to prove if he blieves in love… since he can’t see it i bet he can;t prove it.

      Here is something simple… ask him to prove there is air… we know it exists but he can;t see it.. i bet he believes it doesn’t exist too. Athiests amazes me with their lack of understanding.

      • seanpatriot

        Are you serious? Love is a chemical reaction and Air? Really? You dont know that we have instruments that can read the amount of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Helium in a given atmosphere?

        • Ilikesanta

          Seanpatriot, have you in fact performed these experiments to test their validity, or do you take by faith that the science you have learned is accurate and truth. Love is not proven to be a chemical reaction only theorized. If so, you could go get a test for love to see how in love you are by testing for the presence and concentration of a specific hormone.

          • no

            The fact is that he could conduct the tests for this scientific knowledge, if he wanted to. No religion can apply the scientific method to itself, because there is no way to validate it. Your inability to gasp this fundamental aspect of science is staggeringly sad.

            • Phil

              Wow this is crazy right here. nilofc science has a pretty solid grasp on things of that nature. Please dont even try to argue that you look like an idiot. However I agree atheists are arrogant fools. ON THE OTHER HAND nothing in science has ever disproved the possibility of a god. Has it explained things that were once only explained by “it is god’s work”? Absolutely but how atheists have so much FAITH that those explanations disprove the possiblility of a god is beyond me. How can you be so sure that there isnt a god and that the god isnt an extraterrestrial being who created the universe as a science experiment. Question the validity of religions is fine but to say with certainty that there is no god is foolish at best. Given the massive size and complexity of our universe nobody on earth has the right to claim one way or another for sure. Which is why I am agnostic(neither science nor religion knows for sure) Leave it be.

      • vinko

        he loves his hand.

    • no

      Your comment doesn’t make any sense. You can’t prove a negative. You’re the one asserting the existence of something, therefore the burden for proof is on you. Once you go down the road of “can you prove this thing I just pulled out of my ass doesn’t exist?”, you have to accept that everything that you can’t disprove exists. You can’t prove that dragons and unicorns *don’t* exist, so therefore they exist? I don’t think so.

      A scientist needs to accept this most fundamental logical truth before he can call himself a scientist.

      • tia

        I’m not asserting the existence of anything. What are you talking about? “You can’t prove a negative”. That’s exactly my point. Therefore, the burden of proof lies with the one making the claim.

        • Fred

          It’s atheists that are making the claim that God does not exist. So where is the proof? Atheists are all about evidence and facts, right?

          The fact is you cannot prove that there is no God. An honest scientist accepts that science can only deal with those things that are material and measurable by scientific means, and that’s all. Science has nothing to say about those things that are beyond the means or capacity of its instruments to detect.

          God, by all accepted definitions, is super-natural and beyond the material realm.

          So, because science cannot say anything about things that are beyond the capacity of its instruments to measure, therefore God doesn’t exist? I don’t think so.

          • Bill Vernon

            If God is beyond the capacity of our instruments to measure, then we have no way to observe or experience God. Therefore, there is no reason to believe he exist. Or put another way, you have just as much reason to believe God exists as you have to believe Thor exists.

          • Phil

            Start off by saying I do not believe in god and am agnostic. Well said Fred very well said. I would say tho that believers are making the original claim that god exists, science is just questioning that statement not making an original one. HOWEVER what you said about instruments and everything is on the money. Science has no comprehension of a god therefore cannot honestly make a claim either way. People who claim there is no god are jumping to conclusions. I have personally concluded thanks to science that religion is misguided and most likely wrong. But science has failed to even put a dent in my belief that there may be a god. Even if it is Men in Back style where the universe is simply a marble in some greater beings sack of marbles. The point is we don’t know so back off religion.

      • Indy Var

        au contraire, you foolish “no”. you know not of what you speak. negatives are merely opposites of positives, neither more than a direction, a concept, a charge, whatever. duh, simply change directions…. call your left, right and call your right, left….. call your vision of up as down, or down as up. your studies have so failed you. you are but a fool crying out that the world is flat, as that is what you are presented. it is indeed what you are shown and all that you know, but neither of that is complete.

    • tia

      The burden of proof lies with the one making the claim. Can you prove that unicorns don’t exist? Nope.

      • Dale

        LOL, You’re correct! Those who claim that God DOESN’T exist, need to provide some proof. (theory doesn’t count as proof, BTW)

        • tia

          Ummmm no. You claim god exists. I didn’t say god definitely doesn’t exist so I don’t have to prove anything. god may exist but it cannot be proven. The burden of proof lies with those making the claim of gods existence. If you know for sure, than prove it. If not, you can believe what you like, but don’t say it’s “true”.

          • Phil

            You cant prove he exists and science can only explain what has been touted as gods work, neither proves or disproves anything so mind your own beliefs people.

    • Bill Vernon

      Actually Fred, if you propose the existence of something, it’s on you to demonstrate it’s existence. You must have some evidence for it if you believe it. I see no evidence, therefore I claim the lack of evidence leaves me no reason to believe that god exists.

      • Fred

        I ‘propose the existence’ of nothing. It is atheists making the claim that God does not exist. Therefore, atheists need to demonstrate – using the tools evidence and facts they claim theists must present for the existence of God – to prove that God does not exist.

        By all standard definitions, God is a non-material, non-physical super-natural being. How can one expect there to be physical evidence for such? There cannot be. To use the lack of physical evidence as a rationale for belief that God doesn’t exist is a category error.

        There is no physical experiment which can disprove non-physical existence. Testing in category A cannot determine whether category B exists or does not exist.

        You can believe that God does not exist, just don’t try to claim your position has anything to do with reason or logic. Atheism is a creed, its views taken on faith.

  • Mitch

    Why, what would be wrong with that. If he’s called then I hope he does.

  • Marlene Hessler

    A few ‘sheep’ comments to be sure. Probably teachers’ union types. Today they focus on doing what kids hae done by themselves since the beginning of time. Today they have to spend oodles of time on learning to ‘socialize’. Is that as in being taught to be good socialist sheep?

    I am greatly dismayed by my grandchildren’s school One paper sent home a week ago asked parents to come to a meeting 17 October to discuss a problem. The ‘problem’ is that district taxpayers are paying for the education of children from a nearby MILITARY BASE. That is a UNITED STATES MILITARY BASE that keeps us safe. They do not mention that taxpayers are also paying to educate kids that ARE IN THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. I am really disappointed and dismayed. The school district is the location of a base that many fought hard to keep open (it has been BRAC’d. They want the money, no mistake. I’m a proud American. Not a proud Tinton Falls, NJ, resident.

    • Terry

      Typically, children that live on base are identified by the school so that the military can pay the school/property taxes.

      • dam

        Correct. Marlene has this backwards. These kids bring federal dollars to the local school district. That’s why school districts are keen to identify kids who are military dependents – to ensure they receive the additional govt. funding.

  • Charles Ray

    > Whatever he chooses, Kramer said God will influence his decision.

    Just lost my respect for the kid.

    • Steve Kellmeyer

      According to the American Sociological Association’s report last month, atheists are predominantly poor and uneducated, congregating mostly among high school dropouts.

      I see that Charles Ray was in the ASA’s data set.

      • devilsadvocate

        Huh? Not according to this report (pg 43). Sorry to inconvenience you with those pesky facts that get in the way of your opinions.


        Oh and that which can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.

        • Daniel Hasking

          “LAS VEGAS — While religious service attendance has decreased for all white Americans since the early 1970s, the rate of decline has been more than twice as high for those without college degrees compared to those who graduated from college, according to new research to be presented at the 106th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association.

          “Our study suggests that the less educated are dropping out of the American religious sector, similarly to the way in which they have dropped out of the American labor market,” said lead researcher W. Bradford Wilcox, a professor of sociology at the University of Virginia.”


          • devilsadvocate

            LOL, I see at least two people have woefully misinterpreted that study to make two VERY INCORRECT assumptions about its conclusions.

            (1) The study didn’t use the term atheist once. So both of you made an incorrect leap of “faith”. It talked about people stopping attendance at religious ceremonies, etc. It didn’t make any judgment as to why they discontinued going to services at all.

            (2) Even assuming your incorrect assumption as pointed out above was true, that study you indicate talks about those that have dropped out of religion that qualified for inclusion in the study, not the overall atheist population as a whole which my link addresses.

            Again, sorry to point out those pesky little facts.

            • Daniel Hasking

              devilsadvocate, you are the one making assumptions here, did I ever use the term “atheist”? Please point me to the section where I posted with the term “atheist”? If you cannot, it is you who are making such assumptions, and then accusing others of making such assumptions. I expect you to state that you have made that accusation falsely.

              As you stated, “sorry to point out those pesky little facts”.

              When you point a finger at others, you have three pointing back at you.

              • jimmo

                Steve Kellmeyer made a mess, and you did a something to clean it up. Somebody should tell Steve to clean up his own mess, like he was supposed to learn at an early age.

              • devilsadvocate

                By simply posting the article that Steve was too lazy to provide which Steve mentioned as support that atheists were of lower intelligence without any commentary, you appear to be supporting his contention.

                Do you support Steve’s theory that atheists are less intelligent or do you refute it. If you don’t support it, simply state that and unbunch your panties. If you support Steve’s statement then you are simply throwing a red herring out there.

      • Bill Vernon

        Could you provide a link to that research?

    • Phil McCrauck

      Even if you don’t believe in a God, that doesn’t mean the kid doesn’t deserve respect. What does that have to do with deserving your respect? You are an idiot.

    • Mikey

      How tolerant and enlightened of you, Charles…

  • TC

    Heard of The Big Bang Theory, Priest Monseigneur Georges Lemaître at work…

    Please don’t be an uninformed closed minded bigot.

    • nilofc

      The Big Bang theory points to something bigger than science… Creation Ex Nihilo…. out of nothing comes something…. the big bang theory clearly points to this…. maybe you didn’t the words “Let There Be Light”… and then Bang….

      Out of Nothing…comes Something. Yes…there is someone who created.

      You are the one who is uninformed.

      • seanpatriot

        We believe in the design, we just disagree on “who” or “what” caused the design

      • Bill Vernon

        Special Pleading:


        You can’t say the universe needed a creator because it couldn’t have created itself without saying the same thing about supposed creator. The best one can do is to say I don’t know why the universe is here.

    • Steve Kellmeyer

      The Jesuits invented the science of seismology (it has been called “the Jesuit science), another priest invented stratigraphy, a Benedictine monk made the first electric motor, another monk discovered the science of genetics.

      Without Catholic priests and religious, science wouldn’t have progressed nearly as far as it has.

      • Jimmy

        And alcohol wouldn’t be nearly as developed :) It would be great if the kid became a priest as a testament to the motivation behind his drive. This story is just full of hope and warm fuzzies.

      • devilsadvocate

        And without organized religion suppressing free thought and “heretic” ideas we would have progressed much further.

      • jimmo

        Priestly celibacy removes from the pool the genes of many of the best and brightest. So you can see that maybe science would have progressed much farther without it.

  • Matthew

    Who is closed minded, the person who believes in God, or the person who refuses to believe there is a God? Who are the bigots?

    • no

      The person who believes in God, because the person who doesn’t would almost certainly change their mind if given ample evidence to the contrary. The person who believes, however, is just ignorantly and mindlessly subscribing to a belief instilled by the society they grew up in, without applying logic or any methodology to it whatsoever. Your statement alone makes me sad for the future of this entire country.

  • nilochsaloob

    Athiests have a gloomy outlook in life… they think we are just walking bags of chemicals here on earth…and after this life… there is no hope…and that’s it.

    What can be gloomier than that. Sounds stupid to me.

    • seanpatriot

      Sounds easy and simple to me. Religion has made dying too complicated and boring.

    • no

      So, you believe in religion, because you’re too afraid of the alternative. That’s real genius, right there.

      I acknowledge that we only have one shot at life and then we’re a bag of bones in the ground, so better treat people right, do what you can, and not waste time or energy. Yeah, that’s so gloomy!

      People like you, on the other hand, spend their days hating people for their skin color, sexuality, religious differences, ethnicity, political beliefs, attributing successes to some deity and failures to “god’s plan”, and probably nearly masturbating yourself into a froth every time you ponder the end of the world, like most religious nuts.

      • josh

        By “treat people right” do you mean “demean and make fun of”?

    • tia

      I don’t have a gloomy outlook at all. On the contrary, since I know that when I die there won’t be any afterlife in paradise I live my life to the fullest. I show kindness and respect to other and do my best to make my little corner of the world a better place. I don’t do good works cause I want to get into heaven or because I’m afraid of being punished.

    • Bill Vernon

      Even if it does sound stupid to you, gloomy and depressing, if it’s true then it’s true no matter how if feels.

  • Hank Warren

    He will get dumber attending U/M. Useless colleges, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • razorback

    Its not the kid who is so bright, its the schools that have been dumbed down. My kid was accepted at U of Arkansas at 13 yo and is getting A’s. High school is a joke, might as well be at university getting credits for a degree.

  • Mark

    My son is doing college level math and he’s ten and in the 5th grade at a public school. He also reads above a 12th grade level. He does his normal school work but I tutor him on the advanced stuff. He is capable of going to college but as he said, “Dad, I just want to do normal 10 year old stuff. I’ll go to college. College isn’t everything.”
    He’s in Webelos Scouts, plays the piano & cello. I’ll guide him, but not needlessly push him.

    • Karen

      Good for your son, Mark. Every kid is different in what they need/want. Don’t necessarily assume the other boy is being ‘pushed.’

    • no

      Just don’t hold your kid back unless he wants it. Teachers wanted to push me ahead several grades in school, many times. (I was one of those kids who was reading by two or three and scoring at multi-year college levels for reading, writing, and math skills while still in elementary school). Unfortunately, my parents never told me of these opportunities at the time and chose to leave me as I was, with the justification that “socializing with his peer group is more important”.

      The result? I never gave a damn about the paste-eating idiots in my peer-group, never socialized, and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of school, which was holding me down. I eventually dropped out of highschool by the end of ninth grade, became a software developer in the bay area, and made my first million long before the age of thirty.

      The point of the story, here, being that while it all worked out, it was of absolutely no thanks to the school system or being in school. In fact, it was despite it. And – no – some “almighty” isn’t to thank or be praised for my success, either. I’m the one who put in the hard work.

    • dam

      Good on you Mark! There’s no hurry. Let him enjoy growing up. Adulthood will be here soon enough.

  • Bob Enyart

    If anyone knows Tim Kramer, please feel free to pass along an interview invite for him or his son from Colorado’s most-powerful AM radio station, AM 670 KLTT with contact info for BEL at KGOV.com. We’re so encouraged to hear about Lucas’ desire to honor God with his life!

  • Odins Acolyte

    Amazing child. Stupid idea. Hope the kid can handle the emotional changed he will go through. Puberty and college don’t go together.

  • Andre

    He’s not only a genius but he has the gift of wisdom.

  • Paul

    Don’t burn out.
    Dig deeper and fly higher, but have a destination in mind.

  • Dan

    Kind of impressive but not really….high school is not difficult, and college is laughably easy in this country. If you show up for class, you get a degree.

    • dam

      Dan. Don’t compare this to your U of Phoenix degree. And by the way, how old were you when you earned your laughably easy degree?

      • Phil

        dam, jumped to your own conclusions there maybe dan is also a genius and felt everything was easy. Or maybe he just feels like posting this on here makes him feel smarter. Either way he has only shown his ignorance to the difference in people and their respective intelligence’s.

        • dam

          Phil – it was intentional. Thought he might like a little of what he was dishing out. It drives me crazy when others try to make themselves feel better by demeaning the accomplishments of others – regardless of how easy it may have actually been for them.

  • Bec

    I don’t know why not. Being a Priest is an honorable profession, especially now that those 1.5% of men who never should have been a priest in the first place are gone. Please don’t be critical of the 98.5% of priest who are decent God loving men who have never done anything to a child or anyone else for that matter. The media hype made it sound like all the priest are bad. They’re not.

    • James

      I have nothing against priests, and I’ve known some good ones, but I think it’s likely that when this kid hits puberty he will reconsider any notions he ever had of being a priest. He’s saying that because it seems important and he’s 11. But it’s just the way of the world that most people would rather not commit themselves to a life of celibacy once they realize what that means.

      Unfortunately, this young man is going to have a hard time finding girls to date in college, when all the girls his age are still in middle school.

      • jkim

        If he really wants to be a priest, he can mark “finding girls to date” off his list. :)

        Seems like to me people are really grasping at straws to find something negative to say about this young man. Can’t you people just be happy for him and wish him the best?

    • Erik

      Can you post a link to your stats and percentages?

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