Dayton, Legislative Leaders Meet To Talk Vikes Stadium

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton is ready to call a special session before Thanksgiving to vote on a Vikings stadium. But not all lawmakers are convinced a deal can be done.

Gov. Mark Dayton announced that he has a plan to move forward with a new stadium on Monday afternoon.

He met with Republicans who lead the House and Senate. Dayton is calling for a Vikings stadium bill within a month and a special session beginning Nov. 21. The governor warns that it’s unrealistic to think the Vikings won’t leave if they don’t get a stadium.

“If you’ve been around and a sports fan as long as I have, you know it didn’t use to be the Indianapolis Colts, it was the Baltimore Colts. It used to be the Los Angeles Rams not the St. Louis Rams, it used to be the St. Louis Cardinals, not the Arizona Cardinals ,” said Dayton. “Teams move if they don’t have the wherewithal at their present site to support their operation.”

Dayton said the Vikings and the NFL have a right to know whether Minnesota will support a new stadium for the team. And if not, the Vikings have the ability to make a decision, including moving out of Minnesota.

The governor realizes that it may not be a winning season so far, but he said this is a decision that will affect the state for years to come. He said this is a critical week in determining how the county, state and team will move forward.

“It couldn’t be a worse season to be trying to build public support for a stadium, but we’re talking about the next 50 years, not the next 10 games. I want to weigh the options with legislative leaders, and reach an agreement on how to proceed if not what the outcome is going to be,” he said.

One big problem with the governor’s special session plan: There’s no agreement on the need for a stadium, no agreement on how to pay for one and no agreement on how many votes there are to pass it.

“I would like the Vikings to have a stadium. I think there are great devils in the details of who’s paying for it. And I haven’t come to an agreement on that,” Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.

“We’re in tough economic times. The state of Minnesota writing out a check for $300 million, I don’t think you’ve heard anybody say it’s a good idea. I think Amy and I have been very consistent all along if there’s a creative solution tied to the game,” said Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers.

The Vikings say they are “appreciative and grateful” to the governor for putting the meeting together, and also legislative leaders for what the Vikings hope is their “serious consideration.”

Dayton also said he called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to tell him about the planned special session. Goodell has already reminded the governor there’s a new stadium on the way in Los Angeles.

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  • Sid

    When will the people and media figure out that it’s now about the present team, it’s about the future. ALL NFL teams go through peaks and valleys. We peaked a few years ago as we also did in the late 90s and now going through another valley. Settle down and do not use the current team as an excuse.

    • Ferris Lind

      ya .. ‘peaked’ with Veteran QB’S and when they left the Vikings Dropped off the MAP .. When was the last time The Vikes drafted or brought someone young and developed into a *Solid REAL VIKES QB????? Keep your fingers crossed with PONDER ..

      • jackactionhero

        The Vikings’ quarterback drafting history is not relevant to the stadium debate, sir.

        • Pat

          Clearly the governor is putting the state’s House and the Senate on record for their vote on this issue. Kurt Zellers and Amy Koch are in a tough spot … vote for a stadium (raise taxes and bailing out corporations) and if they don’t vote for the stadium (being held responsible for the Vikings leaving). That’s what we voted you in for to make decisions and I hope you take it seriously. Come on, the Vikings are important to this community … like Ziggy says “Let’s get this done!

    • Crz

      I would be just as happy if IN THE FUTURE we don’t have a football team.

      • jackactionhero

        You are one human being in a state of over 4 million. Soooo…. Big deal.

        • A Voter

          All the more reason to bring the stadium issue to a Vote to see what the public wants, and who is really behind it.
          Our Governor seams to be behind the powers that be, rather than the people.
          Bring it to a vote Dayton.

          • jackactionhero


            If you want a voice on every single decision that is made in MN politics, you need to get yourself elected to a position that gets a vote. You see, that’s the cornerstone of a representative democracy.

            You get no vote, nor should you get one.

            • oryan

              true, people forget we live in a republic and not mob rules. 51% do not get to make the rules.

              • The Crux of the Buscuit

                Correct. It is the top 1% that gets to make all the rules.

            • farfel

              Wrong, law already exists requiring referendum on sales tax increases. Don’t liek it, change the law. Until then we get to vote.

              • Drew

                Subject to the legislature’s reserved right to grant an exemption, that is.

            • According to you, voting is an injustice

              You’re an extremist bully trying to push your agenda through at every opportunity. If you can’t live with a vote, allowing a decision by the majority, then your “position” means nothing to anybody.

              • jackactionhero

                “If you can’t live with a vote, allowing a decision by the majority, then your “position” means nothing to anybody”

                Wrong. It means something to me, and to the people who share my opinion. Regardless, even if 50.1% of the people disagree with me, that does not mean the 50.1% should always get their way, at the expense of the 49.9% that held a different opinion.

          • Norbert

            Like the marriage amendment?

        • Gardoglee

          He’s not alone. Perhaps this is one issue that should be put to a referendum. Let’s see how many of the four million want to give a billion dollar handout to Ziggy.

          BTW, you are also only one person. Think about it.

      • jan

        I’d be even happier if we didn’t have a football team so there’s two of us

        • Jim

          I will be happy without it too… so that will make 3 of us

          • JMJ

            Now ther are 4.

            @Jackactionhero….. You should read the state constitution. because state taxes should not be funding this kind of stuff. You and your kind seem to forget that football is a private business. They can get off their butts and find investors if they want a new stadium

            • Guy

              Make that 5

              • mt


                • Viking fans are nut cases

                  7 and counting

            • TL

              oohhh…but they have found investors….theyre called taxpayers. See? they did their due diligence and got off their butts

              and keep counting them votes….but you should know, this isnt a ballot and it isnt up for public voting.

              Like it or not, this will be built!

            • jackactionhero

              So you think MN should abandon being involved in the NFL permanently? Is that your position?

              • Guy

                AMAZING – He finally GETS IT – YES!!!

              • Ziggy Adieu

                @ jack

                Absolutely “Yes” – as long as they are nothing more than extortionists and trying to force the public to hand over corporate welfare. Ziggy can’t afford his own stadium? Guess he just doesn’t have the kutzpa to own a team in the NFL.

                If it is to be a public stadium – then sell public bonds to fund it. Oh, but wait – that would mean he wouldn’t be the sole owner and be able to keep all of the profit it generates. Our money – his profit??? Sounds like Mob Rule.

                Good luck in L.A. !!!

      • djp

        I agree! I keep wondering what is wrong with the current stadium?? COME ON…in this economy you really want a NEW stadium??? Then pay for it by yourselves!!
        No whining that the Twins got one, so we should toooooo…
        Soooo…if you leave for another state…make sure you gdon’t get kicked in the ass out of THIS state…LOL,

        • jackactionhero

          How many times does this need to be explained before people get it? The Metrodome is over 30 years old. It is the only stadium of its age and condition in professional sports. It cannot be upgraded to change that.

          • Vikes CUL8R

            There’s a bright shiny new one in LA. Go for it. We’re closing schools but building a stadium? I think not. GOP – you promised us “Not a penny more.” No deliver and send this beggars packing.

  • No help from tax payers

    Everyone is hurting in this ecomony. No new taxes to support billionaire owners and over paid players.

    • jackactionhero

      Oh really? What are you basing that claim on? Please be specific.

      Everyone, eh? You should speak for yourself and not for others. Makes you sound silly, as we’ve just witnessed.

      • Jay

        I’d rather help with this new stadium than to help those that refuse to get a job, but instead protest that they want more handouts. So please, don’t speak for me either

        • Pay in LA

          If your stupid enough to pay for billionaire’s little play ground go ahead. Not everyone watches football and see no reason to have to pay tax to support it.

          • Eric

            Not everyone uses the state parks or zoo’s either so by that logic tax’s should not go to support them either.

        • 99

          No welfare for zippy.

      • A Voter

        Exactly, We don’t need a new stadium to please the, “minority” sports fans.

    • Amy R

      Amen to that!

      • Amy R

        Amen to: Everyone is hurting in this ecomony. No new taxes to support billionaire owners and over paid players.

        AND a special session for such a low priority non-issue? Who’s pocket is Dayton in…oh yea, special interests pocket. Major league FAIL

        • jackactionhero

          So is it your opinion that Minnesota should no longer participate in the NFL or be involved in professional football in any way?

          You think that would just disappear and everybody would be fine with it, because you are? LOL

          MILLIONS in lost money for bars, restaurants, liquor stores, hotels, grocery stores, party supply stores.

          But hey, you don’t like sports, so F em all, right? LOL

  • G Dog

    The business of American government is not to protect the rights of people and ensure equal opportunity for all. It is to serve the needs of banks, multinational corporations, Wall Street brokers and their ilk.

    The stadium will be built whether yo like it or not. In the big picture of American politics and business interests, you’re just not that important.

    • mt

      You speak the truth.

  • Ralph

    I am not saying this is right or wrong but the longer the wait it is before the stadium deal gets signed the more it will cost. Yes the taxpayers are going to get billed for this, resistance is futile. We can all complain but it will be be built. Sorry for being realistic.

  • Jeff

    @jack ass or whatever your handle is……why don’t you take all your pennies and run down to the capitol and give them to your foolish Gov for a stadium. Get it through your thick head, the Vikings will , and deserve to be, sent elsewhere. Now get out your hanky and deal with it. The last thing we need are these overpaid losers and their billionaire moron owners sucking more out of us. Like it or not, we don’t need them here even considering all of your nebulous points stating we do. Good riddance to the jerks, why don’t you go with them?

    • Bubba

      poor Jeff, were you always picked last in PE? Or were you the main target at dodgeball? Go get a shrink and get over your childhood issues

      • wallace

        the metrtodome has not only paid for itself, it has direcly pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into minneapolis and minnesota. This idea that we are subsidizing a billionairs stadium and not seeing any benefit is rediculous. We are paying half… we will recover our money and make money in the future. So will the Wilfs. We both will benefit… we both should pay half.

      • Jeff

        No, not at all, just tired of you mullet sporting sports nuts who think life is “games” there are more important things to concern yourself with as opposed to who snapped who with a towel in the locker room. The question becomes, are YOU smart enough to actually put some real thought into this whole issue and come to a conclusion this is what the State ( not just a bunch of beer chugging Neanderthals) needs? I doubt it, maybe you could read a book or two on your Sunday afternoons.

        • Donnie S

          Hey Jeff go back to your moms basement and get back into your auto-erotic and do us all a favor and check out for good, waste of time moron.

        • jackactionhero

          I have a degree in economics, Jeff, and it’s painfully obvious that you do not, as you seem completely incapable of grasping the economics of the situation.

          Beer Chugging Neanderthal Sports Fan with an Economics degree

          • Frankie

            Obviously you haven’t used your economic degree because there are no studies that show that public money for a stadium does not come back to the state. SO there is income tax money that comes in. The players and owners live out of state so therefore spend their money out of tow. Best ratings are about 35% of all televisions. Not hardly a majority of the people.

          • Go chug your beer in LA

            I don’t care what your degree is in. Your an idiot

            • jackactionhero

              You can’t even correctly use the word “your” but I’m the idiot. Hilarious.

        • jan

          Jeff, you are so right. You should run for governor or president. I’d vote for you

          • jackactionhero

            Jan, you have no understanding of economics, and instead are simply blinded by your hatred for sports, even though it’s one of the biggest money making industries in the country, for the cities and states that have teams. Idiot.

            • ajh

              Jack, While I support Jeff’s position, I’d be interested in having you provide some links to support your claims.

              • jackactionhero

                Links are not what support claims. I posted a long comment as a response, but it never appeared here and was too GD long to try to retype, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

        • Whining Vikqueens fans

          Right on Jeff. If the little whining Viking fans want a stadium, put a collection jar outside the MET

  • travis

    think of all the rediculous things we pay for via taxes… and never see any benefit from. Sure this new stadium costs something. But it will belong to the state of MN… not the Wilfs. It will generate money. We give away money to billionairs and welfare cheats and never see anything of it. I’ll gladly give 10 dollars (probably the most it will cost anyone) to have a new stadium built.

    • Darren

      Like the Twins Stadium Tax, it costs me a little over $400.00 a year extra to live in Hennepin County. Who can’t afford that? I mean $400.00 would be enough to buy me food for 4 months. I mean its ok that I pay the extra money for millionaires and billionaires isn’t it? Even if I have to cut back to 1 meal a day. I meean I am all for professional sports and owners. They deserve every millions of dollars they get. Sports can be tough on a person. Just look at Joe Mauer, by the time he is 30 he will be crippled. I mean look at Mauer now, he can barely move and complains about every little thing.

      Oh, and then there is the NFL or as I like to call it the National Felony League. We need to have a spot for these felons to go so they are not out there raping our Mom’s and sisters and girlfriends. Abusing cops and having sex parties on boats, etc.

      I am more then happy to give up my $400.00 a year and a few meals to make sure that these millionaires and billionaires get paid. I mean thats only fair right?

      Give me a break!!

      • Ralph

        $100 dollars a month? what you eating, dog food?

    • Donnie S

      I so agree!

    • Let them move

      Well Travis. Your 10 dollars and 10 dollars from the other 60,000 vikings fans amounts to 600,000 dollars. A little short don’t you think. The rest of us who could care less about sports don’t want to pay anything. No to new taxes.

  • Let them move to Iowa

    Travis, at $1.1B this will cost over $200 for every man, woman and child in MN.
    If you assume they make a 65,000 seat stadium (bigger than the dome) and sell it out for 8 games a year for 30 years, it’s still $70 for every ticket for every game to pay for the stadium.
    There is no way the vikings bring that kind of benefit to the state of MN

    • travis

      1.1 billion devided by 5 million people is 200 bucks. 1.1 billion devided by 3 (wilfs, state of mn, and ramsey co) equals 333 million. 333 million devided by 5 million people (in the state of mn) equals 66 dollars/person. Now that is just if we are doing everything completely equal by thirds. The wilfs have agreed to almost pay half. The state of MN has said that it will only increase taxes on sporting events and memorabilia. ITs not 200… its probably closer to 20… even much less depending on where you live in the state.

      • Jim

        How about Mr. Zygi pays for all of it! I don’t want a bunch of LOSERS representing the state I am from… how about if the pay us the same amount for us to accept them here…

    • TL

      While your at it….

      what are we paying out to the folks on welfare….public assistance….you know, folks that can get a job but chose not to, etc. And while youre at it, what are we paying out to the folks on welfare that dont even LIVE in this state???

      You get them law maker types to stop doing that….I ll change my mind about my $$ going to build this stadium. Meanwhile, I wont be holdin’ my breath.

      BUILD IT!

      • Laura

        See, I wish people will educate themselves a little bit more about this before they comment… I happen to work for the staffing industry, I had witness a lot when it comes to welfare, as a matter of fact I just witness an employee force to quit his job, since he couldn’t afford his bills on a 10/HR job, and had 2 kids without electricity living in the house, he went and ask for help, and the county decided he made too much money… so whet he did, simply QUIT his job and now the county instead of only paying for a single bill…. now they are paying for all of his bills… in other words, they could have help him with a 400/bill and now they will pay over 2000 to support him… see it doesn’t make sense, is not that they don’t wanna work, its that the government makes them QUIT so they can get help! INSANE….. just INSANE, and then we wonders, why are we in a financial crisis???

      • Joe

        Very good TI,,,,I have to agree with you 100%.
        I wish they would build it bigger though, why not 80,000 seat. One day we could host the Super Bowl and or Olympics. As long as we are building it, do it right.

    • Johnny Rain Cloud

      The vikings get 10 games each year, 2 preseason and 8 regular season! Who knows the vikings may make the playoffs in any of those 30 years so more money is generated. Plus, the stadium should and will most likely be used for more than just football games. Concerts and other events can be held there.

      • Joe

        I have an idea. Have the Indian Casinos pay for it….

        • jackactionhero

          Dumbest idea of the day

  • Not a Real Perspon

    why do we have to pay even more in property taxes, sales taxes etc…to pay for this???

    • travis

      if you live outside of ramsey co you will not pay one cent more in property taxes. If you don’t buy sporting memorabilia you won’t pay one cent more in taxes. If you do some shopping in ramsey co… you’ll have to pay a penny or two more every time you shop.

      • jan

        A penny or two? What about buying a car, a boat, an appliance? It would cost much more than pennies and Ramsey County businessess would lose money because of sales going to other counties

        • Wu

          There are no local sales taxes on the purchase of automobiles, specifically so an individual does not have incentive to travel to an area with a lower tax rate to make their purchase. In fact, where you purchase an item has little to do with the tax you owe, it is where the item is used. If you purchase an item at a lower tax rate than the tax rate of the area where it will be used, you owe use tax on the difference… even individuals, they just never get audited for it.

          • Wu-wrong

            Wu you are stoopid. There are county sales tax. That’s why it costs more to buy stuff in Henn county. The 300M state portion would hit every tax payers. Stop with your childish banter…this stadium will costs the tax payers almost 800M dollars. Stop saying it won’t…it will.

  • Al

    What a waste of money but then again when was the last time Minnesota did anything that made any sense.

  • travis

    I’m just wondering… How many people complaining about this actually live in ramsey co? The state is planning very targeted tax increases on sporting memorabilia… something that people who hate sports will never buy and will never be affected by. Ramsey co is set to be the one who really contributes to this project… with a general sales tax increase. I live in ramsey co. I want a stadium.

    • 99

      I live in Ramsey County and I don’t want to give welfare to Zippy.

      • jackactionhero

        Zippy? Your opinion is your opinion, but calling people by insulting names makes you look juvenile and stupid. Are you?

  • Donnie S

    Just pay your tax and STFU jezzus C

  • jackactionhero

    I bought a hockey stick in Woodbury for my son last weekend. I noticed on the receipt that the city of Woodbury had stuck me for an additional .67 city tax. I shrugged my shoulders and went about my day.

    You should do the same.

    • 99

      zippy w needs a handout.

  • editors are busy today

    The hottest controversy in decades and WCCO edits posts to allow only what they want readers to see.

    Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

  • A Voter

    Governor Dayton,
    Bring this stadium issue to the public for a vote. Ziggy is only one person, and will not get you re-elected.

    • Can.t win in this state

      And I thought Jesse was nuts and Pawlenty was a liar and known as Mr Fee’s. Both not good governors. Now we are dealing with a nut job again in Office.

  • Vikings Fan

    Funny that everyone is complaining. Get over it!! Has anyone noticed that road construction that started on 694 and Hwy 10 in Arden Hills? Um, coincidence? lol!!!!
    Skol Vikings, now pay up!

    • Joe

      That’s been on the books for years Viking Fan!

  • Rocket Scientist

    Progress continues to be made. I can’t wait for the new stadium!

    • zyppi

      We continue to regress under the heel of con servative thought. I can wait for the new stadium.

  • Mark

    Will a “sunset Clause” Be attached? meaning that the tax will end when the stadium is paid for. In Minneapolis, and Hennepin County, we are still paying for the Metrodome, Target center, Convention Center, and the new Twins ballpark. because of no sunset clause.

    Be careful what you wish for. If state funding to the stadium is 300 million, and they play only 10 guarenteed events (games) each year, the total cost to Minnesota per game is $1,500,000 per game! It sounds like an incredibly expensive toy for the state when we have bridges, infrastruture, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. in need as well.

    I hope it is a ballot vote, and let the citizens decide. My vote is for the people of this state and the important future needs, not some gladiator event like in the days of the roman empire. Roman Empire? That’s right, they are no more!

  • Doug T

    How many times have we “resolved” this issue? We the people say NO to public funding – pay your own way Vikings…..

    But then they come back and back and back …..

    So here’s to the LA Vikings – they can pay for a stadium – not sure where they will come up with the $$$$$ – but hey have at it.

  • Zippy W.

    Give me a handout!!

  • rich effer

    I need more, more MORE!!!!!!!!

  • kp

    I wanted to build a new garage this year but could not afford to do that. My neighbor makes a lot more money than I and he built a big garage.. Should I get a second job to afford this? Ziggy what should I do.
    Ziggy can afford this- Minnesota can’t afford this, They play 10 games a year.
    10 days people

    • allcopssuk

      maybe more, if they make the playoffs, and get a home game. HAHA!!!!!! no welfare for zippy!!

    • jackactionhero

      It isn’t the Vikings stadium. It’s a stadium for Minnesota.

      That isn’t 10 days a year, people.

      Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of the people like this idiot who can’t do basic math.

  • another rich effer

    I am RICH, and the POOR need to PAY MY WAY!!!!!

  • gdog

    The law is we are supposed to be able to vote for this type of tax. Why don’t they just follow the law and stop making it up as they go. Oh yeah, because the RICH always get their way. The rest of us just get to pay for it.

  • Bob

    During last summers state government shutdown, the legislature (or at least part of it) absolutely refused to raise spending or increase taxes for ANYTHING. Even things like education, roads, and health care were pretty much told to make do with what you have. Now we have a proposal to 1) give over 300 million dollars and 2) impose a sales tax on Ramsey County residents for what is an ENTERTAINMENT facility. Seems to me that if NFL owners would stop grossly overpaying their players, they could afford their own 30 year mortgage on a new stadium.

    • Jack Noff

      zippy stinks.

  • Taxpayer

    I feel sorry for those who are against it since they do not know what the state is going to lose if the Vikings move, they need to know the whole picture of how much revenue the team brings in to the city. If they have a new staduim, and they probably could host a super bowl which is a bigger revenue for the state. If they cut funding to where the state is losing it money, they will find funding. Remember you people do not complain when somebody defrauding the state gets exposed….

    • Frankie

      To host a Super bowl they need a roof, more money. Revenue brought to the city. If they were bringing more revenue to the city than they cost don’t you think that figure would be out there? The Vikings know where their season ticket holders live. They know where the tickets go. Wise up. The state would only lose the revenue the national TV contract brings in and a few thousand at most out of state season ticket holders and one weekend a year of 30000 Packer fans, half of which may live in the metro area already. The people if there were no Vikings would spend their money somewhere else in state. that would be better for the state’s economy since the owner and many of the players don’t make their homes here. They don’t spend here what they make here.

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