ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Next week is shaping up as pivotal in the Minnesota Vikings’ bid for a new football stadium partially financed by the public.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton said Friday he’ll hold meetings on successive days with leading legislators, National Football League officials and team owner Zygi Wilf. The meetings are planned for Monday through Wednesday.

“Now is the time. Turn your cards face up on the table. Tell us what it’s going to cost, tell us what you’re going to do,” Dayton said.

The first-term governor said he spoke Thursday with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is dispatching league officials to St. Paul for talks on a Vikings stadium. Dayton said the commissioner brought up interest from Los Angeles suitors to lure a team to that city, but the governor stressed that there have been no relocation threats from the Vikings.

Dayton is considering whether to call a special session for votes on a Vikings proposal. But he wants a firmer grip on the stadium’s site and financing first, and he’s seeking indications from lawmakers that they have the necessary votes to pass a plan.

The Vikings are pushing to build a new stadium in Arden Hills, but others are keeping Minneapolis in the conversation. Some estimates for the suburban stadium plan top $1 billion; Vikings owners have offered to put up more than $400 million while Dayton has capped state participation at $300 million.

The team’s Metrodome lease expires after this season.

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Comments (38)
  1. Rockfish says:

    Progress, let’s get this deal done so jobs can be created.

    1. Move says:

      BS leave the state and take the jobs with you

      1. Gina the Lez says:

        Those minimum wage popcorn selling jobs for 8 days per year..really gonna miss those!

  2. Bill Follworth says:

    With the democrats and republicans the rich and the poor, the tall and the short never agreeing to anything anymore we as a country are slowly getting ripped apart from the inside out. The terrorists are winning this war without anybody even noticing. I say build this stadium as it is as American as it can be as well as football. United we stand and divided we fall and we are definitely falling. I sure would love to have my America back if it’s not too late.

    1. Guy says:

      I say we give Ziggy a firm hard NO and NOT build the stadium.
      America is the land governed “of, for and by the PEOPLE” …
      and the people DON’T WANT IT by a 2-1 margin

      1. Someone positive says:

        2-1 margin in favor for a stadium. Your 2-1 margin that you list are just the “LA” and “get your hands out of my pockets” nuts who comment against the sane people who comment on here. I SUPPORT THE VIKES AND A NEW STADUIM! Let’s get it done and enjoy it.

        1. Guy says:

          OK; lets put it to a VOTE and see who is right. I am willing to live with the results – are YOU. Oh – right – YOUR side doesn’t want a vote because they KNOW the ansower will not only be NO; but HE|| NO!

          Come on – what are you afaid of ?

    2. @f o l w o r t h says:

      what an idiotic,flag waving statement..absolutely lame & meaningless.

  3. No stadium without a yes vote by the public says:

    Oh bite me. America is about majority rule and the majority doesn’t want to foot the bill for Zygi’s playground.

    The story reads a “… stadium partially financed by the public …” To be accurate, it should read a “… stadium LARGELY financed by the public …”

    For all the supporters who claim the new stadium will bring such huge streams of revenue to the state, please tell us how much revenue the Metro Dome has brought to the state in the past 29 years and support your claim with verifiable facts and figures. You can’t do it. The same with a new stadium – it will only be a huge drain and burden to the taxpayers.

    But, to be fair to everyone … “everyone” being defined as any individual who will be expected to contribute to payment for a new stadium … let’s do it “the American way” and allow the affected people to vote “yes” or “no” to public funding for a new stadium.

    That’s “all American,” isn’t it Billy?

    1. Bill Follworth says:

      Thankfully I am not poor like you. This I CAN afford. Just how destitute are you? If you do not work you would not care but I guess with your $8hr Walmart job this would take you under. Maybe you should get an education and get a real job that pays.One less big Mac for you a month and it’s a done deal.

      1. jan says:

        Hey Buster, I’m not poor and I am educated and I want to be able to vote on financing a stadium. I worked until I was 71 and I don’t want that hard, and I really mean hard, work to go for some purple clothes wearing freak for his enjoyment.

      2. we disagree so let's vote says:

        And what about that “founding father” element of choice? What if I choose not to want to contribute to a new stadium? What if the majority of the taxpayers choose not to want to contribute to it? Would you call it “all American” to force your choice upon us against our will?

        The true issue isn’t a stadium -vs- no stadium, the true issue is whether or not the paying public gets to decide if it wants to make this payment or not. I don’t support public funding for a stadium … but … if it’s put to a vote and if the majority of the voters do want to use public funding for a new stadium, I would certainly agree that was fair and I would go along with it. Why are you so afraid to allow people to vote on it?

  4. Paul Bunyan says:

    I agree Rockfish this is progress.The naysayers say these construction jobs are only temporary,but they’re EMPLOYMENT NOW!!NOW!!NOW!!In my trade I’m lucky to get between 32-36 hours a week which stinks.And as far as that out of state contracter talk, I don’t belive it because the Vikings have publicly said they’re talking to local contractors.This is a tremendous employment oppertunity in the present time when unemployment levels are so high.

  5. kenny says:

    the cards have been put on the table mr dayton, what dont you see see here? the people want to VOTE. WHY ARE YOU AFRAID OF A VOTE? WE KNOW WHY. IT WONT PASS.

  6. Ralph says:

    I say a vote is great. I vote yes but it still should be by popular vote if the public is going to be charged for it. If the taxpayers vote it down then so be it, the people have spoken.

    1. disagreement is find, so is voting says:

      Finally! A supporter who is willing to recognize that others have a right not to agree with him. Thank you, Ralph!

      The facts are that this issue has become hotly debated, to move forward will cost a great deal of money, our economy is in a terrible state right now, and people are anything but comfortable or optimistic about their financial well-being. Regardless of whether or not a new stadium is built many people are going to be livid about the decision and everybody will get into the finger pointing game.

      By having a vote on this issue, and allowing the majority to rule, no one should be able to keep a straight face and say “it isn’t fair.” The added bonus is if there is any finger pointing to be done, all of us will have to point our fingers at ourselves because “that’s the way the majority voted.”

  7. Kevin says:

    But of course the public with their ignorant thoughts are not permited. Tax payers are here to pay taxes….not question where the money is spent…..God Lord bring on the riots…I am bored….

  8. kevinisstupid says:

    No stadium for zippy.

  9. JOHN says:

    one word will be comming from the NFL GOODBY and cities who know will jump for the Vikings and the ecomomic impact the will bring dayton can play with his dogs the res of you are dogs in how you vote for state officers and the NFL g could care less goodby MINNESOTA

    1. kevinisstupid says:

      Try spell check.

  10. zippy says:

    I think it is funny that dopey people demand that this thing for zippy not get voted on, yet they also demand that there is a vote on a gay marriage amendment. Dopey dopes and tea bagging fools.

  11. chuckster99 says:

    lets get it done, the vikes might win something someday. 50 years of greatness ? i am for a new stadium, it just gets more costly every yaer. still don’t know why the racino idea never becomes reality.

    1. Kevin says:

      Because it’s a bad idea dilwood.

  12. just me says:

    Why does everyone resort to calling other people names? Can’t think of any other catchy comebacks?

    Let’s put it to a vote: I say BUILD! And bring the Superbowl to town and the 300- million-plus in revenue to OUR economy from the event……..SKOL VIKINGS

  13. Dan J says:

    I live in Western Wisconsin and had no say in the additional tax to pay for the Brewers stadium and that additional tax didn’t break me. The Metrodome does bring money into Minneapolis with the venues there besides sports. Also the surrounding businesses (bars and restaurants) make money with the games there. Unfortunately, the location is horrible being in the heart of the city and parking is terrible. Building a new stadium in the suburbs makes more sense if they are going to build one and it will create jobs. Also, a new stadium should have adequate parking around it so that tailgating is possibility for more fans. It will improve the business atmosphere in the local community and on top of everything, if the team leaves it will cost a great deal more to bring in a team later (just look at the North Stars fiasco) and they’ll end up building a stadium then anyways.

  14. diatribe says:

    “Next week is shaping up as pivotal ”

    Next week will come and go . . . and Ziggy will be empty-handed.

  15. John Ralphio says:

    ZIGGY will get his stadium, and you’ll change your tune once you see how awesome it is.

    1. SnowFire says:

      The GOP and the Tea Party law makers are hypocrites and they will prove this once again when they vote as the majority to approve this wasteful spending and another tax increase put on the middle class to benefit the wealthy. This is exactly what they whine about all the time yet you will not hear a single one of them speak out against this spending. This is government providing entitlements – to the wealthy, again!
      As far as all the revenue generated by the Vikings, get real, the reality is that you have to reduce the revenue by the expenses. It is not just the revenue by it self and if there is a profit then it should pay back the tax payers every penny with interest. If the expenses are greater than the revenue then the answer is NO!

  16. The Accountant says:

    Pay attention please:

    The taxpayers will have less money.
    Zygi will have more money.

    That money is going back to New Jersey where Zygi is from.

    This is NOT good for the taxpayers.

  17. A Voter says:

    The same people who are crying for this stadium are the same people who cry about paying their taxes.

  18. Always begging for my money says:

    I vote NO STADIUM for Zygi unless he pays for 100% of it.

  19. Still have the Gophers says:

    Even if the Vikings go to LA we will still have the Golden Gophers to watch!

  20. b says:

    The reason this state country is in so much debt is becasue our elected officials are over educated we need to make common sense solution and arden hills is not common sense you need road upgrades light rail system all that will add up the best move is to keep it in minneapolis tear down the dome and restart. land is so expensive in the cities because of worthless guys who wear a suit and tear and call him self a businessman but really if you wear a suit and tie your more of a chick than a guy

  21. Old Tired Vike says:

    If it was such a great deal and going to bring in money, Ziggy would build it himself. But the Vikes require MN tax payers to pitch in more than 60% of the cost. The cost on the clean-up of the Army plant has yet to be finalized So far it’s guess-timated at approx $55 million. Depleted uranium was used on the site and large part of why it was abandoned. (may be a way to save on lighting – glows on its own) Taxpayers want no part in funding – but silenced by local govt. So we have no say, Vikes refuse to put MN-based construction jobs in the contract – so will be cheep labor brought in from elseware. Leafue boasts billion$ in revenues, where are their dollar$ for their own gain here? Simple resolution is if public has a 60-share in the venture, then MN taxpayers should get 60% cut in profits to go back to state and local infrastructure.

  22. Ric says:

    We can not fund a good invasive species program for our ten thousand lakes why would we want to hand $300 miillion to Zigi Wilf for NFL sweat lodge.

    This country is so corrupt it is mind boggling!

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