4 Arrested For Brooklyn Center Home Invasion

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (WCCO) — A family of five is safe Tuesday morning after a break-in that led to a 4-hour standoff Monday night.

Police said four masked gunmen broke into a family’s home along Halifax Avenue in Brooklyn Center, Minn. after 5 p.m.

One of the family members was able to escape and call 911.

When police arrived, two of the suspects surrendered right away. A third suspect was arrested as he was trying to leave the home about two hours into the standoff.

Officers arrested the fourth suspect when they entered the home around 9:15 p.m. He was found hiding in the attic above the garage.

Three adults and two children were in the home at the time and were able to get out safely. No one was hurt during the standoff.

Police believe the motive was robbery, but they are still looking into why the home was targeted. They said they don’t think it was a random act, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Officers haven’t released much information about the four suspects who were arrested, but have said they range from ages 30-31. Police also said that they are familiar with the suspects.

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  • sad but true

    Just a hunch, but I would guess some of our upmost productive citizens to society!

    • fred

      sounds like they are keeping busy….doing what they do best

  • Fair Skin up Nort'

    Ya you betcha!

  • buggy

    Cops should’ve taken them out — save us some money

  • too bad it's come to this

    Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center are sadly overrun with people of a certain origin. I won’t even get off of 694 to patronize any business in either city.

    • Uhhh


    • Jack Noff


  • billybob

    Shouldn’t they be protesting outside the Government Center asking congress for more handouts?!?!?!?

    • jackactionhero

      Number 1, nobody is protesting anybody for the purpose of gaining any handouts. Number 2, the kind of people involved in a home invasion are not the kind of people to be civically involved.

      Basically your comment was akin to peeing in a public pool.

      • Jack N Hoff

        Wait. That was really dumb.

        Sorry for being so stupid.

      • Jack N Hoff

        #1 “nobody is protesting anybody”… ha ha Ha go back to school
        B Go to work, if you cant find any go to North Dakota
        #3 You are Baby Ruth in our gene pool, hippie protester

  • Kevin

    More Sweedih trash! I say STOP THE SWEEDISH VIOLENCE NOW!!!!

    • kevinisstupid

      Sweedish? Do you mean Swedish? Kevin showing his complete ignorance once again.

  • kevinisstupidisstupid

    Easy to knitpick details in comments and avoid issues at hand.

    • Jack Noff

      What is “knitpick”?

  • konjokris

    Most rednecks are on the lower end of the learning curve.

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